Examine Information:
A Fremennik, requesting aid at the dungeons of Daemonheim.
A Fremennik, requesting aid at the dungeons across Gielinor.
Miscellaneous Information:
You If you speak to her at Taverley, you can ask her for recommendations on how to level up your Dungeoneering as well as information about the Skill Outfits.

During Curse of the Black Stone, she is the quest start point.

Bryll also runs the Elite Dungeon Reward Shop, found near the entrance of each Elite Dungeon. These stores include the following stock:

Aminishi Elite Dungeon
Acolyte of Seiryu headdress Acolyte of Seiryu jacket Acolyte of Seiryu trousers Acolyte of Seiryu handwraps
Acolyte of Seiryu footwraps Sakadagami headdress Sakadagami jacket Sakadagami trousers
Sakadagami handwraps Sakadagami footwraps

Aminishi Cosmetics

Death lotus extract Aminishi teleport Uncharted island map Lucky Charm (Temple of Aminishi)

Aminishi Consumables

Dragonkin Laboratory Elite Dungeon
Dragonkin Laboratory teleport Lucky charm (Dragonkin Laboratory) Vital spark drop enhancer Shifting tombs reward enhancer
Magma golem pet*

Dragonkin Laboratory
*Requires completion of the "Chill Out, Bro!" Achievement.

Shadow Reef Elite Dungeon
Notepaper blueprint Elite Dungeoneering outfit blueprint Daemonheim skill door boost Scrimshaw of aggression+ scroll
Scrimshaw of sacrifice+ scroll Scrimshaw of corruption+ scroll Recipe: Black stone arrows Demon slayer sigil blueprint
Dragon slayer sigil blueprint Undead slayer sigil blueprint Crassian scuttler pet*

Elite Dungeon Unlocks
*Requires completion of the "Crawfish Boil" Achievement.

Random Gorajo card (team) Random Gorajo card (solo) Dragon trinkets (25) Metallic dragon trinkets (5)
Dragonkin Laboratory teleport Aminishi teleport Shadow Reef teleport Lucky charm (Shadow Reef)
Sophanem slayer dungeon drop enhancer Player-owned ports enhancer

Elite Dungeon consumables

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