Quest Requirements:
Skill/Other Requirements:
25 Agility
20 Cooking
Ability to defeat a level 32 Giant Lobster.
Items Needed at Quest Start:
Items Needed to Complete Quest:
Amulet of Ghostspeak, 10 Bones, Tinderbox, Spade, Thread, Needle, Silk, Knife, Bucket of milk, Bowl of water, Log, Oak longbow, 100-300gp, Buckets and Pots (4-6 of each recommended), 50 Ectotokens, 3 Blue dyes, 3 Yellow dyes, 3 Red dyes, Nettles, and Leather gloves.
Items Acquired During Quest:
Ecto Tokens, Special cup, Nettle tea.
Quest Points:
Approx 2400 Prayer xp and Ectophial for teleporting.
Start Point:
Port Phasmatys - East of Canifis.
To Start:
Speak to Velorina.
  1. Before you start the quest, equip your Ghostspeak amulet, leather gloves, and grab some bones, and some bucket and pots.

    Exit Canifis to the northeast, past the slayer master, just southeast of him you see some nettles, make sure you are wearing gloves! Pick some, as you'll need it later in the quest.

    Head northeast from Canifis,just past Fenkenstrain castle grounds, past the undead farm until you arrive upon the Temple of Ectofuntus. Talk to the Ghost Disciple to learn about the Ectofuntus.

    Step 1

  2. After that, go down the trapdoor. Climb down 4 staircases (you will have to circle around on each level to get to the next stair) and get some Slime (ectoplasm) in your Buckets.

    Step 2

  3. Go upstairs. At the Bone grinder, right-click and USE your bones on the grinder (or risk accidentally burying them!), click on the grinder to "Wind" it, then right-click on the grinder again to select "Empty grinder" (which fills your Pot with ground bones). Repeat for as many bones as you brought.

    Step 3

  4. Now go back to the ground floor (with the all the Ghost disciples) and click on the big thing in the middle of the room to "Worship" the Ectofuntus. This automatically uses up one Bucket of slime and one pot of Ground bones each time. Use up all of the Slime and Ground bones that you have.

    Step 4

  5. Go talk with one of the Ghost disciples and he will give you 5 Ecto-tokens for each worship you did. Now go south to the Shimmering wall (gate) and pay 2 Ecto-tokens to get in. Head east to the house with the quest symbol and speak to Velorina. Pick yes if you want to be fast and no if you want to hear the story of the port. After that say yes that you will help her and the others that want to pass on to the other side.

    Step 6

  6. Go talk with Necrovarus, ask him to release the ghosts to the other side. He will get angry, refuse, and say you never should return, but of course you will.

    Step 7

  7. Pay 2 Ecto-tokens to pass through the gate again. Go to Velorina and tell her what Necrovarus said, she will tell you the alternative way to accomplish your goal.

    Now go out of the port and head back toward the Slayer Master. Go west-northwest past his bridge. The Old crone's house is all the way over to the Canifis Slayer Tower, just on the east side. Talk with her, she will say that she needs a cup of Nettle tea to refresh her mind.

    Use the nettles on the bowl of water, DO NOT drink it, use the bowl on a range (alternatively you can also boil it on a fire by lighting a log if you brought one). The nearest range is in the Port. When returning, bring a bucket of milk, needle, thread, silk, and a knife.

    Step 9

  8. Go back to the Old crone when you've boiled it and she will say that she wants it in her special cup. She will give you a Porcelain cup, USE (don't drink it!) the Nettle tea on the Porcelain cup. Talk with her again when the tea is in the cup, she wants it with milk. Use the Bucket of milk with the cup to complete the tea and give it to her. She will now tell you to gather 3 items: The Book of Haricanto, The Robes of Necrovarus, and Something to translate The Book of Haricanto.

  9. Talk to her again and she will give you a Model ship that used to belong to her son. Click "Repair" on the ship to put the flag back on it (this uses your Silk and Thread, and requires you to be carrying a Needle and either a Knife or Shears to automatically cut the Silk).

  10. If you have dyes already made, drop your Needle and Knife in Canifis bank and grab the dyes now (note that you would need 3 of each for the worst case scenario - the colors are different for every player).

    Go to the old pirate ship north of the undead farm. Click on the boat's ladders to get aboard and go up. On this deck, go east towards the cabin and climb up the ladder attached to its outside wall. At the top, search the masts when the wind speed is low and learn the colors of the flag (you need top, bottom, and skull colors).

