Examine Information:
She looks dangerous!
Miscellaneous Information:
Chaeldar is the Zanaris Slayer Master. At least 75 Combat and completion of Lost City is required to obtain a Slayer task from her.

Chaeldar makes an appearance as a guardian of Guthix in the The World Wakes when you must assign her and Thaerisk Cemphier to protect the storage room that General Graardor is coming through.

Slayer Assignments:

Assignments Location(s) # Assigned % Chance of task
Aberrant spectres Slayer Tower, Desert Slayer Dungeon 110-170 3.87%
Banshees Slayer Tower, Desert Slayer Dungeon 110-170 1.29%
Basilisks Fremennik Slayer Dungeon 110-170 3.87%
Bloodvelds Slayer Tower, Meiyerditch Dungeon 110-170 3.87%
Blue dragons Taverley Dungeon, Gu'Tanoth Dungeon, Heroes' Guild Dungeon 110-170 2.58%
Brine rats Olaf's Quest Dungeon 110-170 2.58%
Bronze dragons Brimhaven Dungeon, Chaos Tunnels 30-60 2.58%
Cave crawlers Fremennik Slayer Dungeon, Lumbridge Swamp Dungeon, Desert Slayer Dungeon 110-170 1.29%
Cave horrors Mos Le'Harmless 110-170 3.87%
Crawling hands Slayer Tower, Meiyerditch Dungeon 110-170 1.29%
Dagannoths Lighthouse Dungeon, Waterbirth Dungeon, Chaos Tunnels 110-170 2.58%
Dust devils Kharidian Smoke Dungeon, Chaos Tunnels 110-170 3.87%
Elves Tirannwn Elf Camp 60-150 2.58%
Fever spiders Braindeath Island 110-170 2.58%
Fire Giants Brimhaven Dungeon, Wilderness, Baxtorian Falls, Chaos Tunnels 110-170 2.58%
Fungal magi Polypore Dungeon 83-136 2.58%
Gargoyles Slayer Tower, Chaos Tunnels 110-170 3.87%
Grifolapine Polypore Dungeon 62 2.06%
Grifolaroo Polypore Dungeon 62 2.06%
Grotworms Grotworm Lair 80-110 3.87%
Harpie bug swarm Karamja Island (North East of Tai Bwo Wannai) 110-170 5.15%
Infernal mages Slayer Tower, Chaos Tunnels 110-170 2.58%
Jellies Fremennik Slayer Dungeon, Chaos Tunnels 110-170 3.87%
Jungle horror Mos Le'Harmless 110-170 3.87%
Jungle strykewyrms North of Mobilising Armies 80-110 3.09%
Kalphites Kalphite Hive, Exiled Kalphite Hive 110-170 2.58%
Kurasks Fremennik Slayer Dungeon, Desert Slayer Dungeon 110-170 3.87%
Lesser demons Karamja Volcano Dungeon, Wizards' Tower, Wilderness, Taverley Dungeon 110-170 2.58%
Mutated zygomites Zanaris (Lost City) 30-60 2.58%
Shadow warriors Legend's Guild Dungeon 110-170 2.58%
Trolls Death Plateau, Near the entrance to Keldagrim 110-170 2.58%
Turoths Fremennik Slayer Dungeon, Desert Slayer Dungeon 110-170 3.87%
Vyrewatch Burgh de Rott, Meiyerditch, and Darkmeyer 80-110 2.58%
Warped tortoises Poison Waste Sewers 110-170 2.58%

The percents listed in the table are the base values. Blocking a creature will remove it and thus increase the odds for all other creatures. Preferring a creature task will double the chance for that creature.

Points Awarded:

Points are awarded by each Slayer Master upon completion of a task (note that you will only receive half of the full points reward until you have completed Smoking Kills).
Points Per
Points Per
10th Task
Points Per
50th Task
Co-Op Points Per
Co-Op Task
10 50 150 4

Slayer Challenge:


Chaeldar has developed an experimental fungicide spray that she wants you to test on 10 Mutated zygomites and return to her with the results. First get the Zygomites down to low health and use the spray on them to see the effects which include instantly killing the Zygomite, enraging it and therefore restoring some of its health and increasing its Attack speed, or healing it completely. Once you've tested the spray on all 10, return to Chaeldar.

Reward: 10,000 Slayer experience and 25 Slayer Points.

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