Examine Information:
A mysterious hooded woman.
A dangerous and vindictive Mahjarrat.
Miscellaneous Information:
Enakhra is a Zamorakian Mahjarrat and the only known surviving female of her race on Gielinor. From what is known of her history, she is fiercely loyal to Zamorak and may even be in love with him as she goes to extreme lengths to please him and even built a temple in the Kharadian desert in his honor, although this was rejected by Zamorak.

Following Zamorak's banishment from Gielinor at the end of the God Wars, Enakhra chose to seal herself inside the temple she'd constructed for him, but before doing so, she lured her long time Zarosian rival, Akthanakos to the temple where she transformed him into a Boneguard for the purpose of protecting her while she hid away in solitude.

Aside from an unsuccessful attack in the Fourth Age by a group of knights from Avarrocka who were destroyed by Enakhra, the temple remained undisturbed until the Fifth Age when a Zamorakian named Lazim discovered its location. During Enakhra's Lament you help Lazim gain access to the temple and end up freeing Akthanakos from his curse, after which he and Enakhra leave to attend the Mahjarrat Rejuvenation Ritual near the ruins of Ghorrock.

During Ritual of the Mahjarrat you will encounter Enakhra again and during the ritual itself she tries to have Akthanakos sacrificed, but it ends instead with Jhallen being chosen and rejuvenating the Mahjarrat present.

Enakhra is once again encountered during The World Wakes when you must fight her and the followers of several other gods to prevent them from reaching Guthix. This proves ultimately to be for nothing as he is killed by Sliske.

Following Zamorak's return to Gielinor and defeat in the Battle of Lumbridge, the Zamorakian Mahjarrat, including Enakhra, attended the "Great Ascension" of Sliske, but were refused access by the Barrows Brothers and forced to flee when attacked by a dragonkin called Strisath.

During Dishonour among Thieves you must recruit Enakhra and Zemouregal to Zamorak's team for an attempt at stealing the Stone of Jas from Sliske. When doing so, it is Enakhra that persuades Zemouregal to follow their master's orders as his loyalty to Zamorak is wavering at this point and he believes he'd be a better leader of the Mahjarrat.

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