Quest Requirements:
Skill/Other Requirements:
30 Cooking
15 Agility
30 Firemaking
5 Fishing (65 Recommended)
High level Agility and Herblore is a distinct advantage.
Must be able to defeat level 53 Jogres.
Items Needed at Quest Start:
Items Needed to Complete Quest:
Small fishing net, Karamjan rum, Banana, Agility potion (4), Pestle and mortar, Steel spear* (or better; that you're willing to lose), Seaweed, Knife, Jogre bones, Tinderbox, and a Ranged/Magic attack method.

* Black spear won't work.

Note: A Karamjan rum can be bought from pub on Musa Point. Make sure you do not teleport with the bottle in your inventory, or else it will break.
Items Recommended for Quest:
Raw Karambwan*, Antipoison, Energy potions, Weight-reducing gear, and Food.

* Although it's obtained during the quest, but you need to keep one extra in case you burn the other one.
Items Acquired During Quest:
23 Karambwanji (stackable), Karambwan vessel (Empty), Karambwan vessel (Full), Raw karambwan, Monkey corpse, Poison karambwan, Karambwan paste (Poison), Spear(kp), Monkey skin, Monkey bones, Seaweed sandwich, Burnt jogre bones, Karambwanji paste (Raw), Pasty jogre bones (Burnt) (Raw), Marinated j' bones (Burnt), and a Crafting manual.
Quest Points:
Reward: 2k Coins, 5k Fishing and Cooking exp, 2.5k Attack and Strength exp; when you talk to the three sons in their huts after the quest is finished, they will each give you the experience rewards plus some items. One son gives you a Rune spear(kp) (and the combat exp), another teaches you how to correctly cook marinated Jogre bones (and cooking exp), and the other teaches you how to cook/fish Karambwan (cooking/fishing exp).
Start Point:
Tai Bwo Wannai Village.
To Start:
Speak to Timfraku.
  1. Items required: Pestle and mortar and Small fishing net

    Go just north of Tai Bwo Wannai and into the hut southwest of the hut with the anvil. Climb up the ladder to the second floor and talk to Timfraku there. He will be rather rude to you and tell you to leave. Speak with him again and tell him that Trufitus sent you and that he has communed with the gods. Timfraku will be amazed and thank you for what you did so far. Ask what he means and he will tell you to notify his three sons about it. Accept the assignment to start the quest and climb down the ladder.

    Note: The easiest way to reach Tai Bwo Wannai is via the Fairy Ring code (C K R) or via the Amulet of glory(4) to Karamja and then walking southwest. Do not try to access the island of Karamja by boat or the Customs officers will confiscate the Karamjan rum (Sliced banana).

    Step 1

  2. Pay a visit to Tamayu, who can be found south-east of the village by the mines. He refuses to come back to the village until he has killed the Shaikahan. Ask him when he will succeed in killing it and he will offer you to join him on his next trip. Agree to join him and a cut scene will occur during which he fails to kill the Shaikahan. He will complain about not having the required Agility level nor a stronger spear.

    Note: Do not give Tamayu your spear yet, or you will lose it!

    Step 2

    Step 3

  3. Make your way to the coastline south of Brimhaven. Once there, talk to Lubufu among some crates and fishing-lines. Talk to him until you can ask him about his age. Ask him what he uses to catch Raw karambwan and offer to collect some bait for him. He will ask you to catch 20 Raw karambwanji.

    Step 4

  4. Head south of the village until you come across a lake and use your Small fishing net to catch the 20 Raw karambwanji.

    Note: It is advised that you catch 3 extra Raw karambwanji as you will need them later on in the quest.

  5. Return to Lubufu and give him the 20 Raw karambwanji. Speak with him again and agree to be his apprentice. He will now give you a Karambwan vessel (Empty), used to catch Raw karambwan, and tell you how to bait it. Use one of the remaining 3 Raw karambwanji on it to receive a Karambwan vessel (Full).

    Note: It is advised that you drop the Karambwan vessel (Full) and tell Lubufu that your vessel was stolen by a Karambwan to receive another Karambwan vessel (Empty). Pick up the Karambwan vessel (Full) that you dropped earlier and use one of the remaining 2 Raw karambwanji on the new empty vessel. You should now have 2 Karambwan vessel (Full) and 1 Raw karambwanji.

  6. Head east through the jungle until you reach a log bridge over a small river. Cross the bridge and head north towards the beach. Speak with Tiadeche and tell him to return home. He will only return when he has caught a Raw karambwan. Offer him your Karambwan vessel (Full). He will catch a Raw karambwan and give it to you. He will then ask you to make an extra Karambwan vessel (Full) and to give it to his brother Tinsay. His brother will use it to make a Crafting manual, which you must return to him.

    Note: The easiest way to reach Tiadeche is via the Fairy Ring code (D-K-P).

