Quest Requirements:
Skill/Other Requirements:
Must kill a mystery level 53 monster.
Quests Unlocked/Partially Unlocked by completing this Quest:
Items Needed to Complete Quest:
Cheese and Leather gloves.
Items Recommended for Quest:
Food and extra pieces of Cheese.
Items Acquired During Quest:
Door key, Diary, Magnet, Key, and Ball.
Quest Points:
6325 Hitpoints experience.
Start Point:
To Start:
Speak to the Boy.
  1. Talk to the Boy in Taverley and he will tell you that he has lost his Ball to the witch, Nora T. Hagg, and that she locked it in her shed.


  2. Head northwest to the front door of the witch's house, only to find out that the door is locked. Look under one of the nearby potted plants to find a Door key. Use the key to open the door.

    Potted Plant

  3. Pick up the Diary from the table and read it to learn more about the witch.

    Note: In order to obtain the Key from the fountain, you must have read the Diary and need to have it your inventory.


  4. Open the door to the north and go down the ladder into the basement. Put on the Leather gloves and go through the gate. Open and search the wall cupboard for a Magnet.

    Note: Make sure you are wearing the Leather gloves when you try to open the gate, or you will be dealt some damage. If you forgot to bring the gloves, then search the nearby crates, boxes, and sacks until you find a set of gloves.


  5. Head back upstairs to the main room, and enter the small room to the south. Use the piece of Cheese with the mouse hole to lure the mouse out. Then, quickly use the Magnet with the mouse. It will flee back into its hole and with it unlocking the door to the garden.

    Note: If you leave the house, then you will have to gather another piece of Cheese to unlock the door to the garden again.

    Mouse Hole

  6. Enter the garden and make your way to the shed at the very end of it. Hide behind the hedges as the witch walks by to prevent her from seeing you. Make sure you are standing next to the center of each hedge or she will still be able to catch you. When you have made it to the shed, try to open the door only to find out that it is locked.

    Note: If Nora T. Hagg does catch you, she will teleport you out of her house and take the ball and key. You will then have to gather another piece of Cheese to unlock the door to the garden again and start all over.

  7. Walk along the hedges towards the fountain on the other end of the garden and check it to find a Key. Remember to stay hidden when the witch approaches.


  8. Return to the shed and use the Key to access it. When you enter it and try to grab the Ball, the Witch's experiment you will attack you. You must have defeated all its four forms before you will be able to grab the Ball.

    • 1st form: Level 19 Experiment
    • 2nd form: Level 30 Spider
    • 3rd form: Level 42 Bear
    • 4th form: Level 53 Wolf

    Note: If you leave the shed during the battle, you will have to kill the Experiment's previous forms again. So make sure you have enough food to eat when you enter the shed. It is possible to safe spot during the third and fourth forms of the experiment by walking between the sacks and the crate with the ball on it all the way to the wall and using Ranged or Magic attacks to finish off the last two forms.


  9. Once you have defeated the Experiment, grab the Ball. You can now make your way back through the garden or teleport out and return the ball to the boy to finish the quest.

    Note: Do not let Nora catch you otherwise you will be teleported out and will need to pick up the ball again.

    Congratulations! Quest Complete!

    Quest Complete

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