Quest Requirements:
Skill/Other Requirements:
Level 40 Firemaking
Level 50 Woodcutting
High level Agility would be an advantage
Ability to kill level 100 Skeleton
Quests Unlocked/Partially Unlocked by completing this Quest:
Items Needed at Quest Start:
Items Needed to Complete Quest:
Axe (any kind), Spade, Tinderbox, Armor, and a Weapon.
Items Recommended for Quest:
1-2 Agility Potions (4).
Items Acquired During Quest:
Windswept logs, Crude carving, Cruder carving, Bread, Shark, Damp planks, Sven's last map, Key, 6 Ropes, and 2 Rotten barrels,
Quest Points:
1 Quest point, access to brine rat cave, 20k coins, 4 rubies, and 12k Defence XP
Start Point:
The mouth of the Fremennik hunting area.
To Start:
Talk to Olaf Hradson
  1. Start the quest by speaking to Olaf Hradson. He is northeast of Relleka. Olaf will tell you that he got shipwrecked three times during an attempt to bring honor to his family. He will ask you to get him some windswept logs so he can make some carvings to give to his family.

    Step 1

  2. Head east into the blizzard and cut one log from the windswept tree. Return to Olaf and he will make 2 crude carvings for his wife and son.

    Step 2

  3. Head back to Relleka and speak to Ingrid. She can be found near the well just east of the main lodge. She will give you a fresh loaf of bread. Don't eat it.

    Step 3

  4. Now go speak to Volf. He can be found just north of the lodge. Give him the other carving and he will give you a cooked shark. Don't eat it.

    Step 4

  5. Return to Olaf and ask for the map he promised. He will tell you that he is hungry and cold. He will then give you some damp planks. Use these on the embers of the fire close by and they will light. Talk to him again and you will give him one of the food from your inventory.

  6. Olaf will now give you a map. The X that marks the spot is the windswept tree you got the logs from earlier. Dig a couple of paces south of the tree and you will fall through.

  7. Walk through the cave and at the first split, go right. Walk past the Skeleton Fremennik until you come to a picture door. Open the door by solving the puzzle. The correct sequence is bottom, right, top, left, and then press confirm. Go through the door.

    Step 7a

    Step 7b

  8. Head north to a large cavern. Here you will find rotten barrels and ropes. Pick up six ropes and two barrels. Kill a Skeleton Fremennik and retrieve a key.

    Step 8

  9. If you brought an Agility potion, drink a dose and walk onto the slippery walkway in the northeast part of the cavern. There is a good chance that it will take you several attempts to cross the walkway as you can fall off it. Remove your weapon and shield and then use a barrel on the first gap to repair the walkway. Do the same on the second gap. Then try to open door. You will see a diagram which will also show you the key you obtained earlier. Click the shape that corresponds with the shape of the loop of your key. Go through the door and continue down the rest of the walkway.

    Note: If you do fail to cross the slippery walkway, you will be end up just north of Olaf Hradson with any weapon or shield unequipped and will have to obtain another key from a Skeleton Fremennik. The shape of the Key that you receive differs from player to player.

    Step 9a

    Step 9b

  10. Re-equip your weapon and shield and try to open the chest in the center of the wreck. A level 100 monster called Ulfric will appear from the grave to the north of the chest. Kill it and open the chest again.

    Step 10

    Congratulations! Quest complete!

    Quest Complete

    Note: You can kill Brine rats to get the Brine sabre. It is a weak sword, but it has a special attack that works underwater.

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