Examine Information:
The fabled 'other farm' where animals sometimes go.
Miscellaneous Information:
This baby troll will happily purchase any animal for 10% of the price that a normal animal buyer would. This provides players with a way to sell animals when the buyer they need is not present, as unlike other buyers, Baby Shakes is always there.

While Baby Shakes is the official name of this person, his name varies. Every time he buys an animal from a player, he will say, "YUM! Me like [animal name]!" The troll's name will then become the name of the animal he was just sold, similar to the way the Baby troll pet's name functions. For example, if a player were to sell Baby Shakes a Bull named Bernie, the troll's name would become Bernie.

If Pickle the cat comes too close to Baby Shakes, the troll will say, "YUM! Me like Pickle!" and the cat will vanish. After a few seconds, the cat will appear in Baby Shakes' square and walk away unharmed. At the same time, Baby Shakes' name will become Pickle.

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