Quest Requirements:
Skill/Other Requirements:
Items Needed to Complete Quest:
60 coins, a White apron, and a Spade.
Items Recommended for Quest:
A Varrock and Falador teleport.
Quest Points:
450 coins, a Cut Emerald, and a Gold Ring.
Start Point:
Port Sarim.
To Start:
Speak to Redbeard Frank.
  1. Talk to Redbeard Frank the pirate, he will tell you about the treasure. Say that you want to get the treasure and he will ask you to get him some Karamja rum.

    Redbeard Frank

  2. Follow the docks southwest until you find Captain Tobias and pay him 30gp to travel to Karamja. Once there, go west to the bar and buy a bottle of Karamjan rum which for 30gp.

    Karamjan rum

  3. Now talk to Luthas in the house northeast of the bar and say that you want to help him. He will give you a job.


  4. Go to the banana field west of this house. Pick 10 bananas and go back to Luthas' house. Just east of it you will see a crate. Place the Rum inside the crate, then put the remaining bananas in the crate until it's full. After it's full, talk to Luthas and he will pay you 30gp.


  5. Travel back to Port Sarim and go southwest to the food shop. If you have the White apron now, put it on. If you don't, go to the Fishing shop just north of you and you will find a White apron hanging on the wall.

  6. Talk to Wydin and ask him to hire you. Now go into the back room and search the crate in the middle of the room to find the rum.


  7. Head back to Redbeard Frank and he will be pleased and give you a key. He will say that a chest in Varrock contains the treasure.

  8. Go to Varrock and and go inside the Blue Moon Inn which is south of the General Store. Go up to the second floor and into the west room. Use the key on the chest. You will get a note. Read it and it will tell you that the treasure is in Falador park.


  9. Now it's time to dig up the treasure. Go into the park and find a statue. West of it is a large "X" on the ground. If you have the spade, dig at the center of the "X". If you don't, find one in Falador in the house east of the Furnace. If you dig the flowers, a Gardener may attack you. Either kill him or run out of the park and then return to dig again. You will get 450 coins, a Gold ring and an Emerald.


    Congratulations, Quest complete!

    Quest Complete

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