    Possible colors you'll need - red and yellow for orange; yellow and blue for green; red and blue for purple. Use them one at a time on the boat (you will get a menu asking where to apply the color: top, bottom or skull).

    Step 12

  11. Return to the old pirate ship and dye the toy ship to match (as stated above). When you are done go to the old man (middle deck) and talk with him and ask if this is his ship. If you've dyed it correctly he will say it is his. Now ask for the key and he will give you it. Open the chest and search it to get a map piece.

    Step 14

  12. Go north over the gangplank to a series of Jumping stones. Click on each to make your way to a chest and search it for a map piece. You will take a small amount of damage if you fail.

    Step 15

  13. Return to the ship and go below. Search the chests till a Giant lobster (level 32) pops out; kill it and search again to get another map piece. Use one piece on another to make the completed map.

    Step 16

  14. Go to the port (pay 2 Ecto-tokens to pass through the wall) and talk with Ak-Haranu, a Samurai-looking guy on the dock. He will tell you that he will give you a book to translate from his language if you give him an Oak longbow signed by Robin (Robin hood, Jagex isn't very creative here).

    Step 17

  15. Staying in the ghost town, grab your Oak longbow and about 300 gp from the handy Bank and go to the Tavern (shown on mini-map by the usual Beer). Talk to Robin about an autograph; he will say he won't give it but will ask for a game of Runedraw.

    Step 18

    It's very simple, just click "Draw" and then hope for some good runes to give you points. The one with the highest points wins, but whoever draws a Death rune automatically loses. Keep playing until you win 4 times and he owes you 100 gp. Now he will sign the bow for you so you won't tell the ghosts.

  16. Now go to Ak-Haranu and give him the bow and he will give you the Translation book. Now for the rather funny part of the quest. Go ask the innkeeper (at the Tavern) for a job; he will give you some bedsheets. You can wear them to be a brown ghost, but it's not an effective disguise. Go out of the port and down to the ectoplasm; dip your bedsheet in it. You will now have a ghost costume (just a bed sheet covered in ectoplasm). You can't wear it outside of the Port.

    Note: You can use a bucket of slime on the bedsheet to get the same effect as dipping it in the ectoplasm.

    Step 19

  17. Pay 2 Ecto-tokens to enter the Port again. Talk with Gravingas in the square near the gate, say you will help him. He will give you a petition. Put on your ghost costume and go around and ask the ghosts to sign for you (If you don't wear your costume, they will simply dismiss you). You can alternate between 2-3 different ghosts, but you cannot ask the same ghost in a row. Go back and show it to Gravingas when you are done. He will tell you to show it to Necrovarus. Go do it, and he will be furious and turn the petition into ashes. But wait! He drops a Bone key! Take it and go upstairs and use Bone key on door of the little room with the coffin. Open the coffin to get Mystical robes.

    Step 20

  18. If you don't have at least 25 Ecto-tokens (Or 10 ecto-tokens and the Ring of charos (a) from Garden of Tranquillity), go do the Bucket-and-bones routine to get them. GET YOUR SPADE from the Bank and bring your completed Treasure map. Go to the dock in the Port. Go to the row boat Captain and talk with him. He will take you to Dragontooth island for 25 Ecto-tokens.

    Step 21

  19. Stand west of (in "front" of) the Saradomin statue. Read the map and follow the directions/steps you need to take. Right click the map and select the option "Follow". Your character will automatically walk to the proper location. You should be slightly south of the "neck" between the two parts of the island. Dig with your spade to get the Book of Haricanto. Head back to the rowboat and return to the Port (there is nothing else of interest on this island).

    Step 22

  20. Go to the Old Crone with the 3 items, and she will enhance your Ghostspeak amulet to command ghosts. Go to Necrovarus and CAREFULLY command him to give the ghosts free will to leave to the other side. (It is rather easy to accidentally hit a command for him to act like a chicken - if you do this, return to the Old crone to get your amulet enchanted again.) He grudgingly obeys you. From now on you can pass through the gate for free, no more Ecto-tokens! Now go to Velorina and get your reward.

    Congratulations! Quest Complete!

    Quest Complete

The Vial is our long waited teleport to the Morytania region. Emptying it teleports you to the Ectofuntus, where you should immediately refill it for the next use. If you lose or drop the ectophial, simply go to Velorina and ask for a new one. You can have multiple Ectophials at a time.

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