Examine Information:
Cheerful, helpful and optimistic, I'll bet.
Miscellaneous Information:
Talk to him to turn warning signs on and off. Example warnings are: the Desert Heat warning when you go through the Shantay Pass, the "bring a light source" warning when entering the Lumbridge Swamp dungeon, and the "pvp" warning when entering the Wilderness.

You must have received the warning multiple times before you are able to turn it off. The following location warnings can be toggled:

Adamant Dragons Ascension Dungeon Boss Room Chaos Tunnels Clan Wars - Dangerous
Clan Wars - Safe Contact Dungeon Death Plateau Dorgesh-Kaan City Exit
Dorgesh-Kaan Kalphites Duel Arena Elid Genie Cave Fairy Ring : Dorgesh-Kaan (AJQ)
Godwars Wilderness Route H.A.M. Tunnel from Mill Icy Path Area King Black Dragon Shortcut
Living Rock Caverns Lumbridge Cellar Lumbridge Swamp Rope Mort Myre
Morytania Nex Entrance Observatory Stairs Player-Owned Houses
Ranging Guild Tower Ripper Demons Shaman Cave Shantay Pass
Shortcut to Ripper Demons Stronghold of Security Trollheim Wilderness Entrance Varrock Sewer
Wilderness Entry Skeletal Wyvern

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