Quest Requirements:
Skill/Other Requirements:
Quests Unlocked/Partially Unlocked by completing this Quest:
Items Needed at Quest Start:
Items Needed to Complete Quest:
Bucket, Knife, and Tinderbox (All items can be obtained during quest).
Items Recommended for Quest:
Lumbridge teleports.
Items Acquired During Quest:
First note, Second note, Third note, Ruby key, Sapphire key, Emerald key, Manor key, and Killer's knife.
Quest Points:
An Uncut ruby, an Uncut emerald, an Uncut sapphire, and 600 Crafting experience.
Start Point:
Lumbridge Swamp near the Fishing spots.
To Start:
Talk to Abigale or Hewey.
  1. Head Southeast of the Lumbridge swamp until you see two people named Abigale and Hewey. Speak to one of them and they will both tell you about their narrow escape from a house party at an island not too far away. A killer is loose and injured Hewey. They are seeking your help in finding this dark, shadowy figure.

    Note: The best way to get there is to cut through the Lumbridge graveyard and walk straight down the map along the water.


  2. Board the boat to the South and it will take you to the small island where you will see a mansion that resembles the Draynor Manor. Upon entering the gate, follow the path to the West. Pick up the bucket beside the fountain and continue down the path until you reach a barrel full of water. Attempt to search it.



  3. A cutscene will appear where a fellow guest, Sid, gets stab by the dark, shadowy figure. After a dramatic death, the cutscene will end. Use the bucket on the barrel of rainwater, then search the barrel to obtain the Manor key. Use the Manor Key on the front door of the house and you will be able to go inside.

    Note: Pick up the knife on the table to use later in the quest.

    Barrel of Rainwater


  4. Walk all the way North of the room, and try to open the pink handled door to the East. Another cutscene will appear where the dark, shadowy figure kills Tayten. The killer will leave you a note. When the cutscene ends, pick up the note and read it.

    Pink Door

    Note One

  5. Walk back towards the front door and enter the room to the West. Use the knife that you picked up earlier with the painting on the North-East corner on the East wall. This will open a hidden compartment. Search it to obtain the Ruby Key. Walk out of the room and head East to the next pink handled doorknob. Use the Ruby key on the door to enter.


    Ruby Door

  6. Search the shelves on the South wall to get a tinderbox. When you attempt to use it on the barrel, you'll get a message that says it's too dampened to light. You need to light all four candles around the room first. When you are done lighting the candles, you'll be able to light the barrel. Leave the room after doing this.

    Note: It doesn't matter what order you light the candles in.

    Tinderbox Shelves

    Lighting the Candles

    Lighting the Barrel

  7. When you leave the room, there will be a loud explosion. Go back into the room and climb over the damaged wall. Run North and around the mansion to enter another cutscene.

  8. The killer has now taken Lacey hostage and decides to play a "game" with her. He asks her if she has a favorite scary quest. She will reply, "The one with the vampire that lives under the house." When the killer asks her what the vampire's name is, it will give you the option to answer. It doesn't matter which answer you choose. The killer will kill her anyway. The killer will leave you another note. When the cutscene ends, take the note and read it.

    Second Note

  9. Now you have to solve another one of his riddles. "It's like music to my ears" refers to the piano in the house, and "The glorious sounds that spell out your fate" refers to your death. The answer to the riddle is to spell out DEAD on the piano.

  10. Run back East until you find the little room with the piano. The wall will be broken so you can run right in. Once you are in there, play the word DEAD on the piano. You will get a note in your journal that says, "There is a clicking sound as the compartment on the piano unlocks." Search the piano to find an Emerald key.


    Piano Screen

  11. Run back to the room where you lit all the candles and climb over the crumbled wall. Make your way back into the main room of the house and head North to where you saw Tayten die. Instead of entering to the East, you are going to use the Emerald key on the green handled door to the West. When you go inside, try opening the door to the room that has Mandy in it. This will trigger another cutscene.

    Emerald Door

  12. After Mandy is stabbed, the killer will leave another note. Take it and read it. It'll be another poem. To solve this riddle, take the first letter of each sentence and put them together to spell out HEARTH. This refers to a fireplace.

    Third Note

  13. Head back to the room with the candles and enter the other door that has the fireplace in the room. Use your knife on the fireplace and then press Search the fireplace to find gems. To solve the next part of the riddle, take the last letter of each sentence and it will tell you the order to put the gems in. The order is sapphire, diamond, zenyte, emerald, onyx, and ruby. Search the fireplace again to obtain the Sapphire key.


    Fireplace Puzzle

  14. Go back to through the room with the candles and out the door. Head West into the room with the painting. and use the Sapphire key with the blue handled door. This will trigger a cutscene and the boss fight.

    Note: You don't need any food, weapons, or armor for the boss fight.

    Sapphire Door

  15. After the cutscene, the killer will disappear and the boss fight will begin. The way the killer will attack you is by opening wardrobes and throwing knives at you. How you fight back is by moving the mirror in front of whatever wardrobe the killer is in. You have to hit him three times successfully to win the fight.

    Note: You can tell what wardrobe he is in by the shadowy orb that shows up on the wardrobe.

  16. After you win the fight, a cutscene will appear and you will unmask the killer only to find that it is actually Abigale with her accomplice, Hewey. She will give a speech about how she did it because she can't stand adventurers. She and Hewey will get into a fight and she will kill him. Pick up his knife and stab her.

  17. When you try to leave the room, Abigale will try to kill you. No worries, though, because Mandy will come to your rescue with her Bandos Godsword. After Abigale is finally defeated, Mandy will tell you to meet her outside the manor. Speak with her and you will get your reward.

    Congratulations! Quest Complete!

    Quest Complete!

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