Quest Requirements:
Skill/Other Requirements:
32 Quest Points.
Must be able to kill a Black knight (level 33).
Quests Unlocked/Partially Unlocked by completing this Quest:
Items Needed at Quest Start:
Food, Armor, Weapon, 10,000gp or an Enchanted gem, Molten glass, Law Rune, and 20 Rune/Pure essence.
Items Needed to Complete Quest:
Items Recommended for Quest:
Teleport runes to major cities, an Ectophial, Amulet of Glory, Games necklace, an Antipoison potion if you're under level 40 and a light source to enter the Dorgeshuun mines.
Items Acquired During Quest:
Commorb and Solus's hat.
Quest Points:
5,000 Slayer experience, Access to the White Knight Armoury, and various items from the "Slow Teleport."
Start Point:
Falador Park.
To Start:
Speak to Sir Tiffy Cashien
  1. Talk to Sir Tiffy in Falador Park and he'll tell you about a loop-hole in becoming a White Knight and then tell you to go talk to Sir Amik Varze.

    Step 1

  2. Head to the 3rd floor of the western tower of the White Knight's Castle and speak with Sir Amik Varze. He will ask you to become his squire. Choose the option "No, not right now" to decline his offer. (If you accept Sir Amik's offer to become a squire, he will ask you to get him an Asgarnian ale.

    At this point, you will have to go speak with Sir Tiffy again to continue on with the quest.) You will tell him about a stranger who informed you about a faster way to become a White Knight. Talk to him again and ask if you can become his deputy. Sir Amik will agree that you are suited for the job, but that he can only recruit you as his deputy if there is a crisis.

    Step 2

  3. Go back to Sir Tiffy Cashien and he will inform you of a crisis, concerning a dangerous criminal, that is arising. He will tell you to speak to Sir Amik Varze again for your orders.

  4. Once back at Sir Amik, he will greet you and inform you that the "Evil Solus Dellagar", the powerful Murder-Mage, has returned. When you accept his request to assist them he will fully deputize you into the White Knight Order.

  5. Return to Sir Tiffy Cashien and he will tell you that under no circumstances are you to get in direct combat with Solus Dellagar. Instead, he will ask you to scout for him. He will give you the option of making or buying a Commorb. Buying the orb costs 10k coins. Making the orb requires you to give him an Enchanted gem, a Law rune, and a piece of Molten glass; he will make the Commorb for you.

  6. Contact Savant, a Temple Knight agent, using the communication orb. She will bring you up to speed on your assignment and tell you about two recordings: one of Lord Daquarius of the Black Knights, and one of the Mage Of Zamorak in Varrock.

  7. Talk to the Zamorak mage in the temple to the south-east of Varrock. (Note: If you haven't yet started the Mage of Zamorak miniquest, you have to speak to him north of Edgeville first before speaking to him in Varrock). He will ask you for 20 Rune/Pure essence (these cannot be in note form) in exchange for the information he has. He will then tell you that Solus moved east from him.

    Step 2

  8. Go to Falador by either walking or using your teleport spells. Go over to the west of Falador and head into Taverley Dungeon. When you enter the dungeon walk north past the Skeletons, enter the gate on the east (ignore the Suits of Armor). From there on, walk to the east past the Giant bats, then keep on walking towards the south, past the Magic Axes, Scorpions, Chaos Dwarfs, Hill Giants, and eventually the Black Knights.

    Note: Watch out for the enemies throughout the dungeon, ranging in levels. Most are aggressive and will attack you.

    Step 8

  9. Walk into the huge, go through it to the next room and walk towards the west, you should see Lord Daquarius there. Talk to Lord Daquarius and he will refuse to tell you anything, but you are told he is concerned for the safety of his men. Kill a Black knight and he will talk to you and tell you everything you need. Eventually, you will work out that he could be in Canifis.

    Step 9

  10. Now head over to Canifis (use your Varrock teleport and walk to the north-east, or if you have ancient magicks at your side use that). As you enter, Savant will stop you and give you a lecture on "Slow Teleporting". She will then tell you to scan in Canifis. Do so and a cutscene will happen involving Solus.

    Note: If you skip the conversation with Savant, leave then enter Canifis again to trigger it.

    Step 10

  11. Savant will retrieve an item from the slow teleport. The item is completely random but it will give you a hint as to where you need to be next. You will have to do this several times until you've found his final location (You will not have to visit every location indicated below).

    After you scan each of the locations you get pointed to with the item, you will be cast a spell on by Solus, most are harmless though sometime in the middle of this step Solus will hit you with a very powerful Flames of Zamorak. He will hit you for most of your hp, but you will be teleported to Falador castle and have plenty of opportunity to bank for food. At the last place you find him (before the rune essence mine), he will send a black knight (level 33) after you.

    Item - Location

    • Banana - Banana plantation on karamja
    • Bear Fur - Ardougne Market Fur Stall
    • Blue Cape - Champions guild
    • Blue Wizard Hat - Wizard Tower
    • Bone Spear - End of the Dorgeshuun mines
    • Castle Wars ticket - Castle Wars Arena
    • Cape (blue) - Champions' Guild south of Varrock
    • Cake - Ardougne Market Bakers Stall
    • Cream hat - Grand tree right next to King Narnode.
    • Earmuffs - Morytania tower at the Banshees
    • Eye Patch - Brimhaven, pub with pirates in
    • Fake Beard - Ali Morrisane in Al-Kharid.
    • Fremennik cloak - Relleka.
    • Frogs legs - Lumbridge Caves where the giant frogs are.
    • Fur - Ardougne Market Fur Stall
    • Goblin Mail - Goblin Village north of Falador.
    • Greenmans ale - Yannile Pub.
    • Red vine worm - McGrubor's Wood.
    • Toy Horsey - Draynor market and scan, he will appear to give you a new item.
    • Unholy Symbol - The Scorpious shrine north of the Observatory.
    • White Wizard Hat - Ground Floor of the tree in gnome strong hold.

  12. After searching you will find the final location is in the Rune essence mine. Head there via one of the Rune Essence Teleport Wizards. You will see a small cut scene of Solus killing 15 White knights, he deals 70 damage to all of them. Sarvant will tell you Solus has been weakened greatly and that you are the only one to finish him off. He is very easy to defeat. After he is dead, take his hat back to Sir Amik.

    Step 12

    Congratulations! Quest Complete!

    Quest Complete

Right after finishing the quest your White Knight rank is Novice, and you have to kill black knights to advance in rank. Killing white knights can reduce your rank. You can buy and equip any White item from other players regardless of rank.

Talk to Sir Vyvin for access to the armory. He is on the third floor, east side (you also talk to him during the "Knight's Sword" quest). See the White Knight Guide for more information.

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