    Step 9

  7. Before you head to the last brother, Tinsay, you must first cook the Raw karambwan that you received from Tiadeche. Head west to the everlasting fires along the southern border of Tai Bwo Wannai. Use the Raw karambwan with one of the fires to produce Poison karambwan. Use the Poison karambwan with Pestle and mortar to produce Karambwan paste (Poison).

    Note: If you happen to burn the Raw karambwan, then you will have to get another one yourself because Tiadeche will not give you another one. If you have 65 Fishing, then head to the fishing spot near Lubufu or Tiadeche and use the remaining Karambwan vessel (Full) to catch another one. If you do not have 65 Fishing, then you will have to buy one from another player or Grand Exchange.

  8. Items required: Agility potion (4), Banana, Jogre bones, Karambwan vessel (Full), Karambwan paste (Poison), Karamjan rum (Teleporting will break the bottle), Knife, Ranged/Magic attack method, Raw karambwanji, Seaweed, Steel spear or better (except Black spear), Pestle and mortar, and Tinderbox

    Head west across the log bridge and past Shilo Village till you spot Cairn Isle. Climb the rocks and walk across the bridge. Once you have made it safely to the other side, use the remaining Karambwan vessel (Full) with Tinsay and ask him to make the Crafting manual. He will only help you when you have helped him and asks for a bottle of Karamjan rum (Sliced banana). Use your Knife with the Banana to slice it and then use the slices with the Karamjan rum to produce Karamjan rum (Sliced banana). Give him the bottle and then he will ask you to bring him a Seaweed and Monkey Skin' sandwich.

    Note: The easiest way to reach Cairn Isle, south of Tai Bwo Wannai, is via the Fairy Ring code (C K R). If you fail to climb the rocks or cross the bridge, you will lose up to 20 Life Points.

    Step 12

  9. Leave Cairn Isle and head north into the jungle. Running around, you will find some Monkeys. Kill a monkey using ranged or magic and pick up the Monkey corpse it drops.

  10. Walk east towards the Nature Altar mine to return to Tamayu. Use the Karambwan paste (Poison) on your spear to create a spear(KP). Give him both the items, spear(KP) and the Agility potion. He will end the conversation saying that he must prepare for his next trip. Talk to him again and ask him if once more you can join him on his next trip. A cutscene will occur in which he successfully defeats the Shaikahan. When the cutscene is over, use the Monkey corpse on him. He will give you a piece of Monkey skin and Monkey bones. He will thank you and will agree to go home when you have helped his other brothers.

  11. Use the Monkey skin with the Seaweed to make the Seaweed and Monkey Skin' sandwich and take it to Tinsay. Still not satisfied, he will ask for one last item, some burnt Jogre bones marinated in karambwaji.

  12. To get your hands on Burnt jogre bones, light some Jogre bones using a Tinderbox. When the fire has extinguished, pick up the Burnt jogre bones. Grind up the Raw karambwanji using Pestle and mortar to produce Karambwanji paste (Raw). Use the paste with the Burnt jogre bones to produce Pasty jogre bones (Burnt) (Raw). Cook the Pasty jogre bones on a range or one of the everlasting fires to receive Marinated j' bones.

    Note: If you forgot to bring Jogre bones, then head to the jungle south of where you found Tiadeche and kill a Jogre. Plus, if you are below 30 in Firemaking you will not be able to burn the Jogre bones with a Tinderbox and you will have to burn them in the nearest furnace, which's in the Shilo Village and you will need to pay a fee of 20 coins to use it.

    Step 18

  13. For the last time, return to Tinsay on Cairn Isle and give him the Marinated j' bones (Burnt). He will thank you and will agree to go home when you have helped his other brother. At this point, you must give him the remaining Karambwan vessel (Full). He will take a look at it and give you the Crafting manual.

  14. Bring Crafting manual to Tiadeche. Finally, he will finally agree to come back to the village.

    Note: The easiest way to reach Tiadeche is via the Fairy Ring code (D K P).

  15. Head back to Tai Bwo Wannai and speak to Timfraku to complete the quest. Visit the 3 sons in their huts, in the fenced in area to the south of the main village, to receive the additional rewards.

    Note: The easiest way to reach Tai Bwo Wannai is via the Fairy Ring code (C K R).

    Congratulations! Quest complete!

    Quest Completed!

    Additional Rewards:

    After completion, you can visit the three sons in their huts (in the circle south of the main village) to get the rest of your rewards. Tiadeche also becomes a store where you can buy and sell Karambwan vessels and raw Karambwan. Tamayu sells all (kp) spears and cleaning cloths. Note that you cannot sell spears at all when they are kp poisoned (not even to this stall) - you must wipe the poison off using a Cleaning cloth (Silk with Karamja rum applied).

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