Quest Requirements:
Skill/Other Requirements:
40 woodcutting
40 crafting
25 fletching
Be able to defeat a level 69 monster.
Quests Unlocked/Partially Unlocked by completing this Quest:
Items Needed to Complete Quest:
5,250 Coins, 1 Beer (From Fremennik Pub), Tinderbox, Axe; Cabbage (Not from Draynor Manor), Potato, Onion ― All three veggies can be obtained during the quest; Knife, and 1 Raw shark.
Items Recommended for Quest:
Ring of Recoil, An enchanted lyre, or a player-owned house portal located at Rellekka.
Items Acquired During Quest:
Keg, beer, Low Alcohol Keg, A Cherry Bomb, The Hunter's Talisman, Draugen's Essence, Swaying Tree Branch, Pet Rock, Onion, Potato, Cabbage, Golden Fleece, Enchanted Lyre, Contract, Cocktail, Map, Rare Fish, Special Bowstring, Ballad, Sturdy Boots, Rare Flower, Red Disk, Wooden Disk, Red Herring, Bucket, Jug, Sticky Red Goop, Vase Lid, and a Frozen Key.
Quest Points:
2813 experience in Strength, Attack, Defence, Hitpoints, Crafting, Agility, Thieving, Fletching, Woodcutting, and Fishing. Ability to speak and trade with Fremennik villagers and steal from stalls. You keep the lyre you make, which can be re-enchanted to teleport you to Rellekka (see note at end of the guide). Ability to access Miscellania and Etceteria via boat ride. Ability to wear Fremennik helmets.
Start Point:
Rellekka main hall.
To Start:
Talk to Brundt
  1. Talk to Brundt in the main building with the quest icon. Ask him how to get into the Fremennik clan. He'll tell you that you need a majority vote from the 12 members of the council (7 Votes). You can do the below 7 tasks to get the 7 votes in any order you choose.

    Step 1

Manni the Reveller

  1. Talk to Manni in the Fremennik longhall and he'll offer his vote if you can manage to defeat him in a drinking contest. Grab a keg and a beer from the table just north of him and challenge him, you'll lose.

    Manni Step 1

  2. Now head down to Seers' Village (Camelot teleport and go west) make sure you have 250 gp with you and talk to the Poison salesman in the pub. After a conversation about his new product, buy a low alcohol keg.

    Manni Step 2

  3. Follow the path north of Seers' Village back towards Rellekka and near the second bridge (beside the level 64 Wolf) you'll find the Council workman. Use your regular beer on the Council workman and he'll give you a Strange object (a cherry bomb).

    Manni Step 3

  4. Head back to Rellekka and on the east side of the longhall (quest start building) you'll see a pipe. Use your cherry bomb with your tinderbox and then use the lit bomb on the pipe.

    Manni Step 4

  5. Now run back into the building and use your low alcohol keg on a regular keg. Challenge Manni again and you'll win.

Swensen the Navigator

  1. Now talk to Swensen in the building just a bit south west of the quest start. He'll tell you to complete his maze for a vote.

    Swensen Step 1

  2. Head down the ladder into the maze, you'll be in a room with four portals in each direction.

    Swensen Step 2

  3. Take the portals from room to room in this direction and order: South, West, East, North, South, East, North (They spell out Swensen, in case you haven't noticed.)

  4. Head up the ladder and you've finished his challenge.

Sigli the Huntsman

  1. Now speak with Sigli, just a bit southeast of the last building. He'll tell you that you'll need to defeat the Draugen for his vote. Accept his challenge and receive the Hunter's talisman.

    Note: Before continuing, it is recommended to grab combat gear and food before fighting Draugen.

    Sigli Step 1

  2. Head just south of the village towards the woods and click your talisman to begin the process of finding the Draugen.

    Sigli Step 2

  3. Keep following the directions until The Draugen (level 69) appears and starts to attack you. Once you have defeated it, the Hunter's talisman automatically collect the Draugen's essence.

