Quest Requirements:
Skill/Other Requirements:
55 Quest Points
Level 25 Herblore (Or you can take a Greenman's ale)
Level 50 Mining (Or you can take Dwarven stout +1 to mining)
Level 53 Fishing (Or 48 with an Admiral pie)
Level 53 Cooking
Level 43 Prayer is helpful, but not required.
70 Agility for use of the pipe shortcut is an advantage.
A friend from a rival gang

Note: If you require a partner for this quest you can post in this topic to request some help.
Quests Unlocked/Partially Unlocked by completing this Quest:
Items Needed at Quest Start:
Items Needed to Complete Quest:
You will also need good armor, a good weapon, lots of food, Pickaxe, Clean harralander, Vial of water, Fishing rod, Dusty key, Fishing bait and 60gp.

If you are a member of Black Arm Gang, then you will need a friend who belongs to Phoenix Gang to help you.
The same if you are in the Phoenix Gang: you will need the help of a friend in the Black Arm Gang.
Note: This quest can not be completed without help from a friend in the other Gang. The Black Arm Gang member is required at one point to wear a Black full helm, Black platebody and Black platelegs as a disguise; The Phoenix gang member is required at one point to wield a bow and arrows).
Items Recommended for Quest:
Antipoison, Anti-dragon shield or Dragonfire shield, and Teleportation runes to Falador and Varrock.
Quest Points:
Access to the Heroes' Guild, ability to buy a Dragon battleaxe and Dragon mace. 2825 Attack experience, 2625 Defence experience, 3025 Strength experience, 2775 HP experience, 1525 Ranged experience, 2725 Cooking experience, 1875 Woodcutting experience, 2725 Firemaking experience, 2225 Smithing experience, 2575 Mining experience, and 1825 Herblore experience.
Start Point:
Heroes' Guild North of Taverley.
To Start:
Speak to Achetties.

Speak to Achietties about joining the guild. Achietties will tell you to get three items. These are Firebird's Feather, Cooked Lava Eel and the Master Thieves Armband. You can get these in any order.

Step 1

Firebird's Feather

  1. You will first need to get Ice Gloves. Bring everything you would need to beat a level 111 monster. You can use prayer and magic. Bring lots of food, as it is not a direct passage to killing the Ice Queen. Also, bring along a pickaxe.

  2. Go to White Wolf Mountain (West of Taverley, East of Catherby). Get on the mountain at the South end, and go North until you come to a rock slide. Use your pickaxe on the rockslide to get past. Once you are past it you will be near 3 ladders and level 53 Ice warriors.

    Step 2 Firebird

  3. Use the Southern ladder, take the South-West tunnel until you come to a ladder, go up. You will know it is the correct one if there are level 54 Ice giants there. There should be 2 ladders besides the one you came up, take the Eastern ladder down.

    Go North along the tunnel, it is very long and has level 61 Ice spiders in it that do not appear on your mini map. This tunnel makes a loop, and dead ends at a ladder. Go up, then go down the only other ladder.

    Continue until the tunnel opens into a large room with Ice warriors and the Ice Queen. Be warned, this is a multi-combat area, so you will be attacked by multiple enemies!

    Step 3 Firebird

  4. The Ice Queen is level 111 and may be aggressive, depending on your level (To get out of the way for the Ice warriors, just stand behind the throne. There you can attack Ice Queen but the ice warriors can't attack you ). Kill her and she will drop the Ice Gloves.

    Note: You might want to use a teleport spell to get out once you get the gloves.

    If you do not have teleport runes, go back through the long tunnel to the ladder that leads to the Ice Giants. Use the Northern ladder here to go back into the caves. Follow this area North until you come to a ladder, go up, and you will be out of the caves, past the Ice warriors and rock slide.

    Go to the bank and put all armour and weapons into the bank but keep the Ice Gloves as you will need these.

    Step 4 Firebird

  5. Go to Port Sarim and catch a boat to Entrana (talk to a Monk of Entrana). It (the Firebird) is running around on the North-Eastern part of the island. This is on the North side of the bridge.

    Kill the Firebird and equip your Ice gloves to pick up the Firebird's feather.
    Make sure you are wearing the Ice gloves; without them you won't be able to pick the feather up!

    Step 5 Firebird

The Master Thieves Armband

You will need the help of a friend. If you're in the Phoenix gang then you will need the help of a friend in Black Arm gang; if you're in the Black Arm gang you will need the help of a friend in the Phoenix gang.

For Black Arm Gang Member:

  1. Go to Varrock and speak to Katrine about the Master Thieves Armband. She will tell you that the gang password is "Four leaf clover."

    Step 1 Blackarm

  2. She will tell you that you have to steal ScarFace Pete's Candlesticks. ScarFace Pete lives in Brimhaven on Karamja. You will need to get the ID paper first.

  3. Go to Brimhaven and find the gang office, which is the building East of the bar. Speak to Trobert there and he will give you the ID paper, which you need to get into ScarFace Pete's mansion.

    Step 3 Blackarm

  4. Before going to ScarFace Pete's Mansion, you will need to obtain a Black full helm, Black platebody and Black platelegs. Wear them when you get to the Mansion. You can buy the helmet and legs at the Champion's Guild, and the platebody at the Varrock Armour Shop.

