Very Long
Quest Requirements:
Recipe for Disaster (King Awowogei)
Enlightened Journey (For access to the Grand tree balloon route - This requires 60 Firemaking)
The Eyes of Glouphrie
Troll Stronghold
Skill/Other Requirements:
70 Crafting
69 Slayer
60 Hunter
55 Agility
55 Thieving
High combat, Thieving, and Agility are strongly recommended.
Items Needed at Quest Start:
Items Needed to Complete Quest:
Lemon, Grapes, Pestle and Mortar, Food, Armor and Weapons (for fights), Energy Potions, Prayer Potions, Monkeyspeak Amulet, Monkey GreeGree, Monkey Talisman (can be bought on Ape Atoll), and Summer Pies (can come in handy in the tunnel maze).
Items Recommended for Quest:
Super Antidotes or a Serpentine Helmet, Ape Atoll Teleport, Varrock Teleport, Trollheim Teleport, Good Ranged or Melee Weapon, and Armour with High Melee or Ranged Defence.
Quest Points:
Access to the Crash Site Cavern, Royal seed pod which provides unlimited teleports to the Grand Tree, Ability to communicate with monkeys in Ape Atoll without having to use a M'speak Amulet, Access to Ape Atoll without the use of Monkey Greegrees, Access to Ape Atoll Bank and Oobapohk's Javelin Store, Monkey (Cosmetic), 25,000 Slayer XP, 20,000 Agility XP, 15,000 Thieving XP, 15,000 Hunter XP, and 2x 50,000 XP in either Magic, Ranged, Attack, Defence, Strength or Hit points.
Start Point:
The Grand Tree.
To Start:
Talk to King Narnode Shareen in the Grand Tree.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1:

Items needed: Lemon, Grapes, and Pestle and mortar.

Items Recommended: Normal log, Magic log, and energy potions.

  1. To start the quest, speak to King Narnode Shareen. He will tell you that Glough has managed to escape in spite of the guards at his house, and ask you to investigate the situation there.

    Location 1

  2. Go to Glough's house: Climb up the ladder just east of the entrance ramp to the Grand Tree. Climb up the tree at the east end of the floor, and then investigate the branch pointing north. You'll find a handkerchief, which you should investigate further to discover the embroidered initials A.A.


  3. If you've recently done Monkey Madness, you may remember that Glough's girlfriend Anita has such initials. Go back down the tree (Do NOT enter the trap door in Glough's house, or you'll find yourself in a harmless but annoying dungeon with no way back up. If you do this accidentally, you can run west and north to reach the ladder under the King.), down the ladder, west past the Grand Tree, and further northwest until you reach the ladder to Anita's house. Climb up and you'll find Anita crying about Glough. Ask her what's wrong, and she'll confide that she's worried Glough may be disloyal to her, as she heard voices whispering upstairs in his house. Then choose "He might be in trouble, I could help" and she'll tell you that there's another level in Glough's house, which you should investigate.


  4. Return to Glough's house and climb up the tree, then up the northern branch again. Search the fire remains to uncover a mysterious note. Investigate the gnome statue to unlock the cupboard, then search the cupboard to find the "book of spyology." Read through it and it will mention a method to reveal text on a document encrypted with spycraft. Search the crates in the north-west corner for a brush.

    Fire Remains


  5. Now you need to uncover the message on the mysterious note: With the note in your inventory, use a pestle and mortar on a lemon (Don't eat the lemon!) and you'll apply lemon juice to the note. Then use the mysterious note on Glough's table of candles. (If you're afraid the candles might not be hot enough, you can investigate them first to determine that they indeed are hot. Also if you forgot the lemon and are not around Glough's place anymore, you can use any lit candle on the note instead if you so choose.) Next, use the pestle and mortar on the grapes to make an interesting sort of paint. Finally, use the juice-coated brush on the mysterious note to unmask the text. Read the resulting scrawled note, a bunch of gnomish gibberish.


