Examine Information:
The city warder of West Ardougne.
Miscellaneous Information:
Bravek is the warder of West Ardougne and is officially in charge of the city's administration in the absence of King Tyras, however, due to his heavy drinking, he is incapable of performing his duties and the city is instead run by the Mourners who are supposedly there to take care of the plague victims.

During Plague City you must give Bravek a Hangover cure so that he is able to sign a Warrant to search a house you believe the abducted Elena is being kept in.

During Plague's End Bravek will give you a list of influential people in the city who will be able to help you overthrow the Mourners when it comes to light that they plan to kill everyone in West Ardougne to summon the Dark Lord.

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