Quest Requirements:
Eadgar's Ruse
The Feud
Jungle Potion
Completion of Enakhra's Lament would be an advantage
Skill/Other Requirements:
10 Woodcutting
29 Farming
61 Magic would be an advantage
60% Tai Bwo Wannia Cleanup favour
Must be able to defeat a level 172 enemy
Quests Unlocked/Partially Unlocked by completing this Quest:
Items Needed at Quest Start:
Climbing boots, Plant cure, 8 Super composts, 3 Buckets, Rake, Spade, Seed dibber, Food, Armor and a Weapon; Ranged or Magic equipment being recommended.

Note: A Tool Leprechaun is located at the top of Troll Stronghold. If you have stored the farming tools with any leprechaun, you will not have to bring any with you. If you do not already have 60% favour in the Tai Bwo Wannai Clean Up, then a machete (any kind) and a Antipoison are also needed.
Items Needed to Complete Quest:
Items Recommended for Quest:
4 Trollheim teleport methods, Camulet, Prayer potion, Games necklace, Amulet of glory or Ring of duelling.
Items Acquired During Quest:
Goutweedy lump, Farming manual, Hardy gout tubers, and 28 Burnt meats.
Quest Points:
10k Herblore XP, 5k Farming XP, usage of My Arm's farming patch in which you can plant any type of seed, plus your herbs won't get diseased.
Start Point:
The kitchen, deep in the Troll Stronghold.
To Start:
Speak to Burntmeat.
  1. Teleport to Trollheim then head west to the Troll Stronghold.

    Step 1

  2. Enter, then head south to a stone staircase. Go downstairs and then talk to Burntmeat.

    Step 2

  3. Burntmeat will tell you that he has found out that Goutweed can be grown by farming. Agree to help Burntmeat and you will see a funny cutscene of him cooking an adventurer. When it's finished Burntmeat will tell you to talk to My Arm, his assistant.

  4. Talk to My Arm to the east, near the goat cage. He will tell you that you need to go to Death Plateau and search the big Cooking Pot there, but first you need to talk to Burntmeat again.

    Step 4

  5. Next you need to go to Death Plateau. A cut scene will commence where Burntmeat shows you where to go through the mountain. You're advised to walk north out of the kitchen till you see a staircase to your east. Go down the staircase then run past the prison cells till you reach the end of this cellar and leave area through the exit. Go south east (with your climbing boots equipped), and once you're at Death Plateau, in the center you will find a Cooking pot with a bucket respawn a bit south of it. Pick up a bucket and then search the Cooking pot. You will get a Goutweedy lump and Ash or Dung may attack you.

    Step 5

  6. Go back to the Troll Stronghold and show the Goutweedy lump to My Arm. He will eat it and then have you follow him to the roof of Troll Stronghold. Once up there, head north and talk to My Arm again and he will give you a farming manual.

    Step 6

  7. Read the book and then talk to My Arm. You will now need 3 buckets of camel dung and 7 buckets of supercompost. If you don't have the supercompost already, make some now by putting 15 pineapples into a compost bin or go buy them from other players.

    Note: To obtain Camel dung, go to Al Kharid and talk to one of the Camels (Ali next to the bank, or Elly near Ali Morrisane) while wearing your Camulet (from Enakhra's Lament). The camel will then produce some dung for you, lying on the ground nearby. Fill 3 Buckets with the Ugthanki dung.

    (If you don't have a Camulet, you can get the dung from Pollnivneach by using some hot sauce with the camels trough.)

  8. Use the 3 Camel dung and the 7 Super compost on the Farming patch near My Arm. Talk to him again and he will say that you should come with him to Tai Bwo Wannai Village. A cutscene ensue in which Barnaby will take you and My Arm from Ardougne to Brimhaven. When you arrive, My Arm will tell you to meet him in Tai Bwo Wannai Village.

    Step 9

  9. Head south towards Tai Bwo Wannai Village. My Arm will be east of the General Store a bit north of the village. Talk to him and he will tell you to talk to Murcaily near the Mahogany and Teak trees in Tai Bwo Wannai Village.

    Step 10

  10. Murcaily will tell that a normal Gout tuber won't grow that high in the mountains, only a special sort will be able to grow there, the hardy gout tubers. He won't give you one unless you have a favour level of 60% or higher. (To get favour, hack the Light, Medium, and Dense Jungle with a machete and/or fix the Village fence. Antipoison is recommended.)

  11. When you have 60%, talk to Murcaily again. He will give you one hardy gout tuber. A very funny cutscene will then ensue in which My Arm makes a "Rumble in da Jungle". Murcaily tells you that he will give you more hardy gout tubers if you take him away. You will then travel back to Ardougne.

    Step 12

  12. My Arm will then tell you that there is a big bird around the Stronghold that will attack you while the Goutweed tubers are growing, and that you should get prepared for a fight. Go get out a good weapon, armour and good food. A prayer potion or two is recommended. Unless you have gardening tools stored with the Tool leprechaun, bring a Spade, Rake, Seed dibber, and a Plant cure (or buy it for 52 coins from the Tool leprechaun). Once ready, head back to the roof of the Troll Stronghold

    Warning: Before continuing, bank anything you are not willing to lose as the Roc boss is instanced!

  13. Use the rake on My Arm and he will start raking the patch (The rake might break, if it does then pick up the head and use it with the other end then give it back to My Arm). When he is finished, give him the tubers and a seed dibber and he will plant them.

    Step 14

  14. Another funny cutscene will then play involving a Drunken Dwarf. Afterwards, the patch will become diseased, so give My Arm a plant cure.

    Step 15

  15. Shortly after, a level 75 Baby Roc will appear. He isn't very hard, fight him without using much food, and when he is almost dead, prepare for the next fight.

    Step 16

  16. After you kill Baby Roc, Mama Roc will appear and attack you. She is level 172 and uses all 3 combat styles: Magic, Ranged, and Melee. It is advised to use Ranged or Magic against her behind the farming patch and the Tool Leprechaun's beach-chair. It is also recommended that you must have Protect from Missiles prayer activated throughout the fight.

    Her Ranged attack is by far the strongest, in which she will launch rocks at you and deal lots of damage.

    Her Magic attack stuns you for a small period of time, so it is recommended that you eat your food during this time, although the Magic attack doesn't deal a lot of damage.

    Her Melee attack is the weakest and she will hardly use it.

    Warning: This fight is instanced! Do NOT take anything your willing to lose!!!

    Step 17

  17. When you have killed the Giant Roc, the Goutweed will be fully grown. Use a spade on My Arm and he will start harvesting it (you will get Farming XP for this, and My Arm will level up his Farming level as well).

    Note: During the fight, the Tool leprechaun will run away. Simply climb down the ladder and back up, and he will reappear.

    Step 18

  18. Now go back to Burntmeat and claim your reward, and guess what, you will get an inventory full of Burnt Meat. Go to My Arm again to claim a better reward.

    Congratulations, Quest complete!

    Quest Complete

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