  6. Return to King Narnode and tell him of your findings. He'll suggest you use the translation book from Monkey Madness I. When that proves insufficient, as many of the words are missing, the King suggests speaking to the book's author, Anita. Go back to Anita's house and ask her to translate the notes, then return to the king.

    King Narnode

  7. The message indicates that Glough and somebody else from the stronghold have gone somewhere. With this in mind, King Narnode will recall that the only travel agent recently replaced was Le Smith. He'll instruct you to investigate Le Smith's disappearance to determine where he and Glough might have gone.

    Assistant Lori

  8. Talk to Assistant Lori just southwest of the ladder to Glough's house, and ask her who she is. She'll tell you that she was assigned by Auguste on Entrana, and you should speak to him for more information. Travel to Entrana, (The fastest way would be that balloon you're standing under if you brought a normal log. Bring a magic log for the return journey, too.) and speak to Auguste. He'll tell you that the previous balloon assistant in the Gnome Stronghold hasn't shown since he'd been taught a new balloon route - the route to Ape Atoll. Return to King Narnode with this information. The king will declare a state of emergency, and order you, as a member of the 10th Squad, to report to Sergeant Garkor on Ape Atoll for further orders.


Chapter 2:

Items needed: M'speak amulet, Ninja (either size) or Ancient gorilla greegree, light source, Pickaxe, Knife, Strong tanking gear along with High level food (Tanking path only).

Items Recommended: Strong Weapon and Armor, Super antipoison potions, Brews/Restores, Prayer potions, and Ape Atoll Teleport tablets or runes/banana.

  1. Travel to Ape Atoll (teleport or Daero > Waydar > Lumdo) and head speak to Garkor outside the east wall of Awowogei building on the east side of the island. He'll ask you to ask Awowogei about his military plans.

  2. Enter Awowogei building by talking to the guard. Equip an appropriate greegree (Ninja or Ancient gorilla) and ask Awowogei about his military plans. He will refuse to speak to anyone who isn't kruk, and order you to remind Kruk that he was supposed to report to the king. Report back to Garkor, who will order you to kill Kruk and make a greegree from his remains.

  3. Now you need to find Kruk. Kruk was supposed to be stationed on the west hill overlooking the entrance to the monkey city, so go out there and talk to the monkey with the talk option. Ask him about Kruk's whereabouts, and he'll tell you there's only one way off the hill, and that's where you should start looking. At the bottom of the hill you'll now see some tracks similar to those found in kebbit hunting. There's nothing to search, though: Just follow the tracks till you reach a trapdoor. The trapdoor is one square south of a tree just south of the northern transport icon, where a new glider will be available after the quest.

    WARNING: Do not underestimate the dungeon. It's filled with 130+ monsters which will hit very consistently. Prepare accordingly, and keep your health high and appropriate prayers ready at all times.

  4. Investigate the trapdoor and enter the dungeon. The dungeon entrance is outside the range of Zooknock powers, so you'll automatically unequip your greegree as you enter. If your inventory is full, it will be dropped on the floor. Equip your weapon and pick up the greegree.

  5. Kruk is located in the room east of the room north past the monkey bars. You won't be agile enough to climb the monkey bars until later when you have Kruk's greegree, so you'll have to go one of the long ways, and deal with traps, obstacles, and monsters along the way.

  6. Head south. Notice, but do not enter, the hole in the floor with a vine coming out of it. Continue south until you see some dodgy ground to the east.

