Examine Information:
Runes are his passion.
Miscellaneous Information:
Aubury can teleport players to the Rune essence mine after completion of the Rune Mysteries quest.

He no longer sells the skillcape for Runecrafting; one of the game updates gave Larriar the privilege.

If you are taking advantage of the free 30 Air runes and 30 Mind runes that he offers, they will be restocked slowly - over the course of an hour.

Aubury owns a rune shop that sells:
Air rune (30 free) Mind rune (30 free) Fire rune Water rune
Earth rune Body rune Chaos rune Death rune

Aubury's Rune Shop

During the Dimension of Disaster quest you need to acquire 10 Earth runes, 4 Fire runes, 1 Nature rune, and 1 Cosmic rune from his shop.

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