Examine Information:
She may not have the rewards you want, but she has the rewards you deserve.
Miscellaneous Information:
Boni is a Merchant found on Waiko Island. She runs 2 reward shops. The Waiko reward shop sells various unlocks, equipment, custromisations, and consumables while the Ports reward shop sells scrolls, resources, and trade goods.

Wakio Rewards Shop:

Sojobo contract guru Waiko grill Whale's Maw campfire Whale's Maw deposit box
Arc journal teletabs Ancestral Divination I ^ Ancestral Divination II ^ Commodity sell per day increase
Supplies cap increase Ancestral conversion ^ Contracts per day increase Supplies cost reduction
Death Lotus rogue outfit + Gu ronin outfit + Seasinger acolyte outfit + Crystal tool siphon blueprint
Commodity sell price increase Bonecrusher upgrade* Spirit dragon pet
+ Cosmetic override
^ Skill animation
* Can be bought without owning the basic Bonecrusher. However, if you would like to use it, you must purchase the basic version.
Waiko Rewards Shop Unlocks

Hunter's gloves Hunter's boots Hunter's helm Hunter's legwear
Hunter's chestpiece Seiryu's fang Hanto handguards Hanto sabatons
Hanto headpiece Hanto legguards Hanto cuirass Thalassia's Revenge
Rage of Hyu-Ji Winds of Waiko

Waiko Rewards Shop Equipment

Deck chair Hammock Awning Anchors
Cannon Telescope Tortle portle Terracotta statue
Azure globe Moai House

Waiko Rewards Shop Customisations

Flag Waiko teleport Aminishi teleport Whale's Maw teleport
Cyclosis teleport Tuai Leit teleport Turtles teleport Goshima teleport
Contract contact Banky crablet Idol crabletine pet token Small experience lamp (random)
Medium experience lamp (random) Large experience lamp (random) Huge experience lamp (random) Small experience lamp (chosen)
Medium experience lamp (chosen) Large experience lamp (chosen) Huge experience lamp (chosen)

Waiko Rewards Shop Consumables

Ports Reward Shop:
Access to the items below is dependent on how far you are within your Player-Owned Port. The scrolls, for example, are dependent upon your workshop being upgraded and you having the minimum level of a skill to create the final item. The Resources depend upon how far you have gone on the Arc map.
Purchasing any of the below items will grant you a resource chest containing what you have purchased. Looting the chest will add it to you Ports coffers.
Ports Reward Shop Scrolls

Ports bamboo Ports gunpowder Ports slate Ports cherrywood
Ports jade Ports steel Ports azure Ports terracotta
Ports Reward Shop Resources

Trade Goods
Ports spice Ports plate Ports lacquer Ports chi
Ports pearl Ports koi scale Ports bone
Ports Reward Shop Trade Goods

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