Quest Requirements:
Skill/Other Requirements:
Level 40 Farming (can be boosted)
Level 50 Fishing (can be boosted)
Level 47 Prayer (You also must have at least 47 Prayer points regardless of your actual level)
Level 42 Crafting
Level 42 Slayer
Must be able to defeat a level 150 monster
Quests Unlocked/Partially Unlocked by completing this Quest:
Items Needed at Quest Start:
Items Needed to Complete Quest:
Armour and a good weapon, a small amount of food, Slayer gloves (Buy from any slayer master).
Items Recommended for Quest:
Ring of charos (a) (helpful, but not required), Ectophial (allows quick banking and a close teleport to the start of the quest, but not required).
Quest Points:
7k Farming, Prayer and Fishing experience, Holy Wrench.
Start Point:
North of Port Phasmatys
To Start:
Talk to Pirate Pete
  1. To start off the quest, speak to Pirate Pete. He can be found North of Port Phasmatys. You will ask him if he has any quests available and he will tell you a "sob story" to which you can agree to help him with. He then mentions a Demon named Baliror the Destroyer. Say you are brave enough and he will knock you unconscious with a bottle.

    Pirate Pete

  2. A small cutscene showing Pete talking to Captain Braindeath in a factory will then play.

    Rum Deal

  3. You wake up and Cap'n Braindeath begins to tell you about both his Rum Factory and about a group of Zombie protesters outside.

    Captain Braindeath

  4. The first task he gives you is to grow some Blindweed in the only patch still in-tact. He will give you a seed and instruct you to get some Farming equipment from the basement.

  5. Take the ladder in the northwest area of the factory down into the basement. Run past the level 49 Fever spiders to the southeast of the basement and search the cupboard. Take the farming equipment and return up the ladder.


  6. Take the south stairs out of the factory and head to the most southeastern patch. Beware of Zombie Pirates that are around level 50.

  7. Rake the Blindweed patch and plant the seed. Keep in mind that it will take around two minutes to grow.

    Note: If you have a Farming level of 37, consume a Garden pie to temporarily boost it by +3 levels.

    Blindweed Patch

  8. Once it has fully grown, pick the Blindweed and return to Captain Braindeath. He will tell you to go upstairs and put the Blindweed in the hopper. The ladder up is in the southeast corner and the hopper is in the northwest area of the upper floor.


  9. Return to Captain Braindeath and he will tell you to fetch a bucket of Stagnant Water. Grab a bucket from the respawn point while you're here. If you do not have a bucket with you he will give one to you automatically. Same with step 18.

  10. Head down the south stairs then go west to a bridge where a man is standing guard. Try and walk through the gate on the bridge (If you have the Ring of charos (a) on you can get through). If you don't have the ring, talk to 50% Luke and you eventually be able to distract him to get by.

    50% Luke

  11. Head up the volcano and use the bucket on the pool of water to get some stagnant water.

    Stagnant Lake

  12. When you have some stagnant water take it to the Captain and he will ask you to dump it into the hopper.

  13. Speak to the Captain again and he'll ask you to get some Sluglings. He gives you a tangled fishing net and bowl. Do NOT untangle them! (If you do, just use them with each other again.)

  14. Head to the fishing spot south of the main brewery and catch 5 of the Sluglings. Now go to the pressure valve on the top floor. Put them in and pull the lever.

    Note: If you catch any other fish in the fishing spot besides Sluglings, they will count as well in filling the Pressure Barrel.

    Fishing Spot

    Pressure Barrel

  15. Go talk to the captain and he will give you a wrench to bash the controls. When you try and bash the controls it won't work. You need to go find a priest who goes by the name of Davey. Davey is in a split off room on the same floor.

    Brewing Control


  16. Talk to him and he will bless the wrench if you have at least 47 prayer points. Go back and bash the controls and a level 150 spirit will jump out and attack. He is easy to defeat with protect from melee.

    Note: The Evil Spirit can be safe spotted behind the pylons.

    Evil spirit

  17. After he is defeated, go talk to Captain Braindeath and he will want a fever spider's dead corpse. Put on the slayer gloves and head down to the basement to kill one. Take its corpse to the hopper and put it in. Now go back and talk to the captain. The rum is now made.

    Fever spider

  18. Go the outlet valve on the Main Floor, located in the southwest area. Make sure you have an empty bucket and turn the tap. Take the rum to Captain Donnie outside. He will tell you his boss is called Rabid Jack. Finally, go talk to the Captain back in the Brewery.

    Output Tap

    Captain Donnie

    Quest Complete!

    Quest Complete

    Note: The Holy wrench increases Prayer points restored by Prayer potions by one point more than normal when in your inventory.

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