Examine Information:
Became a nature spirit to save baby animals. Collector farmhand.
Miscellaneous Information:
Callia's contract must be purchased from Granny Potterington's Farmers' Market before a player can interact with her. Once unlocked, she will not serve any purpose unless she is assigned to the breeding pen.

While assigned to the breeding pen, any time the animals in the pen produce a child while the pen is full, Callia will hold it as an unchecked animal, provided that the player has 10 beans to pay her in return for each animal she stores. When the player next visits the Player-Owned Farm, they will have a message in their chatbox that says "One of your farmhands has a new unchecked animal for you.". They can then use the select option from Callia, which will place all unchecked animals she has collected in the player's inventory.

Callia can hold onto up to 10 animals of 3 different species, for a maximum number of 30 held animals.

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