Quest Requirements:
Skill/Other Requirements:
17 Thieving
49 Crafting
Quests Unlocked/Partially Unlocked by completing this Quest:
Items Needed at Quest Start:
Items Needed to Complete Quest:
1 Beer, 1 Redberry, 1 Whiteberry, 2 Empty vials, 1 Bucket of sand, 5 Earth runes, 1 Bullseye lens (Lantern Lens), and Leather gloves.
Items Recommended for Quest:
5 teleports to the Watchtower and a charged Amulet of Glory will also be helpful.
Items Acquired During Quest:
Quest Points:
1000 Thieving XP, 9000 Crafting XP, and Bert will deliver 84 buckets of sand to your bank daily if you talk to him!
Start Point:
To Start:
Speak with Bert


  1. Speak to Bert who is in the most western house of Yanille.

    Step 1

    He will tell you that he fears loosing his job because he found a hand in his sand pit. Agree to help him find out how it got there and he will tell you to go to the Guard Captain in the Dragon Inn.

  2. Talk to the Guard Captain in the pub to the south and he will ask for more beer. Grant his wish and give him a beer. Ask him about the hand and he will take a look at it. He will then tell you to head to the wizards guild and ask someone there about it.

    Step 2

  3. Ring the bell outside the wizards guild and Zavistic Rave will appear for you.

    Step 3

    Talk to him about the hand and he will ask you to find out why Bert's hours have changed.

  4. Head back to Bert and he'll tell you about his job and give you a copy of his rota. He works with the Sand Corp in Brimhaven.

  5. Go to Brimhaven and talk with Sandy. After a quick chat, search his desk and get Sandy's rota-Berts original rota. If you read them both you'll see that they don't match. Also while you're here, pickpocket Sandy's pocket. You'll get some sand that will come into play later on in the quest.

    Note: Getting sand from Sandy's pocket may take a while.

    Step 5

  6. Head back to Bert in Yanille and give him the two rotas. He will then give you a Magic Scroll that appeared in his room the other day and suggests asking the wizards what it is.

  7. Ring the bell once more at the wizards guild and talk to Zavistic. He will give you a magical orb and will tell you to put it in Sandy's office. He will also ask you to get some truth serum from Betty in Port Sarim. If you talk to him again and give him a vial, he will teleport you to Betty.

  8. In Port Sarim, Betty will ask for a vial. Give her one and she will tell you that in order to finish the serum, you need to add redberries to the vial she gave you, and then mix in some whiteberries to make Pink dye.

    Step 8

  9. Use the Pink dye with the Lantern lens to produce Rose tinted lens. Go back to Betty and she will put a vial on the counter. Stand in the door and use the lens with the counter. You will then get a vial of truth serum.

    Step 9

  10. In order to finish the serum, Betty tells you that you need a special item belonging to the person your going to "drug" in order for it to work. Give her the sand you got from Sandy's pocket earlier. (If you didn't get the sand earlier, you must go back to Sandy and get it.) You now have your Truth Serum!

  11. Once again make your way back to Sandy and try to mix the serum with the mug on the table (you will have to distract him first). When trying to distract Sandy you will get these options:

    Step 11

    Choose one of the options. If it works he will look away and a message box will come up saying now is the time to put the serum in his drink. If he does not look away and says "I'm not falling for that one" then you will have to try again. When he does look away, put the serum in his coffee.

  12. Now activate the orb and talk to Sandy. He will tell you that he changed the rota so he wouldn't have to pay Bert more for working longer, that he bribed a wizard to make Bert forget what the original rota said, and that he then killed the wizard because he didn't want to get caught.

  13. Make your way back to Yanille and talk to Zavistic. Give him the orb and he will ask for a rather odd request: 5 earth runes and a bucket of sand. Give them to him and with the help of magic, he will refill Bert's sandpit and make it so he doesn't have to work anymore.

    Step 13

  14. After this is finished, Zavistic will tell you to go to the Entrana sandpit to see if you can find the rest of the slain wizard.(You need to take any armour off before heading to Entrana)

  15. Once at the Entrana sandpit, talk to Mazion to get the wizards head.

    Step 15

  16. Finally, go back to Yanille and talk to Zavistic.

    Quest Complete

    Note: After finishing the quest, Bert has no job left since the wizards gave him enough gold for the rest of his life and made the sandpits refill themselves. He loves his sandpits and has to have something to do at daytime. You can ask him to bring 84 buckets of sand to your bank each day. However, you will have to talk to him every day if you want to get the buckets of sand delivered.

    You can now also buy pink dye from Betty in Port Sarim. You can use this dye on a cape to make a pink cape. The pink dye only costs 20 gp and can be bought at any time. Simply talk to Betty to buy it.

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