  7. Now you make the choice: Do you use the tanking method or the agility method? If you have higher combat stats and good tanking gear or lower agility, the tanking method will probably be significantly faster and less annoying for you. If you have high agility, at least 70, and lower combat stats or worse gear, you might want to choose the agility method to avoid most of the multicombat. It's really up to you. Kruk's Maze Dungeon:

    • The Agility Method: Head east toward the dodgy ground. Follow the south edge of the dodgy ground, then go a little bit north, then west, then north, then east to the next room. You should be walking only on tiles without dark 'X'es crossing them. This obstacle and the rest of the agility dungeon consists of a randomly generated path which is different for every player. If you step on an incorrect tile or attempt to traverse an incorrect obstacle, you'll fall into the dungeon below. There will be swarms of either Maniacal Monkeys (Pray Melee) or Maniacal Monkey Archers (Pray Ranged) attacking you. Run to the appropriate rope (northwest corner in this case) and climb up, then go back and try the next route or obstacle. Notice that when you fall because you're not following your predetermined route, the game channel of the chat box will read "Something about this route feels wrong."

      On your travels through this agility dungeon, you'll find an expansive dodgy ground room. Carefully follow the path east to get a Bronze Key from the chest. If you're not planning to get all the way through the dungeon without teleporting, you might want to get an extra one or two for later. Continue on the northernmost path and use the bronze key on the door, then continue through the maze.

      Eventually you'll come to an open area with two paths, take the one that is not blocked by a web . Use protect from melee to negate damage from the maniacal monkeys in this area.

    • The Tanking Method: Make sure you have a pickaxe and a slash weapon or knife. You're going to be running through multicombat tunnels with groups of maniacal monkeys and maniacal monkey archers. Set your quick prayers to Protect from Missiles and Steel Skin, and use tanking gear that you can afford to lose like torags.

      Head south until you reach a rope. Don't idle here too long, or you'll take damage from falling ceiling as in zooknock tunnel. Turn on your range prayer, drink a dose of stamina potion, and climb down the . Drink a dose of stamina potion, and run. You'll be in a maze of web-blocked doorways and rockfalls blocking your way. Like in the agility method, your path is randomly chosen for you. When you come to a fork in the road, choose a direction. If it's the wrong direction, you'll be told so in the game channel with a message Just follow the path, and top up on health, prayer, and stamina as needed.

      At some point along your journey, you'll find an area with a few chests in it. Pick one and search it for a key. If it's the wrong one, the game chat will suggest that you try the other one. Get the key and continue in the maze.

      If you come upon a dart trap or a spinning blade trap, right click and attempt to disarm it. Depending on your thieving level, this may fail or be impossible. You can definitely get to where you need to go, but if you pass a blades trap that you don't need to pass and then determine that after by trying to pass a web, you may be stuck if you have insufficient thieving. If so, teleport out, make your way back to the dungeon, and don't go that way next time.

  8. Eventually you'll reach an area with two exits - one without a web to the west, and one crevice or passage to the south. That's where your friends who chose the agility method will join you - switch your prayer to melee and go all the way west.

    At this point there are two agility obstacles, a ledge to the west, and pillars to the south. Choose one. If it doesn't work, you'll fall into the dungeon below. Run northeast and climb the rope. If the game channel reads "Something about this route feels wrong," choose the other obstacle. Continue through the maze.

    Eventually you'll reach the end of the dungeon and a wall which you can investigate to unlock a shortcut back to Kruk's lair. If you die or want to bank it's useful, but once you kill Kruk it won't matter anymore. If your route took you on the ledge to the west, the wall is located before the last "dodgy ground" obstacle. The eastern route wall is located before the entrance to Kruk's lair.

  9. Kruk can be very difficult to kill. The lair is instanced, If you die, you lose any unprotected items, and it is impossible to return and pick them up.

  10. Enter Kruk's lair. After some short dialog - turn on protect from missiles and attack Kruk. He can hit up to 33, so keep your health significantly higher than that.

    Strategy: If necessary, it is possible to lure Kruk into a corner where you can stand without him being able to hit you. Then you can run out one spot, get one hit on him, and run back to your safe spot. As soon as his health bar disappears, go for one more attack, and repeat. If you time this right, you can avoid getting hit at all.

  11. Once Kruk is dead, investigate his corpse to receive his paw. Exit the dungeon and get a monkey talisman from the monkey child in the northern middle of the city. Don't let the monkey's aunt see you. Tell the monkey child that you've lost the toy. Let him cry a few minutes or just hop to another world and ask him to lend you his new one immediately.

