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Armour shopkeeper.
Miscellaneous Information:
Anton is shopkeeper of the Warriors' Guild Armoury. His shop is divided into 4 categories shown below: Stabbing weapons, Slashing weapons, Crushing weapons, and Armoury.

Stabbing weapons

Bronze dagger Off-hand bronze dagger Iron dagger Off-hand iron dagger
Steel dagger Off-hand steel dagger Mithril dagger Off-hand mithril dagger
Adamant dagger Off-hand adamant dagger Bronze sword Off-hand bronze sword
Iron sword Off-hand iron sword Steel sword Off-hand steel sword
Mithril sword Off-hand mithril sword Adamant sword Off-hand adamant sword
Bronze spear Iron spear Steel spear Mithril spear
Adamant spear Bronze hasta Iron hasta Steel hasta
Mithril hasta Adamant hasta
 Warriors' Guild Armoury Stabbing weapons

Slashing weapons

Bronze battleaxe Off-hand bronze battleaxe Iron battleaxe Off-hand iron battleaxe
Steel battleaxe Off-hand steel battleaxe Mithril battleaxe Off-hand mithril battleaxe
Adamant battleaxe Off-hand adamant battleaxe Bronze longsword Off-hand bronze longsword
Iron longsword Off-hand iron longsword Steel longsword Off-hand steel longsword
Mithril longsword Off-hand mithril longsword Adamant longsword Off-hand adamant longsword
Bronze scimitar Off-hand bronze scimitar Iron scimitar Off-hand iron scimitar
Steel scimitar Off-hand steel scimitar Mithril scimitar Off-hand mithril scimitar
Adamant scimitar Off-hand adamant scimitar Bronze claw Off-hand bronze claw
Iron claw Off-hand iron claw Steel claw Off-hand steel claw
Mithril claw Off-hand mithril claw Adamant claw Off-hand adamant claw
Bronze 2h sword Iron 2h sword Steel 2h sword Mithril 2h sword
Adamant 2h sword Bronze halberd Iron halberd Steel halberd
Mithril halberd Adamant halberd
 Warriors' Guild Armoury Slashing weapons

Crushing weapons

Bronze mace Off-hand bronze mace Iron mace Off-hand iron mace
Steel mace Off-hand steel mace Mithril mace Off-hand mithril mace
Adamant mace Off-hand adamant mace Bronze warhammer Off-hand bronze warhammer
Iron warhammer Off-hand iron warhammer Steel warhammer Off-hand steel warhammer
Mithril warhammer Off-hand mithril warhammer Adamant warhammer Off-hand adamant warhammer
 Warriors' Guild Armoury Crushing weapons


Bronze helm Iron helm Steel helm Mithril helm
Adamant helm Bronze chainbody Iron chainbody Steel chainbody
Mithril chainbody Adamant chainbody Bronze platelegs Iron platelegs
Steel platelegs Mithril platelegs Adamant platelegs Bronze plateskirt
Iron plateskirt Steel plateskirt Mithril plateskirt Adamant plateskirt
 Warriors' Guild Armoury

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