  5. When you try to enter ScarFace Pete's Mansion you will be stopped by Garv. You must show him the ID paper and then he will let you in.

    Step 5 Blackarm

  6. Go talk to Grip inside and ask him if there is anything you can do around there. He will give you a "miscellaneous key." Exit the building and give this key to your Phoenix friend who is helping you with this quest. Now wait until your Phoenix gang conspirator is in place. Then go into the room North-East of the main entrance and search the cupboard and a guard will scold you; this will lure the Grip into the room where the Phoenix Gang member can kill him. Once he dies, Grip will drop some keys.

    Step 6 Blackarm

  7. Grab the keys and go to the Treasure room, where you will find the Candlesticks. Give one of these to your Phoenix friend. You cannot take a candlestick from someone else. Katrine will know you didn't do the quest properly and will not give you the band. The only way to get out is the door you came in; your Phoenix friend should meet you there.

    Step 7 Blackarm

  8. Go back to Varrock and talk to Katrine again. She will give you the Master Thieves Armband.

For Phoenix Gang Member:

  1. Go to Varrock and speak to Stravan about the Master Thieves Armband (Stravan is the doorkeeper in the basement of the Phoenix Gang hideout). He tells you to steal Scar Face Pete's Candlesticks and tells you that the Phoenix gang has associates in Brimhaven on Karamja.

    Their names are Charlie the Cook and Alfonse the Waiter in the pub called the Shrimp and Parrot. Stravan also gives you a secret password; the password is "Gherkin."

    Step 1 Phoenix

  2. Make sure first that you have the key from your Black Arm Gang Friend. This is the miscellaneous key.

  3. You will need a bow and arrows before going to the Shrimp and Parrot pub. When you are at the Shrimp and Parrot pub, talk to Alfonse the Waiter and then go into the kitchen and talk to Charlie the Cook. Don't forget to give the password.

    Step 3 Phoenix

  4. Charlie the Cook will tell you that there is a secret wall panel. Push the wall on the West wall to access a yard with several Guard dogs (aggressive). Get past these and open the door (West side of the yard) to the mansion and go inside.

    Use the Miscellaneous key (from your Black Arm Gang friend) on the door to the North. This puts you in a closet with a window into into the room with the cupboard. Wield the Bow and shoot through the hole in the wall at Grip and kill him. He will drop the keys for your Black Arm gang friend.

    Step 4 Phoenix

  5. Your Black Arm gang friend will get the Candlesticks and trade you one of them. Go back to Varrock and talk to Stravan and he will give you the Master Thieves Armband.

Cooked Lava Eel

  1. Head to Port Sarim and talk to Gerrant in the Fishing Shop and ask him about catching Lava eels. He will tell you how to make an Oily Rod. He will give you a bottle of Blamish Snail Slime. You will need a vial filled with water, and a Harralander herb. He will give you a bottle of Blamish Snail Slime. Use this bottle with a Vial of water and Clean harralander.

    Step 1 Eel

  2. Once you have those three things use the Harralander herb with the Vial of water, then use the unfinished potion with the Blamish Snail Slime. Use the oil with a REGULAR fishing rod, not a fly fishing rod. Now you have an Oily rod. You must bring one bait per Lava eel you wish to cook!

    Step 2 Eel

  3. To find the fishing spot for Lava eels, you need to go to Taverley dungeon. For this part you will need your Oily rod, Fishing bait, Antipoison, Anti-dragon shield or Dragonfire shield, good armor, good weapon, and lots of food.

  4. Note: If you have 70 Agility, you can use the pipe shortcut at the start of the dungeon to enter the Blue dragon room.

    Keep walking farther into Taverly Dungeon, you will pass Skeletons, Ghosts, Black Knights, Animated Axes, and Poison Scorpions. At this point, you should be at some lava with a bridge over it. Continue South-West to a large room, now go South and you will enter a large fortress with carpets, long tables and a few Black Knights.

    Go through the large doors to the South, then go East into a jail area find the Jailer and kill him, he will drop a key. Use the key with the jail cell containing Velrak the Explorer. Talk to him and ask about places to explore. he will give you a Dusty key.

    Step 4 Eel

  5. Now head North until you get back to the Poison Scorpions. Go across the bridge over the lava, then go North up past the Chaos Dwarves and the Lesser Demons. Get past them and use the Dusty Key you got from the prisoner on the door to the West of them. This puts you in a room with Baby blue dragons and Blue dragons.

    Step 5 Eel

  6. Run West across the room, and down the tunnel until you come to some Baby blue dragons next to some lava, this is where you fish for Lava eel.

    The fishing spots are somewhat difficult to see, but they are orange spirals in the lava. Use your Oily rod to catch a few eels. Now either go back the way you came in, or teleport out. Find a range or fire and cook the Lava Eel.

    Step 6 Eel

Finishing the Quest

  1. Head back to the Heroes' Guild and talk Achietties and give her the 3 items: Firebird Feather, Cooked Lava Eel and Master Thieves Armband.

    Congratulations! You have finished the Heroes' Quest, and can now enter the Heroes' Guild!

    Quest Complete Scroll

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