  12. Take the monkey talisman and kruk's paw to zooknock. Zooknock can be found at the end of the tunnel from Monkey Madness I, just west of lumdo at the southeast corner of Ape Atoll. Most people will remember this tunnel as the standard chinning/bursting spot. Bring a stamina potion, some food, and a serpentine helm or antipoison potion to make the trek easier. Zooknock will exchange the monkey talisman and Kruk's paw for a Kruk monkey greegree with a little disclaimer that he doesn't know what effect a greegree from as powerful a monkey as kruk may have on you.

  13. One sure effect of this powerful new greegree is an audience with the monkey king: Wield your new Greegree and speak with King Awowogei. Ask him about the military plans, and he will mention an alliance with some troll generals. Report this back to Garkor.

Chapter 3:

Items needed: 20 coins, combat equipment, lots of food, 6 Free Inventory spaces, Hammer, and Chisel.

Items Recommended: Prayer potion(s), Stamina Potions, and Ranged weapons for lower levels.

  1. Garkor will instruct you to put an end to those troll alliances, but no self-respecting troll general will listen to a human who hasn't proven himself in mortal combat. That leaves you with one option.

  2. Head to the troll stronghold. Enter and walk south to the door on the western wall and enter. Talk to troll general Kob about his alliance with the monkeys, then challenge him to a deathmatch. Pray melee and tank his hits (He can hit through prayer) or safe spot behind the door and range him until he's almost dead and he will agree not to help the monkeys.

  3. The other general is an ogre, Keef. Head over to Gu'Tanoth and enter, following the path until you get to a broken bridge. Attempt to jump across, and the guard will demand 20 coins from you. Pay him and jump across to meet Keef. Challenge him like you did Kob and fight him, protecting from melee. Again, he can hit a bit through prayer, so be prepared to heal. Do not underestimate either general! Once he's almost dead, Keef too will agree to call off the monkey alliance in return for his life. Return to Garkor and update him on your success.

  4. Garkor will send you on your next assignment - Search for and find Le Smith. Le Smith can be found somewhere on Ape Atoll on the rooftops or other high places. Common spots are:

    • On the bridge between the two watchtowers at the city gate.
    • Third floor above the jail
    • Third floor next to the rune stall (must search the southeastern most crate in the building due east of the rune stall for a dungeon entrance to reach this building).
    • Third floor of the broken building next to the monkey child/aunt. (climb ladder on the north wall of the building to start).

  5. Speak with Le Smith, who will mention nonchalantly that he's not wearing his amulet of monkeyspeak, assuming that you don't understand. Tell him that the king sent you to check on his progress, and he will mention that ships are being manufactured at the west side of the island. Report back to Garkor, who will send you to investigate and sabotage the ship's.

  6. Head to the west side of the island, just north of the city entrance. Make sure you're holding the Kruk monkey greegree and ask the monkey to take you to the platform.

  7. You're now tasked with solving a patrolling monkey puzzle. In some ways this is similar to the guarded goutweed in the Troll Stronghold or the Osman's Squ'rk at Sorceress's Garden, but this is a slightly more complicated three story maze. You can't simply get to the other side, you have to get to the other side, collect six satchels, fill them with explosives from another point in the maze, and then bind them to six weak points throughout the maze. All this while avoiding the monkey guards patrolling along the way.

  8. There are three types of walkable tiles in this maze:

    1. "Red" tiles are dangerous. If you stand on these tiles at the wrong moment, a monkey guard will see you and knock you off the platform. If this happens, you'll lose any explosives you may have acquired thus far. Most tiles along the path are "red" tiles.

    2. "Green" tiles are safe. You can stand on these indefinitely with no risk of being noticed by the monkey guards. It's worth noting that the tile on which you climb up or down a ladder from will ALWAYS be "green," so there's plenty of time to watch the patrols before you make your move when you reach a new level.

