Quest Requirements:
Skill/Other Requirements:
Level 15 Mining
Level 25 Crafting
Level 7 Magic
Be able to defeat a level 60 foe who is resistant to most weapons.
Quests Unlocked/Partially Unlocked by completing this Quest:
Items Needed at Quest Start:
Pickaxe (any kind), 5 Buckets, Spade, 11 Planks, 44 Nails (any kind), Hammer, and 1 piece of Food.
Items Needed to Complete Quest:
1 piece of food, 11 Planks, 20 Nails, 10 Raw Snails or 10 Raw Mackerels (depending on the given assignment), 4 Tinderboxes, 10 Bronze hatchets, Swamp paste, 2 Steel bars, Coal, Silver sickle or Silver sickle(b), Soft clay, Sapphire, Mithril bar, Silver bar, Water rune, Cosmic rune, and Rope.

If you want to make a second Ivandis Rod (10) for yourself, bring extra Sapphire, Mithril and Silver bars, and Water and Cosmic runes.
Items Recommended for Quest:
Druid pouches, Ring of charos (a), Dramen/Lunar staff, Canifis teleport method, Mor'ton teleport method, Efaritay's aid, Fenkenstrain teleport method, Steel med helm, Steel chainbody, Steel platelegs, Silver sickle and 15 Cooked Stews/Salmon/Slimey eels/Snails.
Items Acquired During Quest:
5 Buckets of rubble, Plaster fragment, Dusty scroll, various Nails, Crate (In Aid of the Myreque), Gadderhammer, Temple library key, Ancient book, Battered tome, Leather book, Rod clay mould, Silvthrill rod, Silvthrill rod (Enchanted), and the Rod of Ivandis.
Quest Points:
2,000 Attack XP, 2,000 Defence XP, 2,000 Strength XP, 2,000 Crafting XP, ability to make and use Guthix balance potions, the ability to fight and kill Vampyre juvinates and Vampyre juveniles, access to city of Burgh de Rott, the Temple Trekking minigame.
Start Point:
The Myreque hideout in the Tunnel under Canifis Pub.
To Start:
Talk to Veliaf Hurtz.
  1. Talk to Veliaf in the Myreque hideout and ask him about joining his group. He will give you a long speech about the history of Morytania. He will then ask you to check out the town of Burgh De Rott for a relocation of the group.

    Step 1

  2. Exit the room Veliaf is in and travel south through the cave, and out the doors. Continue south through the swamp until you get to a tree. Climb up the tree, walk across, and climb down the other side. Keep on going south until you reach the boat to Mort'ton. Climb aboard the boat, and when you reach land, go southwest to a bridge that leads to the new city.
    Note: Don't fill up your inventory with items like you normally would to save time. You need empty slots when clearing out the rubble (see step 7).

  3. When you reach the city, attempt to open the gate, but you won't be able to enter. Talk to Florin, who tells you to get out, and complains about food.

    Step 3

  4. Put a piece of food in the chest outside the gate he will let you inside the city.

    Step 4

  5. Talk to Razvan and ask him about setting up the group in the city. He will say that you can use the basement of the pub if you clear the rubble.

    Step 5

  6. Go to the bar and use your pickaxe to mine through the rubble covering the trapdoor. Then go down the trapdoor.

    Step 6

  7. Now you have to mine the 15 piles of rubble in the basement. However, when you leave the basement, any uncleared dust (the product of your mining rubble) will return to being a pile of rubble. So mine 3 piles of rubble for every bucket you have with you, then use a spade with the dust that is left. You can fit 3 piles of dust in each bucket. Once all of your buckets are full, go up the ladder and use them on the rubble pile at the back of the bar to empty them. Continue this process until all the rubble has been eliminated.

    Some piles of rubble contain items (nails, broken glass and a rock) which will not fit into the bucket. You need empty inventory slots to be able to pick up the rubble (and items).
    You may also come across a plaster fragment and a note. If you don't have any room left in your inventory, you will put them in the bucket of rubble. Empty the bucket as usual and then search the big pile of rubble to recieve the note and plaster fragment - once you have made room.

    Step 7

  8. After you are finished there will be a cutscene of you noticing a plaque on the wall. The plaque means and does nothing (yet).

    Step 8

  9. Go talk to Razvan again. Say that you want to help the city. He will tell you to go talk to the general store owner and help him fix his building.

  10. Grab 6 planks and 24 nails from Canifis bank, unless you already have them (You can make planks and nails yourself or get the planks from a respawn). Talk to Aurel, the general store owner and he will ask you to fix the roof and walls. Go up the ladder in the front of the building, onto the roof, and use a plank with the hole to fix it. This will use up 12 of your nails and 3 planks. Go down, and fix the wall on the front the same way.

    Note: A hammer is needed to fix the roofs and walls.

    Step 10a

    Step 10b

  11. After you repair the store, Aurel will want it stocked. He asks you to get 3 tinderboxes, 10 snails or 10 mackerel (varies per person), and 10 bronze axes. He gives you a crate for you to put all of these items in (you can't put noted items into the crate). When you are at the bank, grab 20 nails, 5 planks, and 1 swamp paste.

