Quest Requirements:
Skill/Other Requirements:
No requirements.
Items Needed at Quest Start:
Items Needed to Complete Quest:
Items Recommended for Quest:
Quest Points:
2,000 coins, 1,500 Thieving XP, Hazeel's mark if you side with Clivet, and Carnillean armour if you side with Ceril (see the note under Step 3).
Start Point:
Carnillean Mansion, south of Ardougne.
To Start:
Speak to Sir Ceril Carnillean.
  1. Head over to the Carnillean Mansion, Southwest of East Ardougne Castle, and talk to Sir Ceril Carnillean. Ask him what's wrong and he'll tell you that a cult has broken into his house and stolen a set of armor. He'll ask you to return the armor to him. Accept and he'll tell you to search for a cave entrance to the south.

    Step 1

  2. Head South of the mansion across the bridge and then go East past the Clock Tower until you see the cave entrance. Enter the cave and talk to Clivet. Clivet will say the Carnilleans are dishonarable snobs and ask if you want to learn the truth about them. Ask him what he means and he will explain that the Carnillean mansion was built by Lord Hazeel, a Zamorakian Mahjarrat. However, many years ago a group of Saradomists, which included Ceril's ancestor, stormed the house and killed all the Zamorakians inside. Hazeel made plans for his return and that day is coming soon.

    Step 2

    You will now tell Clivet that you are not interested in his politics and have a job to do. He will offer you a new job and asks you to help him in restoring Hazeel.

    You can now either choose to carry on with your task for Ceril or help Clivet.

Helping Ceril

  1. Tell Clivet that you will never help him and he'll call you a fool and leave on the nearby raft. Try to board the raft and you'll find that the water current prevents you from following Clivet.

  2. You'll now need to turn some sewer valves to change the direction of the water current. Leave the cave and use the map below to direct you to the location of the valves and which direction to turn them.

    Valve locations

  3. After you've turned the valves, go back into the cave and take the raft to the cult's hideout Head South from the raft and talk to the leader of the cult, Alomone. Talk to him and demand the armor back. He then reveals that Ceril's butler is a member of the cult and you'll thank him for sharing that information. He'll say that you won't live long enough to tell anyone and attack you. Kill him and he'll drop the Carnillean armour.

    Note: If you want to get this armor for yourself, simply drop the armor that you already have, wait for Alamone to come back and fight him again. He will drop another one. Pick up both armor pieces and put on one in your bank before you talk to Ceril.


  4. Return to Ceril and give him the armor. You'll also inform him that his butler was a spy for the cult. He'll summon Jones the butler and ask him to explain himself. Jones denies it and Ceril believes him. Ceril will take the armor from you and give jones 1,995gp of your reward to compensate for the false accusation, leaving you with 5gp.

    Congratulations! Quest Complete!

    Ceril Quest Complete

    Note: To prove you're telling the truth, head upstairs to the butler's room and and search the cupboard to find a bottle of poison and Hazeel's mark. Show these to Ceril and a conversation will follow in which Ceril questions Jones the butler and he will confess to being part of the cult. Ceril will thank you and apologise, then give you your full reward.

    Butler's cupboard

Helping Clivet

  1. If you agree to help Clivet, he will give you a bottle of poison and and tell you to pour it into the Carnillean's food.

  2. Return to the Carnillean mansion and climb the ladder down into the kitchen. Use the bottle of poison on the range and climb back up the ladder. Talk to one of the Carnilleans to find that you have killed their dog.

    Step 2 Clivet

  3. Return to Clivet and tell him the good news. He will give you Hazeel's mark that looks somewhat like a golden symbol of Zamorak. Wear it and exit the cave.

  4. Next turn all the sewer valves but the one closest to the dungeon right. And turn the one closest to the dungeon, left (See the map below).

    Valve locations

  5. Return to the cave and take the raft near Clivet. Follow the path South to Alomone. He will tell you to find a magical scroll in the Carnillean mansion. Leave via the raft and climb out of the cave.


  6. Return to the Carnillean mansion with your symbol still equipped and talk to the butler. Then climb down the ladder into the basement and search the crates for a Chest Key. Afterwards, go up the ladder and to another flight of steps. Knock on the wall to find a secret passage. Then go up the ladder and use your key with the chest and search the chest to obtain the scroll. Talk to the butler and leave the mansion.

    Step 6 Clivet

  7. Go back to the cave and take the raft back to the hideout. Talk to Alomone and he will perform the ritual to bring back Hazeel. Hazeel will then emerge from the coffin and thank his followers. He will then address you and after a short conversation, hand you some ancient coins. Hazeel then says he is heading North to join the other Majarrat and regain his strength and power.

    Congratulations! Quest Complete!

    Quest Complete

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