Quest Requirements:
Skill/Other Requirements:
32 Agility
20 Crafting
Must fight three Monsters around level 90.
Quests Unlocked/Partially Unlocked by completing this Quest:
Items Needed at Quest Start:
Spade, 3 Regular Bones, Rope, Lit candle (Lanterns don't work), Chisel, Hammer, Tinderbox, and Bronze wire or a Bronze bar - all of these except the Bronze wire and Bones can be bought at Jumaya's General Store northwest of Tai Bwo Wannai Village.
Items Needed to Complete Quest:
Items Recommended for Quest:
Papyrus and Charcoal (Only required if you lose an item during the quest), Antipoison, Food, Armor, and Prayer potions.
Items Acquired During Quest:
Wampum belt, Tattered scroll, Crumpled scroll, Zadimus' corpse, Stone plaque, Bone shard, Sword pommel, Locating crystal, Bervirius notes, Beads of the Dead, and a Bone key.
Quest Points:
3,875 Crafting XP and the ability to enter Shilo Village.
Start Point:
South of Karamja Island.
To Start:
Speak to anyone you find there.

For help navigating, refer to the Karamja Island map

  1. Make your way to the entrance of the Shilo Village in the southeastern part of the Karamja jungle. Just east of the entrance, you will find Mosol Rei. Ask him the following questions (see below) and he will tell you about Rashiliyia, who has brought a plague of Undead ones upon the village. Mosol Rei will then give you a Wampum belt to that you must pass on to Trufitus, the elder of the Tai Bwo Wannai village.

    1. Why do I need to run?
    2. Rashiliyia? Who is she?
    3. What can we do?
    4. I'll go to see the shaman.
    5. Yes, I'm sure and I'll take the Wampum belt to Trufitus.
    Note: If you ask "What danger is there around here?", you will be attack by an Undead one (level 68).

    Step 1

  2. Trufitus lives in the eastern-most house north of Tai Bwo Wannai Village. After you have found him, talk to him and use all of the options. You'll tell him about Rashiliyia and that she has returned. He will tell you about the Legend and the Temple of Ah-za rhoon. Tell him that you will search the temple, then use the belt on him.

    Step 2

  3. The temple is located east of Trufitus' house. Head east until you see a river. Now head south until you see a log. Walk across it and go south. You will see a Mound of Earth. (Warning: There are many level 60 undeads in this cave!) Search it and use the Spade on it, after that use your candle on it. Finally use Rope. Then search again to drop down.

    Step 3


  4. Walk south just a bit and you will find a cave-in (on the southwest wall just before the area turns to the southeast). After you have found it, search it and wriggle through.

    Step 4

  5. Walk north and you will find some loose rocks in the northwest corner. Search them and you will find a Tattered Scroll. Keep it.

    Step 5

  6. Walk southeast until you find a small room. Search the old sacks and you will get a Crumpled Scroll. Keep it.

    Step 6

  7. Walk north and you will see an Ancient gallows. Search it and you will get Zadimus' Corpse. Keep it.

    Step 7

  8. Go back to the first cave. Use a Chisel on the strange looking stone near the circular pond to the south of the entrance to obtain a Stone-plaque.

  9. Leave the Ancient Temple by crafting the nearby smashed table into a raft. Sometimes you will notice that there isn't enough wood left. In this case, walk southeast and you will find a waterfall. Search it and climb up. It doesn't matter if you fall, but you may take a lot of damage.

    Step 8

  10. Go back to Trufitus and give him all the items. Use the items on him and he will tell you to bury the corpse in front of the Tribal Statue, west of Trufitus' hut. After talking to him, read all the scrolls.

  11. Bury the corpse in front of the statue. Zadimus will appear and give you a bone shard. Give this to Trufitus. He will tell you to look for Tomb of Bervirius on Cairn Isle.

    Step 10

  12. The tomb is located southwest of his house, on Cairn Isle. Head south, climb the rockslide and cross the bridge. If you fail, try again. Note that if you fail to climb the rocks or fall off the bridge you can take a decent amount of damage and that it can take many, many attempts depending upon your Agility level. Note that later Zombies will blow up and spew poison if you actually stop to kill them, it only hurts you if you stand directly next to it, take Anti-poison just to be sure.

  13. After you crossed the bridge, head a bit north and search the rock. You will drop down.

    Step 12

  14. Head south and you will see a dolmen. Search it and you will get a Sword pommel, a Locating crystal and Bervirius notes - if you lose these items, you will need charcoal and papyrus to get to Bervirius notes again. Go to the east room of this tomb and climb the rocks to go back out.

    Note: Make sure to have charcoal and papyrus in your inventory or you will not get the Bervirius notes.

    Step 13

  15. Return to Trufitus and give him all the items. He will tell you that you will need a bronze necklace.

  16. Go a bit northwest of the house. You will find an anvil. You will need a Chisel, a Hammer and Bronze wire. If you don't have these items, go the General Store located northwest of the anvil and buy them.

  17. Use your Chisel on the Sword pommel. Then use the beads on the Bronze wire. You will get a amulet called "Beads of the Dead". Show this to Trufitus.

  18. Go east of the house. Find the log that you have crossed before. Cross it and go north a bit. Find a Palm tree that you can search. After you have found it, search the Palm tree and a door will appear. The door is locked, so try using your Bone shard on it. It won't quite fit. Now you can Use your Chisel on the Bone shard to craft it into a Bone key. Wear your Beads of the Dead amulet and use the Bone key on the doors to get in.


    Step 17

  19. Go south and open the gate. Climb the rocks and then run south-west until you hit a crossroads, run south-east and go down the first path, and go down that path until you reach some doors. Use 3 Bones on the door and the door will open.

    Step 18

  20. Make sure you wear all your armour, your weapon and Beads of the dead and have full health. Search the dolmen and 91 level zombie will attack you. Defeat it and a 68 level skeleton will attack you. Kill it and a 93 level ghost will appear. Defeat it. WARNING: DO NOT RETREAT OR YOU WILL HAVE TO START AGAIN. After you have defeated all the monsters, search the dolmen and take the Rashiliyia Corpse.

    Step 19

  21. Go back to the room where you originally entered. Use your Bone key on the Tomb Exit to get out.

  22. Now to finish off the quest go back to the tomb (which you visited previously in steps 12-14) by climbing the rocks and crossing the bridge. Just Use the corpse on the dolmen.

    Step 21

    Congratulations! Quest Complete!

    Quest Complete

After completing this quest, you will be able to mine the exclusive Shilo Village Gem rocks your random gems (Uncut jade through Uncut diamond). You can also visit Yanni Salika, an antiques dealer who will purchase some of your leftover items from this quest (such as the Locating crystal and the scrolls, etc.)

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