Quest Requirements:
Skill/Other Requirements:
40 Mining
40 Smithing
40 Crafting
59 Magic [Boostable: Wizard's Mind Bomb (+3 Magic level boost if Level 50+) and Magic potion (+4 Magic level boost)]
Quests Unlocked/Partially Unlocked by completing this Quest:
Items Needed at Quest Start:
Items Needed to Complete Quest:
Swordfish (Cooked), Salmon (Cooked), Tuna (Cooked), Shrimp (Cooked), Bass (Cooked), 2 cut Rubies, 13 Air runes, 5 Fire runes, 4 Death runes, 4 Earth runes, 3 Water runes, 2 Anti-poison potions, Pickaxe, Armor, Weapon, Necklace mould, Ring mould, and Food.
Items Recommended for Quest:
Teleportation runes for Camelot, Falador and Varrock; and an Amulet of Glory (Charged).
Items Acquired During Quest:
First piece, Second piece, Third piece, 2 Perfect Gold Ore, and 2 Perfect Gold Bars.
Quest Points:
A pair of steel gauntlets and the ability to imbue them with a skill from one of the three brothers.
Start Point:
Southeast of the East Varrock bank.
To Start:
Speak to Dimintheis in a little house southeast of the East bank in Varrock.
  1. Go to the little house southeast of the East bank in Varrock. You should find a man named Dimintheis.


    Talk to him about the family crest. You will need to talk to his sons who has the pieces of the crest. Do them in this order:

    First son:

  2. Talk to Caleb, he is located in a house just northeast of the Catherby bank. Talk to him and he'll give you his piece of the crest if you give him the following cooked fish:

    • Shrimp
    • Salmon
    • Tuna
    • Bass
    • Swordfish


    Note: If you don't have a high enough cooking or fishing level you can just buy the fish.

  3. Give him these fish and he will give you his piece of the crest. He should tell you about the second brother in Al Kharid. If he doesn't, talk to him again and he will tell you to go to the Gem Trader in Al Kharid.

    Second Son:
  4. Talk to the Gem Trader in Al Kharid and he will tell you about a man with a poncey yellow cape, hanging around the gold rock in the Scorpion Pit Chasm mine north of Al Kharid.

    Gem Trader

  5. Talk to this Nobleman and he will tell you that if you want his part of the crest you will need to give him a ruby ring and a ruby necklace made from the finest gold. He will tell you that a dwarf named Boot knows where to find the finest gold.


  6. Enter the Dwarven Mines, below the city of Falador, and talk to the dwarf Boot in the far western corner of the mine. He will tell you that the finest gold can be found in an underground ruin near Witchaven.

    Note: The easiest way to reach Falador is by using the Falador teleport spell (requires 37 Magic).


  7. Make your way to the village of Witchaven, southeast of Ardougne, and descend down the old ruin entrance to the west of the village. Run past some Hobgoblins (level 28) and Ogres (level 53) to a locked chamber, containing the finest gold rocks. To unlock the door, you must pull a set of levers in the dungeon in the following order.

    • Go to the northern wall and pull that lever up.
    • Head into the southern room and pull that lever up.
    • Go back to the northern wall and pull that lever down.
    • Go inside the northern room and pull that lever up.
    • Leave the room and pull the lever on the northern wall up.
    • Go back to the southern room and pull that lever down.

    Note: If you do not know the status of a lever (up or down), then you can use their inspect option to find out. The easiest way to reach Witchaven is by using the Ardougne teleport spell (requires 51 Magic and completion of the Plague City quest) and walking southeast to the village.

    Old Ruin Entrance

  8. Once the door has been unlocked, enter the chamber. Mine two 'perfect' gold ores from the available rocks but avoid the Hellhounds (level 122).

    Perfect Gold Rocks

  9. Smith these ores on a furnace, and now you will have two gold bars. Get your two rubies, a ring mould, a necklace mould, and your two gold bars made from the finest gold. Use a bar on the furnace and make a ruby ring and a ruby necklace.


  10. Return to Al Kharid with your ruby ring and a ruby necklace made from the finest gold and give them to the Nobleman. He will give you his piece, and will tell you about his younger brother.

    Third Son:
  11. For this part you will need a anti-poison potion (it's a good idea to bring two, one for the son and one for you), probably some good armor, a good weapon, all of the runes needed to cast all four blast spells, and either a level 59 magic, or a Wizard's Mind Bomb (can be bought in Falador Bar for 2 coins). A Wizard's Mind Bomb temporarily increases you 3 magic levels, so you can do this part if you have a level 56 magic or higher.

  12. Once you have all of those items go to the Jolly Boar Inn. This is located northeast of Varrock. Look on the world map if you can't find it (it is the big bar). Go inside on the second floor you will find Johnathon in the northwest room.


  13. Talk to him, but he has been poisoned. Use one of your anti-poison potions on him and he will be cured. He will tell you all about the poison spiders, and about Chronozon (Lvl 170) having his piece of the crest. He will tell you that in order to kill Chronozon you will need to cast all of the blast spells on him.

  14. Now get all of the items mentioned in step 1 and go to Edgeville. Head south of the bank into the dungeon marked with a "!" on the map below. Fairly deep into the dungeon, you will find a gate. The gate is protected by a couple of aggressive skeletons. The members only area is known as the 'Wilderness Dungeon'. Chronozon is located in level 3 of the dungeon wilderness, and this area is a non-multi combat area.

  15. Go through the gate and you will first meet some thugs (level 10). Head west and get past the Chaos Druids (level 13). Go north and get past the skeletons (level 45) by heading west into the narrow hallway.

  16. You will need to pass Black Demons (level 172) and some poison spiders (level 64). Once you think you can do it, go west then south.

  17. Now you should be in a room with the Earth Obelisk and Chronozon (level 170). If he hasn't already attacked you, attack him. While you are killing him, you must successfully cast all of the Blast spells, just once (if you miss, it does not count as successfully cast!). If you don't he will regenerate. Protect from melee is recommended. Once you have killed him pick up the crest piece and get out! (Possible way of attack - Hide behind the pillar in the back of the cage, kill any poisonous spiders that have attacked you, cure your poison, and begin casting your spells on Chronozon... He will not attack you this way). You can also bring ranged equipment, stand behind the pillar and cast the spells, then start ranging him down until he is finally dead.


  18. Finishing the Quest: Now that you have all three pieces, put them together and go back and talk to Dimintheis. He will be grateful and will reward you. You can get these enchanted. Look below and remember that you can re-enchant them, but it'll cost you 25k gp for each re-enchant by one of the brothers.

    Quest Complete!

Gauntlets Info:

If you ever die with your gauntlets on, and lose them because of that, then simply talk to Dimintheis and he will give them back for free.

Enhancing the Gauntlets: Go to any son and talk to him. He will enhance the gauntlets for you if you want.

Gauntlet may be enchanted once for free at one of the following sons. After that, each son will charge 25k gp to re-enchant the gauntlets.

Chef: Catherby: Cooking Gauntlets: Burn less food when cooking (ex: At 80 cooking burn an average of 5 sharks per load instead of the normal 14).

Nobleman: Scorpion Pit: Goldsmithing Gauntlets: Gain 56.25 xp to SMITHING when smelting gold instead of the normal 22.5 xp.

Wizard: Jolly Boar Inn: Chaos Gauntlets: Bolt spells have 3 points more Max Damage and hit more often (Ex: Firebolt does 15 max damage instead of the normal 12).

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