Examine Information:
Saradomin's heir.
Miscellaneous Information:
Adrasteia is first mentioned, though we do not meet her, during Sliske's Endgame.
  • Extinction - We will initially meet Adrasreia while she is pretending to be someone named Hebe. When you gather in the cathedral, Saradomin will reveal who she really is. Despite her father's resistance to her involvement, she will assist you in trying to find Seren after she disappears with the eggs.
  • Twilight of the Gods - Here we will see her encouraging her father to make reparations with various Gielinorian citizens.
  • Aftermath - Quest start, she will task you with restoring the Edicts.
  • Daughter of Chaos - Quest start, she will ask you to explore the Wilderness to investigate rumors of a Zamorakian Civil War.

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