Examine Information:
The Fremennik Tribes' Chieftain.
Miscellaneous Information:
Brundt participates in several quests.
  • The Fremennik Trials - Speak with him to begin this quest. Durring it, you will need to speak with him about how to lower the taxes and give him a Tracking map. You will also speak with him to claim your reward.
  • Mountain Daughter - You will speak to him about Mountain settlers and a safe passage for them. They will only receive this guarantee once you have given him Half a rock.
  • Lunar Diplomacy - You will need to obtain a Seal of passage from him.
  • Glorious Memories - You will be preparing a surprise birthday feast for Brundt.
  • Blood Runs Deep - He will join the battle against the Dagannoth. You will later wed him and Queen Sigrid.
  • Desperate Times - You can speak with him about the garden that is to be built for Bix. He will offer to the Fremennik as laborers to build the garden.

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