Quest Requirements:
Skill/Other Requirements:
40 Agility
40 Slayer
Must be able to defeat a level 149 monster.
Quests Unlocked/Partially Unlocked by completing this Quest:
Items Needed at Quest Start:
Pickaxe (can be obtained during quest) or 5 coal, Antipoison, Armor, a Weapon, and Food.
Items Needed to Complete Quest:
Items Recommended for Quest:
Items Acquired During Quest:
Scroll (Royal Trouble), Mining prop, 2 Rope, 3 Beam, 3 Pulley beams, Engine, Long pulley beam, Longer pulley beam, Burnt diary, Heavy box, Empty box, Empty box, Letter (Royal Trouble), and 20K Coins
Quest Points:
5,000 Slayer, Agility, and Hitpoints XP, and 20k gp.
Start Point:
To Start:
Speak to Advisor Ghrim in the throne room of Miscellania castle.
  1. Head to the Fremenik Province of Rellekka and talk to the Sailor on the docks. Once you arrive in Miscellania, head west to the castle, go upstairs, and talk to Advisor Ghrim. You will find out that because King Vargas has nothing to do, he has started arguing with Queen Sigrid. He will tell you to speak to the Prince and Princess.

    Advisor Ghrim

  2. Talk to one of them and they will tell you that the King and Queen need to get married. Talk to King Vargas and he will explain that some of the villagers' resources have gone missing.

    King Vargas

  3. Go and speak to either Gunnhild, Leif, or Magnus. Gardener Gunnhild can be found right outside the castle. You will learn that Etceterian Soldiers came and demanded tithes from the villagers. They refused to pay them but the next morning they found that some of their resources had been stolen.

    Gardener Gunnhild

  4. Walk over to Etceteria, go upstairs of the castle, and speak to Queen Sigrid. She will claim that the Miscellanians have been stealing their resources.

    Queen Sigrid

  5. Go and talk to one of the citizens of Etceteria and they will also say it was Miscellanian soldiers.


  6. Tell Queen Sigrid all this and she will blame King Vargas. Head back to King Vargas and tell him the same thing. He will then tell you to talk to Advisor Ghrim.

  7. Speak with Advisor Ghrim and he will tell you to speak to the sailor that brought you here.

  8. Ask the sailor about anyone suspicious that came to the island and he will tell you about some teenagers that came from the mainland a few weeks back to visit relatives in the dungeons.


  9. Report this to King Vargas and he will give you a scroll that will allow you to enter the dungeons. Go downstairs and look for the dungeon to the south (it is marked with an exclamation point on the minimap).


  10. Once in, head north and talk to Thorodin. He will tell you to talk to Donal in the Inn about the monster.


  11. Go talk to Donal and he will tell you about the monster and how to get to it, and he will also provide you with a mining prop.


  12. Head back to where Thorodin is, take a pickaxe out of the rock near him if you haven't got one yet. Use the mining prop with the crevice, and then go through. Take 2 ropes, 3 beams, 3 pulley beams, and an engine from the crates. Use a pulley beam with the scaffold and then use a pulley beam with a beam to get a long pulley beam. Use another beam on the long pulley beam to get a longer pulley beam, and then use this on the scaffold.


  13. Next use another pulley beam on the scaffold, and then use a rope on it. Now use a beam with the platform, then use the engine with the engine platform. Mine 5 coal ore and use them on the engine and go up.


  14. Take the plank at the top and then enter the tunnel. At the river, use a rope with the rock and swing across. Search the fire remains to get a Burnt diary page. At the rocks, use the plank to cross.



    Note: if you decide not to use the plank but just run over the rocks you might slip on them and fall, this will cause about 8 damage.


    Continue on, collecting diary pages from the fires as you go.
    Note: watch out for the steam, avoid walking over them because you will get hurt by 9. Also stay away from the sides as much as possible, rocks will come falling down and hurt you by about 8.

    Fire remains

  15. After you have collected them all, read the diary and squeeze through the crevice. You will be shown a cutscene and told that a sea snake has made a nest place where the stolen items are being kept.


  16. Follow the path past the snakes (level 90 and level 62) and squeeze through the crevice. You will now fight a Level 149 Sea Snake. Use Protect from Melee when fighting it using melee weapons. Alternatively, use Protect from Missiles if you are fighting it using Magic or Ranged. Keep in mind that it will poison you. After you kill it, it will drop a Large box, big bones, and a random monster drop.

    Giant Sea Snake

  17. Upon leaving the room a rope will appear where the light is. Climb up and go talk to Queen Sigrid. She will take the box from you and give you 20k gp and a letter to give to King Vargas. Take the letter to King Vargas (you can read it if you want) to finish the quest.

    Exit Rope

    Congratulations! Quest Complete!

    Quest Complete

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