Quest Requirements:
Skill/Other Requirements:
25 Agility
Ability to defeat a Level 172 Black Demon.
Quests Unlocked/Partially Unlocked by completing this Quest:
Items Needed at Quest Start:
1,000 coins, Armor, and a Weapon; Ranged or Mage equipment is recommended but not required.

Note: Players who prefer to kill the Black Demon using melee must bring a Halberd.
Items Needed to Complete Quest:
Items Recommended for Quest:
Ring of duelling or Watchtower teleport method, Ardougne teleport method, Prayer potions, and Food.
Items Acquired During Quest:
Bark sample, Translation book, Hazelmere's scroll, Glough's journal, Lumber order, Glough's key, Invasion plans, 4 Twigs, and a Daconia rock.
Quest Points:
7,900 Agility XP, 18,400 Attack XP, 2,150 Magic XP, the ability to use Spirit Tree teleport from Gnome Stronghold (assuming Tree Gnome Village quest is complete), and the ability to use the Gnome Gliders.
Start Point:
Tree Gnome Stronghold.
To Start:
Speak to King Narnode Shareen.
  1. Talk to King Narnode Shareen on the ground floor of the Grand Tree. He will take you under the tree. Speak with him again and he will inform you that the tree is dying and you need to speak with Hazelmere about it. He will give you a translation book and a bark sample.

    Step 1

  2. Make your way to Hazelmere, who is directly east of Yanille on a peninsula (see map below). Speak with him and he'll speak gibberish, eventually you'll give him the bark sample and he'll give you back a scroll (Hazelmere's scroll). Using the Translation book the note says: "A man came to me with the King seal. I gave human Daconia rock and Daconia rocks will kill trees!"

    Note: Be careful of the Jungle spiders (level 44) on the peninsula.

    Step 2

  3. Go speak with King Narnode Shareen again and select the message above that Hazelmere gave you. He will ask you to speak with Glough about this message.

  4. Glough's house is just east of the path leading south from the Grand Tree. Speak with Glough and he tells you he will handle it.

    Step 4

  5. Speak with King Narnode Shareen again and he will tell you that Glough has already captured someone and placed at the top of the Grand Tree. You will request to see the prisoner and he will allow it.

  6. Go straight up the ladder until you reach the top. Speak with Charlie and he will tell you he has been working under Glough for some time. He will then suggest searching Glough's house.

    Step 6

  7. Go back to Glough's house and search the cupboard to find Glough's journal. Speak with Glough again and accuse him of framing the humans for his evil deeds. He will have you arrested and you'll appear in the prison next to Charlie.

  8. While in the prison speak with Charlie and he will tell you he went to Karamja and gave a lot of gold to someone in the Shipyard east of Shilo. He'll also give you a password to get in: Ka-Lu-Min

  9. King Narnode Shareen will appear after you're done speaking with Charlie and he'll free you. He tells you to use the glider to Karamja since Glough has set up guard to stop you in the Gnome Stronghold.

    Note: Jogre's (level 53) and Jungle spider's (level 44) are in the same area you appear at after you use the glider to Karamja.

  10. Go directly east from where you appear and head a little south to a gate. Try to open the gate and you'll be stopped by the Shipyard worker. Tell him Glough sent you and then enter the password: Ka-Lu-Min

    Step 10

  11. Head to the southern-east docks denoted by the charter arrow on the minimap. You have two options, you can either kill the Foreman (level 23) or you can speak with the Foreman (level 23). If you choose to speak with the Foreman (level 23) he will take you to his office and ask you three questions.

    1. Is Glough still with his wife? (Sadly his wife is no longer with us!)
    2. What's Glough's favourite dish? (He loves worm holes.)
    3. What's the name of his new girlfriend? (Anita.)

    After the interrogation he'll inform you that Glough requested that he make a fleet large enough to invade Port Sarim and carry 300 gnome troops. He'll give you a Lumber order to give to Glough.

    Step 11

  12. Leave Karamja and head back to King Narnode Shareen. You won't be able to just walk in so you will need to find another way. If you've completed the Tree Gnome Village quest you can go to the Tree Gnome Village and teleport in via the Spirit tree. If you haven't done the Tree Gnome Village quest you will need to go to the gate at the Tree Gnome Stronghold and speak with Femi. Request for Femi to sneak you in and she'll do it for free if you've already helped get her sacks through the gate. If you haven't she will charge you 1,000 coins.

  13. Speak with King Narnode Shareen and he will refuse to believe your accusations against Glough. Go up the ladder back and speak with Charlie, he'll tell you that Glough had left his chest keys at his girlfriend's (Anita). Anita lives just west of the toad swamp, which is in the north west corner of the Tree Gnome Stronghold.

  14. Speak with Anita and she will give you Glough's key.

    Step 14

  15. Make your way to Glough's and use Glough's key on the Closed chest. You'll find a scroll (Invasion plans).

  16. Take your newfound evidence back to King Narnode Shareen and he'll only partially believe you. He will also inform you that he had some guards search Glough's house and only found four twigs. He will give you the twigs that spell T-U-Z-O, which means open.

  17. Make sure you have equipment to fight a level 172 Black demon and go back to Glough's and climb up the tree. At the top you'll find four pillars. Place the twigs on the pillars in the following order:
    T on the far left pillar.
    U on the center left pillar.
    Z on the center right pillar.
    O on the far right pillar.

    Once you have done this the trapdoor will open.

    Step 17

  18. Climb down the trapdoor and you will have a brief conversation with Glough. During the conversation he will bring out his Black Demon and it will attack you. Turn on Protect from melee prayer and kill the demon.

    Note: If you wish to safespot the demon, you can position yourself where the cave narrows and range or mage it. If you prefer to melee, then equip your Halberd to kill the demon using the same safespot technique.

    Step 19

  19. Once the demon is dead, continue west past Giant bats (level 27) and then north to King Narnode Shareen. Speak with him and accuse Glough once again of being behind the attack. You'll inform him that Glough has a store of Daconia rocks further up the passage and that he's been accessing the roots from a secret passage at his home.

    Step 20

  20. King Narnode Shareen will send a guard to check out your story. Once he returns he'll tell King Narnode Shareen that he found Glough hiding under a horde of Daconia rocks. He will request that you help him once again in finding the last of the Daconia rocks. Search the all of the roots in the area until you find a Daconia rock.

    Step 20

  21. Return back to King Narnode Shareen and he will reward you.

    Congratulations! Quest Complete!

    Step 20

The Gnome Translation Guide

Arpos: Rocks
Andos: Gate
Andra: City
Ataris: Cow

Cef: Threat
Cheray: Lazy
Cinqo: King
Cretor: Bucket

Eis: Me
Es: A
Et: And
Eto: Will

Gandius: Jungle
Gal: All
Gentis: Leaf
Gutus: Banana
Gomondo: Branch

Har: old
Harij: Harpoon
Hewo: Grass

Ip: You
Imindus: Quest
Irno: Translate

Kar: No
Kai: Boat
Ko: Sail

Lauf: Eye
Laquinay: Common sense
Lemanto: Man
Lemantolly: Stupid man
Lovos: Gave

Meso: Came
Meriz: Kill
Mina: time(s)
Mos: Coin
Mi: I
Mond: Seal

Por: Long
Prit: With
Priw: Tree
Pro: To

Qui: Guard
Quir: Guardian

Rentos: Agility

Sarko: Begone
Sind: Big

Ta: the
Tuzo: open

Undri: Lands
Umesco: Soul

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