Examine Information:
He's very enthusiastic about implings.
Miscellaneous Information:
Daffyd is an impling enthusiast who has been tasked by Lord Amlodd with researching the Crystal implings that have appeared in Prifddinas. He would also like to have one of each type of impling as a pet and he'll ask you to catch these for him and give you an Impling checklist to keep track of those that you've caught.

Once you've caught at least 1 of each of the 16 types of impling, he will award you you 50,000 Hunter experience and the option to either receive double loot or triple experience when catching implings in future. Note that you can catch them either barehanded or in a jar as you don't physically have to give the implings to him for them to be checked off the list and they'll instead just appear in his house once caught.

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