Examine Information:
If this is the quartermaster, I'd hate to see the wholemaster!
Miscellaneous Information:
After collating Shattered anima in the minigame, you can go to the Abyssal Knight Quartermaster to purchase several rewards. These are in a few categories and include:

Signature Items:
Sigil of slaying Ferocious sigil Aggression sigil Compressed anima
Bladed Dive ability Salt in the Wound ability Abyssal Knights' Armour Override Abyssal Slayer Contract
Huge Slayer XP lamp

Signature items

Anima Pet - Tier 1 Anima Pet - Tier 2 Anima Pet - Tier 3 Anima Pet - Tier 4
Anima Pet - Tier 5 Anima Pet - Tier 6 Anima Pet - Tier 7 Anima Pet - Tier 8
Anima Pet - Tier 9


Slayer Mask I:
Mask of the Troll Mask of Broken Fingers Mask of Mourning Mask of Stone
Mask of Reflection Mask of Crimson Mask of Gelatin Mask of the Black Demon
Mask of the Dagannoth Mask of Stench Mask of Dust Mask of the Kura

Slayer masks option 1

Slayer Mask II:
Mask of the Green Wyrm Mask of the Aquanites Mask of the Yellow Wyrm Mask of the Abyss
Mask of Granite Mask of Vines Mask of Gloom Mask of the White Wyrm
Mask of the Airut Mask of the Automatons Mask of the Ganodermic

Mask option 2

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