    3. "Yellow" tiles are safe or dangerous depending on the direction of the relevant monkey guard. For example, a particular spot may be safe because the northbound monkey guard turns left to continue along his path. But once he turns around, he will see the same spot on his way south. These are the least common, but important to understand and utilize properly.

  9. As you traverse the platform maze, be careful! The monkey guards can see three/four spaces in front of them, and they'll gladly toss you off the platform! Always make sure you have run energy this is where the stamina potions come into play, and carefully time your running from one "green" zone to the next so that no monkey sees you. Always learn the route of the surrounding monkeys before you move to the next spot.

    Note: Getting caught brings you back to the start of the airship platform, by the boat. It does not reset your progress in laying explosives, but any satchels you are still holding will be emptied in the water, and you'll have to go back to refill them before continuing.

  10. With this in mind, follow the platform all the way south, east, north, west, and north. Then go east, but don't climb up the ladder. Go all the way south instead. Notice the first nook on the right of this southern path is a "yellow" area - the guard will catch you as he goes south, so don't hang around there till then! Then go east and climb up the ladder once. Next, go south, west, and climb down the ladder. Then go east and north and take six satchels.

  11. Now you need to get explosives: Go back south, west, climb up, go east, then north, and then climb down the ladder once. Make your way back west, then north, to that ladder you passed earlier. Climb up, then go east, south a little bit to climb down the ladder, north, and west. Fill up all six satchels.

  12. Now you need to place the 6 charges at the weak spots around the platform. There are many ways to do this, but here is one possibility: From the explosives spawn:

    1. East, south just a little and climb up, then south all the way and use an explosive-laden satchel on the cracked floorboards.

    2. North, west, down, south a little bit and into the eastern area - Use an explosive satchel on the cracked pipes.

    3. South, East, Up twice. South, Use an explosive satchel on the cracked floorboards.

    4. North, West, North. Use an explosive satchel on the gas canister.

    5. South, East, Down once. West, swing across the gap using the hanging vine. Further west (watch out for "yellow" areas), north, east. Use an explosive satchel on the gas canister.

    6. West, south until east, east, swing across hanging vine, east, down. West, north, west, south, east, down a bit and west to the final floorboard.

  13. Regardless of the order you chose, once you've placed the last satchel successfully, walk into a red zone and get caught for a quick and easy shortcut back to the boat. Use the boat to return to Ape Atoll. The platform will rumble be destroyed as you leave. Report this to Garkor.

  14. Your next sabotaging mission is to stop Glough from mutating armies of gorillas. Enter the trapdoor to Kruk's Dungeon, then head north to the monkey bars. Hold Kruk's greegree and cross the monkey bars. You'll find yourself in the room to the west of the room in which you fought Kruk. Enter the northern passage and then the building therein. Mount the demonic gorilla on the holding area to the east, and go downstairs. After a short cutscene, glough will order you to subdue three tortured gorillas who've managed to get out of their cages. Pray protect from melee and attack each tortured gorilla until it is restored to its cage.

  15. Unmount your gorilla by using the holding pad. If you didn't bring a hammer and chisel, search the boxes for these tools. Then go up the stairs and to the northern side of the room. Tamper with the device, and receive a black gem. Use the chisel on the gem to get a deconstructed onyx. Put the gem back in the device.

  16. Investigate the incubation chamber in the southeast to confirm that the tortured minions have been corrupted. Report your findings back to Garkor, who will tell you to report to King Awowogei that his plans have been foiled. Disguised as Kruk, do so. A cutscene will occur in which Glough somehow has managed to prepare an attack anyway, and is apparently heading toward the stronghold.

Chapter 4:

Items needed: Strong equipment for two attack style, Brews/Restores, or good food.

Items Recommended: Prayer and Super combat potions.