  12. Once you have obtained the crate of items, head back to the general store. Aurel will tell you to go help the bank. Repair the bank booth with 2 planks, 1 swamp paste, and 8 nails. Then repair the hole in the wall with 3 planks and 12 nails.

    Step 12a

    Step 12b

  13. Now go talk to Cornelius in the bank. He will ask you to recruit someone to be the banker. Talk to him again, and ask him if he "fancies the job". He will accept and you will now be able to access your bank from here.

  14. Next talk to Razvan, or any other villager, and ask them what to do now. They ask for the furnace to be fixed.

  15. Take 2 steel bars, 1 coal, and a tinderbox to the furnace. Use a steel bar on the furnace and you will repair it. Then, put a piece of coal into the furnace and light it with your tinderbox.

    Step 15

  16. After you fix the furnace, you will see a cutscene of Vanstrom plotting.

    Step 16

  17. Now you must prepare armor and food for a fight. Make sure to bring your silver sickle.

  18. Go to the General Store and talk to Gadderanks. He will explain that he is taking the villagers blood. Talk to Wiskit and he will confirm this.

    Step 18

  19. Next go speak to one of the Vampyre Juvinates. Gadderanks will be tired of you, and will try to kill you. Kill him, he is not too difficult to defeat. Once he is dead, take out your Silver sickle and attack the Vampyre Juvinates that try to protect him.

    Step 19

  20. Veliaf will appear and help you kill them. They only have about 50 hp, but you MUST kill them with your silver sickle.

    Step 20

  21. After you kill them, Gadderanks will tell you about vampires being scared of garlic, silver dust, harralander, red spider eggs, and stat restore potions; he will then die. After he is dead, Aurell will give you Gadderanks' hammer. It is similar to a granite maul, and is stronger against shades.

  22. Talk to Veliaf. He will tell you to meet him back at the Myreque Hideout to organize his group.

  23. Go talk to Veliaf again in the room. He will ask you to tell Polmofi and Radigad to go to the Inn basement which you have cleared, and to take Ivan to Drezel's Temple. Talk to Polmofi and he and Radigad will prepare to leave.

  24. This step is optional, but if you wish to allow Ivan to heal himself, you must do this step. Use some food on Ivan; he will either take it or say that he likes different foods, which he will then tell you about. Get up to 15 of a type of food he likes and give them to him. Then talk to him. You can also give him Steel platelegs, Steel chainmail, and Steel med helm. This increases his defence. You can even give him a blessed silver sickle to fight with. You can get another blessed silver sickle for yourself.

  25. Now you have to choose between one of two routes. It is possible to be attacked by Vampyre Juvinates on either route. If you have garlic, harralander, red spider eggs, stat restore potions and silver dust, make a Guthix Balance potion and feed the vampyres. It will ease the battle.

    Step 25a

    Step 25b

  26. It's recommended to take the shorter route, and if/when you get attacked, try to position Ivan close to the exit and yourself in front of him. When a Vampyre Juvinates comes close, attack it so that he focus on you instead of Ivan. The second vampyre might start to attack. That's when you start to pray Ivan can withstand the hits until you have killed the first vampyre and can start to attack the second one. The Vampyres can be safe spot so Ivan takes no damage, refer to the image below.

    Step 26

  27. Once you have brought Ivan to the temple, talk to Drezel about Ivandis. If you talk to him enough, he will give you the key to the secret library. Use the key with the keyhole, and enter the library.

    Step 27

  28. Search the bookcases for an Ancient book and read it. Go to the bank and grab some soft clay, a sapphire, mithril bar, silver bar, 1 water rune, 1 cosmic rune, hammer, and a rope.

    Note: If you wish to create a rod for yourself, bring an extra set of sapphire, bars, and runes.

    Step 28

  29. Go into the Myreque tunnel behind the Canifis pub and go to the first entrance that is boarded up (2 boards forming an X). Use a hammer with it to break it.

    Step 29

  30. Use soft clay with the tomb to get a mould of the rod which is fused to Ivandis's tombstone. Take the mould, mithril bar, silver bar, and sapphire to the furnace in town and make a Silvthrill rod. Use Enchant level 1 jewellery on the rod to enchant it.

    Note: If you decided to bring an extra set of items, you can repeat the process for another rod.

    Step 30

  31. Take a rope and your rod and go to the well of the River Salve. The well is located near Drezel in the temple. Use the rod with the well to make it Ivandis's rod (10).

    Note: If you decided to make an extra rod, you can repeat the process for another Ivandis's Rod (10).

    Step 31

  32. Head back to Burgh De Rott and give the rod to Veliaf in the cellar where you first cleared out the rubble (This is now the hideout for the Myreque).

    Congratulations! Quest Complete!

    Quest Complete

Note: The Rod is used to kill the Vampyre Juvinates to the east of the city. First, you get them about 2/3 of the way killed and then use the rod's special attack. Then you give the frozen monster some Guthix balance that is made by putting a Harralander, Red spider eggs, Garlic, and Ground silver (use a Silver bar with Bone crusher at the Ectofunctus) in a Vial of water. They will then either die completely, turn into a human and give you a reward, or become a stronger Vampyre Juvinate that you have to fight (unless you run away).

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