Examine Information:
A shady dealer.
Miscellaneous Information:
The Thieves' Guild is located through the trapdoor just North of the furnace in Lumbridge. To access it you will need to complete the Buyers and Cellars quest. After completion, the first two capers (From Tiny Acorns and Lost Her Marbles) also have to be completed in order for Dodgy Derek to appear in the guild.

He runs 'Dodgy Derek's Dirty Deals' general store. This store includes:

Lockpick Stethoscope Willow-blackjack Rubber blackjack
Tinderbox Rope

Dodgy Derek's Dirty Deals

With use of Pilfer Points (obtained from Safecracking), the following Upgrades can be purchased:

Medium loot bag Large loot bag Huge loot bag Master thief's lockpick
Master thief's stethoscope

Dodgy Derek's Dirty Deals Upgrades

Once again using Pilfer Points, the following Consumables can be purchased:

Shock absorber Elf thieving reset token Thieves' Guild teleport

Dodgy Derek's Dirty Deals Consumables

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