  1. Head to the grand tree and update King Narnode on the situation. He'll ask you to recruit Nieve, the best warrior around, and defend the stronghold. Speak to Nieve and get her to help you. She'll call in Steve to hold her post while she's gone, and follow you. A cutscene will show the shadow of glough's airship passing overhead. It's loaded with tortured gorillas and headed straight for the grand tree... But then the Glough and Le smith lose control of their passengers, and the airship makes a crash landing just north of the grand tree. Nieve will suggest investigating the attack site. Head north northwest toward the crash site, killing four tortured gorillas along the way.

  2. Speak to Garkor, now stationed just northwest of the Grand Tree at the entrance to the crash site. He'll order you to investigate the crash site and finish Glough once and for all.

    Note: The crash site cavern is also instanced, so don't bring anything you can't afford to lose!

  3. Pass through the gate to the north and run northeast past several tortured gorillas. Enter the cavern and you'll see a cutscene. Glough, not too surprised to see you, unleashes some tortured monkeys on you to finish you off.

  4. Immediately after the cutscene you'll be attacked by two tortured gorillas. Once you've killed one of the tortured gorillas, ignore the others and focus on the demonic gorilla which will join the fight. The demonic gorillas are far more dangerous than the tortured. With 380 hp, all three attack styles, and protection prayers, defeating them can be quite difficult. Pray according to their attack: protect melee for melee attacks, protect from missiles for their white ranged attack, and protect from magic for their green magic attack. Whenever the demonic gorilla starts protecting against the attack style you are using, switch styles. Also, avoid standing in the same place for too long - if you see a boulder falling, move, or you'll likely take 20+ damage from it.

    If you're a lower leveled player, you might want to let Nieve deal with the gorillas for you. Fight until she starts attacking one of the gorillas, then run out of the room and hide out of range. Once it's dead, attack another one until she starts helping, then run and hide. Whenever her target demonic gorilla protects from melee, you'll have to range or mage it till it switches prayers, then hide again.

  5. Finish off the two demonic gorillas, and Glough will have had enough. His monkeys having failed him, Glough will drink the mutagen and gain an immense amount of height and power. In his initial burst of anger, he sends Nieve flying to the wall of the cave, where a boulder immediately lands and crushes her to death. Her elysian spirit shield appears on the ground, ignore it.

    Note: If you need to bank, you can teleport out now and come back.

Chapter 5:

Items needed: Strong equipment for two attack styles, Brews/Restores, or good food

Items Recommended: Prayer, Super combat potions, and Toxic Blowpipe for safe spots.

  1. As you fight Glough and his health deteriorates, he will bash open a passage to further caverns and retreat to it.

  2. In the first room, you can safespot Glough from the passage using ranged or magic. When his health is diminished a bit and he retreats, follow him to the second room, praying Protect from Range. This will significantly lessen the damage done by his stomping attack.

  3. Once his health goes down a bit more, Glough will bash his way through the hall to a third and final room. Switch to melee prayer and follow him. Without protect from melee on, he can hit up to 66 by throwing you at the wall of the cavern. Keep your health high!!! When he throws you against the wall before he does switch from Protect from Melee to Protect from Magic while in the air to take no or close to no damage., take advantage of the time running back towards him to restore some health. Be sure to switch back to Protect from Melee before running back!

    Strategy: If you're a lower leveled player and your melee isn't significantly stronger than your ranged, it may be wise to use the toxic blowpipe instead, protecting from magic and quickly moving away from him or praying melee when he teleports you to him.

  4. Once you've managed to get Glough down to 0 health, the cavern will shake and start collapsing. Sensing the intense energy in the caves, the 10th squad will teleport you out. You'll find yourself explaining the situation to King Narnode. He'll thank you and promise to invite you when Awowogei comes, which he immediately does. Awowogei will thank you for your help and allow you free passage on Ape Atoll without the use of a greegree.

    Congratulations! Quest completed!

    Quest completion

    Additional reward:
    Speak to Duke on the hill east of the entrance for 100k combat xp in the skill of your choice.

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