    Note: The location of The Draugen differs from player to player. While you are trying to find him he may also change locations forcing you to start the hunt over. Beware of Wolves (level 64) in the woods.

    Sigli Step 3

  4. Take the Hunter's talisman back to Sigli the Huntsman, who will tell you that he saw the entire hunt and the you have earned his vote.

Olaf the Bard

  1. Now head north east from Sigli and talk to Olaf.

    Olaf Step 1

  2. Talk to him once more; you'll now need to create your lyre. (You can also just kill Lanzig until he drops a lyre. If you do this you can skip to step 10)

  3. Head east-southeast of the village and east to a hill with a tree icon. Cut the Swaying tree and fletch the branch.

    Olaf Step 3

  4. Southeast of the tree, talk to Lalli the troll. Ask him about the other human.

    Olaf Step 4

  5. Now you must find Askeladden back in the village, just south of the quest start. Talk to him and get pet rock. Stop at the garden near the gate to get an Onion, Potato and Cabbage.

    Olaf Step 5

  6. Talk to Lalli again, and you'll offer to make him some rock soup.

  7. Use on Lalli stew, in this order, your rock, onion, potato, and cabbage (which can be obtained near the entrance to the village).

  8. After, talk to him again to get your golden fleece.

  9. Now spin your fleece and attach it to the lyre. The closest spinning wheel is in Seers' Village. You can't use the one in Rellekka yet, since you aren't accepted into the clan.

    Olaf Step 9

  10. Now head to the Fossegrimen, south west of the entrance to the village (just go west after you cross the second bridge on your way back from Seers'.)

    Olaf Step 10

  11. Place your Raw shark on the strange altar and she'll appear to enchant your lyre.

  12. Head back to the Longhall (quest start location), just on its' east wall is a smaller building, head inside and walk past the bouncer onto the stage.

    Olaf Step 12

  13. Now play your lyre and after the cheesy lyrics are over, you'll receive one more vote.

    Olaf Step 13

Sigmund the Merchant

  1. Now speak with Sigmund in the market area, just west of where the quest start is. He'll ask you to find a rare flower for him.

    Sigmund Step 1

  2. Now run a bit north west towards the larger dock and talk with the sailor, he'll want a romantic ballad.

    Sigmund Step 2

  3. You'll need to visit Olaf, ask him to compose you a ballad and he'll say he needs sturdy boots.

    Sigmund Step 3

  4. Speak with Yrsa in the clothing shop, then head back to the main hall.

    Sigmund Step 4

  5. Speak with Brundt and proceed on to Sigli.

    Sigmund Step 5

  6. Sigli will request a special bowstring.

    Sigmund Step 6

  7. Now head to the helmet shop and talk to Skulgrimen, he'll request a rare fish for the string.

    Sigmund Step 7

  8. Head towards the smaller dock, just west of there and speak with the Fisherman, he'll request a map from the Navigator, who's just south.

    Sigmund Step 8

  9. After speaking with the Navigator, proceed on to Peer the Seer for the weather forecast.

    Sigmund Step 9

  10. The Seer will ask for a body guard.

    Sigmund Step 10

  11. Head to the helmet shop and speak to Thorvald, he'll want a seat in the Longhall. You'll now want to talk to Manni.

    Sigmund Step 11

  12. After Manni requests the cocktail speak with Thora.

    Sigmund Step 12

  13. Thora will request a contract from Askeladden, he's just outside.

    Sigmund Step 13

  14. He'll request 5000 gp; pay him.

    Sigmund Step 14

  15. Once you have the paper, head back through the people in this order Thora, Manni, Thorvald, Seer, Navigator, Fisherman, Skulgrimen, Sigli, Brundt, Yrsa, Olaf, Sailor, and then back to Sigmund. Now you have another vote!

Thorvald the Warrior

  1. Return to Seers' Village and stash all weapons and armor in the bank. Stock up on the prayer potions and food, and then make your way back to Rellekka. Speak to Thorvald in the helmet shop. He'll ask you to defeat his warrior 4 times in a battle to the death without weapons or armor. He will then suggest that talk to Peer the Seer, who can send your items to the bank, or that you bank them yourself.

