Quest Requirements:
Skill/Other Requirements:
Another player who has not yet completed the quest.

Note: If you require a partner for this quest you can post in this topic to request some help.
Quests Unlocked/Partially Unlocked by completing this Quest:
Items Needed to Complete Quest:
20-40 Coins.
Items Recommended for Quest:
Quest Points:
1 quest point, 600 coins.
Start Point:
Varrock Palace Library
To Start:
Speak to Reldo.
  1. Speak to Reldo in Varrock Palace library and tell him that you are in search of a quest.

    Step 1

  2. He will ask you to look for a book titled 'The Shield of Arrav'. Search the bookcase, that has a distinct blue book in it, to find the book. Read through the book to learn about the Phoenix and Black Arm gangs.

    Step 2

  3. Speak with Reldo again, and he will tell you to talk to Baraek in Varrock Center.

  4. Head to the fur stall in the marketplace, and ask Baraek about the Phoenix gang. He will only give you the information if you give him 20gp. Hand over 20gp and he will tell you the location of the Phoenix Gang Headquarters.

    Step 4

  5. Walk south towards the exit of Varrock. You will find Charlie the Tramp in one of the alleys. Ask him if there is anything down the alleyway. He will tell you that the headquarters of the Black Arm gang is located down there. Ask him whether they would let you join. He will tell you to talk to Katrine at the Black Arm headquarters.

    Step 5

    At this point, the walkthrough changes depending on which gang you join. Your friend and you should have joined different gangs. Follow the walkthrough titled for which gang you have joined. Your friend should follow the walkthrough for the gang they have joined

Black Arm Gang:

  1. If you have chosen the Black Arm gang, then proceed down the alleyway near Charlie the Tramp into the house at the end. Once inside, talk to Katrine. Tell her that you know about this place and that you would rather not reveal your sources. She will ask what you want. Tell her that you want to join the gang and ask her to give you a try. She will ask to steal a couple Phoenix crossbows from their rival gang.

  2. Meet up with your Phoenix Gang friend. Have them trade you the Weapons store key. Proceed to the building marked Weapons Storage on the map. Open up the door with the key and climb up the ladder. Kill the level 23 Weaponsmaster and pick up the two Phoenix crossbows.

  3. With two Crossbows, head back to Katrine. Talk to her, and give her the crossbows. You are now an official member of the Black Arm gang.

  4. Go through the door to the north into the main part of the headquarters, and take the stairs to the second floor. Open and search the cupboard to find half of the broken shield.

    At this point both you and your friend will take the same steps, so please proceed to Wrap up.

Phoenix Gang:

  1. If you have chosen the Phoenix gang, then head south of the Varrock East Bank to an ! mark signifying a dungeon. Go into that room and climb down the ladder.

  2. You will now be in a dungeon. Talk to Straven and choose 'I know who you are!'. After the dialogue, he will ask what you want, choose to offer your services. He will tell you that in order to show loyalty to the Phoenix gang you will need to kill Jonny the beard and bring back the intelligence report he has in his possession.

  3. Go to the Blue Moon Inn bar, near the Varrock Marketplace. Inside you will find Jonny the beard (level 2) walking around, choose to attack him. Once he is dead, pick up the Intel report that he drops. Take this report back to Straven.

  4. Once back at the Phoenix gang headquarters, talk to Straven again and give him the Intel report. You are now an official member of the Phoenix Gang and will receive a Weapon store key which will allow you to access the weapon depot.

  5. Go through the door next to Straven and walk all the way to the back of the area. You will end up in a room with a chest in it. Open and search walk the chest to find half of the broken shield.

  6. Leave the headquarters, and go meet up with your Black Arm Gang friend. Trade them the Weapons store key and have them kill the level 23 Weaponsmaster. Also tell them to pick up the two Phoenix crossbows it drops.

    At this point both you and your friend will take the same steps, so please proceed to Wrap Up.

Wrap Up:

  1. Now that you both have half the shield, meet up again and walk to King Roald at the Varrock Palace. He will tell you that you need to get the authenticity verified by the Curator of the museum. Walk to the Varrock Museum.

  2. Use your half of the broken shield on Curator Haig Halen. He will look at half the shield and give you 2 half reward certificates. Your friend should also talk with the Curator, as they will also receive two half certificates for their shield half.

  3. Trade with your friend and each of you should give one of the two certificates you received.

  4. Use the two halves on each other to make the full certificate. Return to King Roald to claim your reward.

    Congratulations! Quest Complete!

    Step 1

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