Quest Requirements:
Skill/Other Requirements:
60 Ranged
50 Thieving
Quests Unlocked/Partially Unlocked by completing this Quest:
Items Needed at Quest Start:
Blue dye, Green dye, Red dye, Yellow dye, Ogre bellows, Bucket of water, Bear fur, 2 Silk, Toad crunchies, 3 Feathers, Soft Leather, Magic log, and 15 Coal.
Items Needed to Complete Quest:
Items Recommended for Quest:
Food, Antipoison potions, Restore potions, Ardougne teleport runes or Games necklace and Falador teleport runes.
Quest Points:
25k Thieving Exp, and 25k Hitpoints Exp
Start Point:
To Start:
Talk to Eluned.

Step 1

  1. Speak to Eluned, who can be found where Islwyn is marked on the map above. You may have to wait up to 5 minutes for her to appear. She will tell you that Arianwyn wants a meeting with you in Lletya. She offers to take you there so say yes. Your screen will go black and you will appear at Lletya.

  2. She will give you a small crystal, "Teleport crystal (4)". This can be used to teleport to Lletya, You can recharge it. You take it to Eluned with 750 gp. She will recharge it but it will only have 3 charges instead of 4.

    Step 2

  3. Talk to Arianwyn and he will tell you that he has noticed a lot of "Mourners" crossing mountain passes through Arandar. He says that the "Mourners" are infact elves from the city. He asks "Why are they heading to Ardougne in such numbers?". He thinks that they are up to something new, something that they could not have anticipated. Your "mission" is to infiltrate the "Mourners" and find out what they are doing.

    If you wear something other than the Mourner clothes, the guard at the door will not let you in. So for example if you are wearing an ammy or wielding a shield and/or a weapon he wont let you in. Simply unequip whatever is not Mourner clothing and you do not have to bank it, then he will let you in.

  4. Head to the mountain region (Arandar) with the dire wolves and red spiders and kill a mourner. His attack will take you down to 20 hit points and reduce your attack, strength, defence, prayer, magic and ranged to about 20. He should still be easy to defeat. Drink your restore potion to top up your stats.

  5. Now that you have his clothes, you need to clean and repair them. To begin cleaning the top, talk to Tegid in Taverly south east of herblore job by the river to the right of the clothes line to learn about removing blood stains. Get some soap in the basket next to him and a bucket of water to scrub them. Use the soap on the top and it will be cleaned.

  6. Now you must repair the trousers. You need to take them to Oronwen in Lletya inside of clothing shop and he will repair them for 1 Bear fur and 2 Silk.

    Step 6a

    Once you have everything repaired and washed it will look like this:

    Step 6b

  7. Next, go to West Ardougne, through the doors, then over to the northeast corner. You will see a house with many yellow dots in it. Be sure to wear the mourner outfit, then enter. Also if you re-equip whatever you unequiped while you are down near the Head Mourner, the level 108 Mourners will attack you. You do not need to worry about the weaker Mourners on the upper level because they won't attack you.

  8. Once inside, head down the trapdoor and speak to the Head Mourner.

    Step 8

  9. After speaking with him, go to the room with the real head mourner and speak with him. He will ask for your recommendation letter. Show him and answer yes, yes, then no to his questions. He will talk until the end and give you a key and a broken device. He will then ask you to "break" the gnome and re-dye the sheep.
    Sheep 1 - Red.
    Sheep 2 - Green.
    Sheep 3 - Blue.
    Sheep 4 - Yellow

  10. Now go to the room next door and speak to the gnome. He will reveal that he loves toad crunchies. Go to gnome stronghold and buy/make some if you don't have them already.

    Step 10

  11. Use a feather on him then use it on him again (it will show that you used the crunchies and feather the second time), then he says he needs a magic log and a soft leather.

    Note: Make sure you don't use the crunchies on the Gnome on a Rack before the feather, he will eat the crunchies and you'll have to go get more.

  12. Give him the leather and the magic log and he will give you a bazooka. Now for the ammo you will need blue, yellow, red, and green dye. You can buy dye from the Clothing Store in Letya (teleport with crystal) or the witch in Draynor Village.

  13. Next go down to the chompys area with your ogre bellows. Now use one of your dyes with the bellows, then use the bellows with a toad. When firing the toads, equip the bazooka, and go to where you choose style of fighting, here you will get an option, Aim and fire, click this and you get a target. Repeat the process for three more toads then load your bazooka. Go to Ardougne, go the the "plagued" sheep, and then use your bazooka to aim and fire at the sheep. Change your attack style to aim and fire while wielding it to fire at the sheep. Make sure the ammo in your bazooka is the same color as the sheep you are firing at (examine the sheep).

    Note: As of 13th June 2015, players may encounter this bug which makes it difficult to fire at desired target. This issue however can be resolved by switching from Resizeable Mode to Fixed Mode in the settings.

    Step 13a

    Note: If you don't have ogre bellows, you can get more from this chest:

    Step 13b

  14. Now you have finished doing what the Head Mourner wants you to do, go and talk to him and he will tell you that nobody has got the plague in a while. He now wants you to find out:

    1. Who made the poison
    2. What with
    3. Learn how to make the poison
    4. Produce enough to poison alot of people
    5. Contaminate the food stores
  15. Climb back upstairs, then go a little north-west of the Mourner Headquarters and pick up a rotten apple. Now go and talk to Elena (Her home is near the north gate of East Ardougne), you will tell her that you need to make a poison based on rotten apples. After a long talk she will ask you to bring her a rotten apple.

  16. Talk to Elena again and she will tell you to mash up a lot of apples and then you need to dissolve the toxin into a liquid with a very low evaporation point, some form of solvent (tar). She will also give you a sieve.

  17. The first thing you'll need to do to obtain the poison is to obtain a barrel of mashed apples. To do so, make your way to the apple orchard found north-west of Elena's house, and pick up two Barrels and use one on one of the Rotten apple piles to get a barrel of Rotten apples. Use this on the Apple barrel machine to mash them into a mush and obtain an Apple barrel.

    Step 17

  18. Make your way to Tirranwn, to the edge of the Poison Waste. Use the second empty Barrel you picked up in the previous step on the tar pits to obtain a Barrel of coal-tar.

  19. Make sure you have some Coal and take the Barrel of coal-tar to the Fractionation still outside of the Chemist's building in Rimmington and distill it to get a Barrel of naphtha.

    How to Distill:
    1. Use the tar-filled barrel with the distiller.
    2. Click the right side of the valve to the right twice, so the tar should be flowing at maximum. You should see the 'pressure' indicator on the left go up.
    3. When the indicator reaches the green region, click the right side of the valve on the left to let out pressure. This should stall the indicator on the left.
    4. Now you can start adding coal. This will raise the indicator on the right. If it's below the green region, add more coal. If it's above, don't add add coal until it gets lower.
    5. The bar on the bottom will start turning green, when it's full you can stop adding coal and close the window on the top right.
    6. Use your barrel on the distiller to get your distilled tar.
  20. Next, use both Barrels with each other, then use the sieve with the "Naptha Apples Mix" before finally using it on a RANGE.

    Note: If you have lost your sieve, then speak to the Chemist and ask about Impling jars to obtain another. Also make sure not to use the Naptha Apples Mix on a fire, or else it will explode, possibly hitting more than 50 damage on you!

  21. Once you have the 2 Toxic powders, take it and use it on the grain bags by the general store (refer to the image below) and in the distribution plant in the center of West Ardougne.

    Step 21

  22. Finally, talk to the Head Mourner to complete the quest.

    Congratulations, Quest complete!

    Quest Complete

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