    Note: If you have completed Easy Tasks of Fremennik Diary, only then you may use Peer the Seer as a deposit box to bank your items.

    Thorvald Step 1

  2. Once your armor and weapons have been banked, climb down the ladder in Rellekka's helmet shop. Koschei the deathless will appear and start attacking you. You must defeat him in the first 3 battles. As the 4th battle begins your prayer will be drained to zero. You now have 2 options to gain Thorvald's vote: either lose or win the 4th battle. The easiest way to succeed is to let Koschei win the fight. If you choose to second option, then bring enough Prayer potions, food, and Rings of recoil to defeat him as he hits 1-15 damage 5 to 6 times per second. If you do defeat him, you will receive a Fremennik blade.

    Note: If at any given moment you leave the basement or log out, you will have to start over. If you die during the first 3 battles, you will lose your items. If however you die during the 4th battle, you will respawn in Rellekka's helmet shop and keep your items.

    Thorvald Step 2

  3. When the final battle has ended, you will be teleported back upstairs and Thorvald the Warrior will agree to give you his vote.

Peer the Seer

  1. Talk to Peer who is located south of the stalls. To get this guy's vote, you need to simply make it through his house!

    Peer Step 1

  2. Yet again, you'll need no armor or weapons for this part.

  3. Once you have disrobed, try to open the door. You'll find that you need to solve a riddle.

  4. After reading through the riddle, choose the option to solve it. The possible answers for this riddle are Wind, Fire, Mind, Mage, Tree, Life, or Time.

    Peer Step 4

  5. Now go inside and up the ladder. You're now in a room filled with many boxes which has a range, bookcase, cupboard, frozen table, etc.

    Peer Step 5

  6. Search everything in the room to gather materials for this puzzle. The only materials you'll need are: the red disk, the wooden disk (eyes of head on the wall upstairs), red herring, bucket, jug.

  7. Cook the herring on the range to get sticky red goop.

    Peer Step 7

  8. Use the goop on the wooden disk to make it match the red disk.

  9. Go down the east ladder and use both red disks on the mural to receive the vase lid.

    Peer Step 9

  10. This should give you the lid to a vase.

  11. Now you need something not too heavy and not too light for the balance on the chest.

  12. Using a bucket (gathered from the cupboard) and a jug try to get a bucket that's 4/5ths filled with water. (To get the water for the bucket, use the bucket on the tap which is above the drain).
    1 jug = 3/5 bucket
    Aim: 4/5 bucket

    Use the bucket with tap
    Use bucket on jug
    Empty jug down drain
    Use bucket on jug again you now have an empty bucket and a 2/3 full jug
    Use the bucket with tap
    Use full bucket on 2/3 full jug to get 4/5 bucket of water.

    Peer Step 12

  13. Once you have a 4/5ths full bucket, use it with the scale on the chest to unlock it and you will receive a Vase. Fill the Vase using the tap with water. Now, close the Vase of water with the Vase lid. Use the acquired Sealed vase on the frozen table. The vase will shatter and you will receive a Frozen key. Use the frozen key on the range to melt the ice.

    Peer Step 17

  14. Descend the trapdoor near the frozen table and use the Seers' key on the door to leave the house. Peer the Seer will congratulate you on solving the puzzle and tell you that you have earned his vote.

  15. Once you have the 7 votes, head back to Brundt and claim your reward.

    Quest Complete

Note: Talk to Olaf after finishing the quest and he will tell you a secret: The Enchanted Lyre teleports to Rellekka has been slightly tweaked: offerings of raw shark will now give you 2 teleports to Rellekka before your lyre needs re-enchanting, but offerings of sea turtles and manta rays will allow you 3 or 4 teleports before you need to re-enchant your lyre. Wearing a Ring of Charos (a) allows you to offer a raw bass in place of a raw shark, you will still be given 2 teleports before your lyre needs re-enchanting.

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