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He looks dangerous!
Miscellaneous Information:
Duradel hands out slayer assignments to brave adventurers with at least 50 Slayer and 100 Combat.

During While Guthix Sleeps, Duradel is one of the people you will recruit to help capture Lucien. After completion of the quest, Duradel is replaced by Lapalok.

Slayer Assignments:

Assignments Location(s) # Assigned % Chance of task
Aberrant spectres Slayer Tower and the Desert Slayer Dungeon 130-200 2.56%
Abyssal demons Slayer Tower, Abyssal Space 130-200 3.85%
Airuts South West of the Piscatoris Fishing Colony, Kuradal's Dungeon 125-150 3.08%
Aquanites Fremennik Slayer Dungeon 130-200 2.31%
Order of Ascension Members (Rorarius, Gladius, Capsarius, Scutarius) Ascension Dungeon 100-125 2.06%
Automatons (Generator, Guardian, Tracer) Temple of Guthix 65-80 2.06%
Aviansies God Wars Dungeon 100-125 2.06%
Black demons Edgeville Dungeon, Taverley Dungeon, and Chaos Tunnels 130-200 2.56%
Black dragons Taverley Dungeon, Lava Maze, Evil Chicken Lair 40-80 2.31%
Bloodvelds Slayer Tower, Meiyerditch Dungeon 130-200 5.12%
Celestial dragons Dragontooth Island Resource Dungeon 125-135 3.08%
Dagannoths Lighthouse Dungeon, Waterbirth Dungeon, Chaos Tunnels 130-200 2.56%
Dark beasts On the Light Temple Path 130-200 3.85%
Desert strykewyrms East of Al Kharid 90-140 2.82%
Dust devils Kharidian Smoke Dungeon, Chaos Tunnels 130-200 2.56%
Edimmu Motherlode Maw Resource Dungeon in Prifddinas (requires 115 Dungeoneering) 196 ***
Fire Giants Brimhaven Dungeon, Wilderness, Baxtorian Falls, Chaos Tunnels 130-200 2.56%
Fungal magi Polypore Dungeon 100-200 2.06%
Ganodermic beast or Ganodermic runt Polypore Dungeon 55-70 1.54%
Gargoyles Slayer Tower, Chaos Tunnels 130-200 2.56%
Goraks Gorak Plane, God Wars Dungeon 40-80 1.28%
Greater demons Brimhaven Dungeon, Entrana Dungeon, Wilderness, Ogre Cave 130-200 2.82%
Grifolapine Polypore Dungeon 65-80 2.56%
Grifolaroo Polypore Dungeon 65-80 2.56%
Grotworms Grotworm Lair 80-120 2.56%
Hellhounds East Ardougne Dungeon, Taverley Dungeon, Wilderness Volcano 130-200 2.31%
Ice strykewyrms In a cave to the East of room just before the cave in which the Muspah was frozen during The Tale of Muspah 100-200 2.06%
Iron dragons Brimhaven Dungeon 40-80 2.31%
Jungle strykewyrms North of Mobilising Armies 90-120 2.56%
Kalphites Kalphite Hive, Exiled Kalphite Hive 146-250 2.56%
Mithril dragons Ancient Cavern 4-11 1.79%
Mutated Jadinkos (males, guards, babies) Jadinko Lair 120-200 2.06%
Nechryaels Slayer Tower, Chaos Tunnels 130-200 2.56%
Scabarite minions Cave under the Sophanem temple 40-80 2.56%
Skeletal wyverns Asgarnian Ice Dungeon 40-80 1.28%
Spiritual mages (Armadyl, Bandos, Saradomin, Zamorak) God Wars Dungeon 130-200 2.56%
Steel Dragons Brimhaven Dungeon 40-80 1.79%
Suqahs Lunar Isle 40-80 1.28%
Vyrewatch Burgh de Rott, Meiyerditch, and Darkmeyer 98-118 2.06%
Warped terrorbirds Poison Waste Sewers 130-200 2.31%
Waterfiends Ancient Cavern 130-200 2.56%

Percent chance of Edimmu task is unknown. Once Edimmus tasks are eligible they will decrease the percent chance of all other tasks.

The percents listed in the table are the base values. Blocking a creature will remove it and thus increase the odds for all other creatures. Preferring a creature task will double the chance for that creature.

Points Awarded:

Points are awarded by each Slayer Master upon completion of a task (note that you will only receive half of the full points reward until you have completed Smoking Kills).
Points Per
Points Per
10th Task
Points Per
50th Task
Co-Op Points Per
Co-Op Task
15 75 225 6

Slayer Challenge:


Duradel wants you to kill every single monster in the Morytania Slayer Tower in one visit. This consists of:

Reward: 20,000 Slayer experience and 35 Slayer Points.

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