Quest Requirements:
Skill/Other Requirements:
20 Thieving
20% Piscarilius House Favour
Quests Unlocked/Partially Unlocked by completing this Quest:
Items Needed at Quest Start:
Items Needed to Complete Quest:
1 Stew (can be made in the area or bought from GE)
Items Recommended for Quest:
Weight Reduction Equipment (Graceful outfit), Stamina Potions, or Super Energy Potions.
Items Acquired During Quest:
Quest Points:
2,000 Thieving Experience
2,000 Coins
Access to The Warrens
Piscarilius favour certificate (worth 10% favour)
A memoir page for the Kharedst's Memoirs. "The Fisher's Flute"
Start Point:
Outside the bank in Port Piscarilius.
To Start:
Speak with Tomas Lawry.
The following is a map of the important locations during this quest.

Queen of Thieves Map

  1. Talk to Tomas Lawry outside the bank in Port Piscarilius.

    Thomas Lawry

  2. Next you need to infiltrate the new gang that has formed, Saviors of Kourend. Speak to the poor looking man or poor looking woman in the house West of the starting point.


  3. The poor man or woman will inform you to speak to Robert O'Reilly. He is located in a house South across the bridge and then to the West. Then speak with Robert O'Reilly who will ask for a stew.

    Robert O'Reilly

    Note: If you did not bring a stew with you, you will need to purchase the items from Kenelme in the house to the West.

    Kenelme's Wares

    As well as a bowl from the general store to the South-East.

    General Store

  4. Robert O'Reilly will inform you that the Savior of Kourend gang is located in The Warrens (the sewer system under Port Piscarilius). Make your way to The Warrens entrance, a manhole to the East, marked with an exclamation point on the minimap. Upon reaching the manhole climb down into The Warrens.


  5. Once in The Warrens head South and then to the west and then across two small bridges to reach a large island. On the large island, you will find Devan Rutter by the fish stall. Speak with him and he will ask you to kill Conrad King to join the gang. Head back East across the two bridges and North to the manhole. Then climb back up to get to Port Piscarilius.

    Devan Rutter

  6. After exiting the manhole go East to the dock on the Southern side of the Piscarilius mess hall. Here you will find Conrad King and you need to murder him. You may choose either option, regardless, you will murder him brutally.

    Conrad King

  7. Return to Devan Rutter in The Warrens (down the manhole). Then proceed to the Tent to the North and speak with the Queen of Thieves. There will be a conversation with her about the clan. Eventually, she will inform you that she is Lady Shauna Piscarilius. You will not believe her, at which point she sends you to Councillor Hughes' house to find evidence.

    Queen of Thieves

  8. Return to Port Piscarilius, through the manhole, then proceed South to Hosidius. Councillor Hughes' house is located East of the Hosidius General Store. (Area outlined in red)

    Hughes House

    Enter the Councillor's house and head to the chest. You will need to pick the lock on the chest before you can open it. Once open search the chest to find a letter.


  9. Take the letter back to Tomas Lawry to show it to him. He will forget about the Queen of Thieves and tell you that no reward is better than feeling useful.

  10. Return to the Queen of Thieves (Lady Shauna Piscarilius), for your reward.

    Quest complete

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