Quest Requirements:
Skill/Other Requirements:
40 Ranged
42 Thieving
Quests Unlocked/Partially Unlocked by completing this Quest:
Items Needed at Quest Start:
Ardougne teleport method
Items Needed to Complete Quest:
A Light source, Knife, 20 Limpwurt roots, and a Yew, Magic, or Dark bow.
Items Recommended for Quest:
Ranged armor, Food, Prayer potions, Items to reduce your weight (Spotted/Spottier cape), knife, Combat bracelet (teleport to Ranging Guild for the dungeon), and a Varrock teleport method.
Quest Points:
10,500 Ranged exp, 8,000 Fletching exp, Boots of lightness, ability to train in Temple of Ikov.
Start Point:
Flying Horse Inn, Ardougne.
To Start:
Speak to Lucien.
  1. Talk to Lucien, at the Flying Horse Inn, north of King Lathas' Castle in East Ardougne. Lucien will tell about how he needs the Staff of armadyl. He will give you a pendant and ask you to go get it for him.

    Lucien in Ardougne

  2. Put on the Pendant of lucien and prepare yourself to go down into the Temple of Ikov dungeon, southeast of the Ranging Guild. Bring a light source and a knife.

    Note: Never take off the Pendant of lucien when you are in the dungeon, Make sure your weight is below 0 kg, otherwise you will have to visit the bank in between steps. Those without 43 Prayer may also need to bank on several occasions to stock up on food.

    Temple of Ikov

  3. Once inside the dungeon head west and down another flight of stairs. Cut though the spider web at the back of the room and pick up the Boots of lightness. Put them on and return up the stairs.

    Boots of Lightness

  4. Enter room with the skeletons to the north, and head to the broken bridge on the western side of this room. Before crossing the bridge, make sure your weight is below zero! If it is above zero, you will fall in the lava, taking up to 20 damage. After you walked across the broken bridge, enter the room and pick up the Lever.

    Note: If you do fail, go up the ladder to Hemenster. Head to a bank and deposit the necessary amount of items, then walk back to the temple and redo this step.

    Broken Bridge and Lever

  5. Near the ladder at the entrance of the dungeon, you will find a lever bracket on the wall. Use the Lever with the bracket and pull the lever. This will unlock the southern gate.

    Lever Bracket

  6. Go through the southern gate, and follow the path until you reach a number of chests, hidden away in alcoves. Search every chest for Ice arrows. Keep searching the chests until you have around 20-25 arrows. It is advised turn off "Auto Retaliate" and to turn on "Protect from Melee" or eat food when needed.

    Ice Arrows Chest

  7. When you have enough Ice arrows (20-25), head back to the bank. Withdraw your 20 Limpwurt roots (unnoted), Prayer potions, Food, Ranged armor and a Bow. When you're ready, go back into the temple and to the room with the skeletons. This time, head straight north into a room with a lever and trapdoor. Search the lever for traps to disarm it. Then, you may pull the lever.

    Note: If you pull the lever without disarming the traps, the trap door will open and you will fall onto spikes taking up to 20 damage.

    Disarm Trap Lever

  8. Leave the room and head west until you reach a door. Open it and go across the room to the other door. As you try to open the second door, the Fire Warrior of Lesarkus will appear denying you the right to pass. He will start attacking you with fire spells. Turn on Protect from magic and range him with the Ice Arrows.

    Note: If you do not kill him fast enough, he will cease the battle telling you to come back. When this happens, simply try to open the door again.

    Fire Warrior of Lesarkus

  9. After you have defeated the Fire Warrior of Lesarkus, you may open the door to the north. You will now notice a witch called Winelda. She will offer to you across the lava for the price of 20 Limpwurt roots (unnoted). Give her the roots and she will teleport you across.


  10. Once on the other site of the the lava, follow the path all the way to the end, past the room with the ladder, and you will find a Shiny key on the ground. Pick it up, and head back to the room with the Guardians of Armadyl.

    Shiny Key

  11. Push the wall to enter the room with the Guardians of Armadyl. Head into the northwestern corner to find the Staff of Armadyl lying on a table. Now, you have to choose whether you side with the Guardians of Armadyl or with Lucien.

Side With The Guardians:

  1. Take off the Pendant of Lucien and talk to one of the Guardians of Armadyl. Tell them that you seek the staff and that you are working for a man named Lucien. They will be quite disappointed to hear that and tell you that you need to be cleansed. Reply with "You are right, it is time for my yearly bath", and they will bless you with holy water. They will also give you an Armadyl pendant and ask you to kill him.

    Guardian of Armadyl

  2. Leave the room and climb up the ladder to the east. You will find yourself in building in McGrubor's Wood. Use the Shiny key on the door to go through it.

    McGrubor's Wood

  3. Use your Amulet of glory to teleport to Edgeville or teleport to Varrock. Head to the small house just outside the west palace wall (east of Edgeville). There, you will find Lucien. Attack him while wearing the Armadyl pendant to complete the quest.

    Lucien in Edgeville

Side With The Lucien:

  1. If you decided to side with Lucien, then try to take the Staff of armadyl off of the table. The Guardians of Armadyl will prevent you from touching it. Kill all of the guardians in that corner of that room and pick up the staff

    Staff of Armadyl

  2. Leave the room and climb up the ladder to the east. You will find yourself in building in McGrubor's Wood. Use the Shiny key on the door to go through it.

    McGrubor's Wood

  3. Teleport to Varrock and head to the small house just outside the west palace wall (east of Edgeville). There, you will find Lucien. Give him the Staff of armadyl to receive your reward.

    Lucien in Edgeville

    Quest Complete

Boots of Lightness:

The Boots of lightness reduce your weight by -4.5 kg weight. Therefore, they are recommended for activities which require a lot of running as you will use up less running energy.

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