Quest Requirements:
Skill/Other Requirements:
Level 57 Herblore (boostable at level 53 with Botanical pie)
Level 49 Farming (boostable at level 46 with Garden pie)
Level 40 Thieving
Ability to defeat a level 145 foe.

Note: Players are not required to meet these requirements to use the fairy rings system. Simply complete small portion of the quest to obtain permission to use them.
Quests Unlocked/Partially Unlocked by completing this Quest:
Items Needed at Quest Start:
Dramen/Lunar staff, Vial of water, Pestle and mortar, Food, Armor, and a Weapon.
Items Needed to Complete Quest:
Waterfilled vial, Fairy Nuff's Certificate (Or you will not be able to make it to Fairy Nuff and the Queen through the fairy rings), Pestle and mortar, Dramen staff, Armor, Weapon, and Food.
Items Recommended for Quest:
Amulet of glory (4).
Items Acquired During Quest:
Nuff's certificate, Queen's secateurs, Star flower, Gorak claws, Gorak claw powder, Magic essence (unf), and Magic essence.
Quest Points:
3,500 Herblore Xp, 2,500 Thieving Xp, Use of Fairy Rings, XP Lamp that gives 2,500 xp to any skill, and the ability to make Magic Essence, which raises Magic by 3 without the side effects of ale.
Start Point:
Martin the Master Gardener, just north of the village square in Draynor Village.
To Start:
Speak to Martin.
  1. Head to Draynor Village's market square and tell Martin the Master Gardener what you have learned during the Fairy Tale Part I. He will ask you to come back a little later to check how his harvest of crops is going. After a few minutes, Martin will tell you that his crops are still not growing and that you should solve this problem. Agree to investigate the problem.

    Note: If you pickpocket Martin the Master Gardener one hour or less before trying to start the quest you will not be able to accept the quest! You will need to wait a hour after pickpocketing him before being able to talk to him!

    Martin the Master Gardener

  2. Leave Draynor Village and head southeast into the Lumbridge Swamp. Equip the Dramen/Lunar staff and travel to the city of Zanaris by entering the shed in the center of the swamp.

  3. Once inside the city, enter Fairy Nuff's clinic north of the bank and a cut scene will occur in which you find the clinic completely trashed. Pick up Nuff's certificate from the floor. Select the study option on the certificate to find some strange writings on the back. If you ever lose the certificate, you can get a new one by searching the shelves again.

    Fairy Nuff's Clinic

  4. Show Nuff's certificate to the Fairy chef near the range south of the bank. She will tell you that she has seen similar symbols on a sign near the mysterious ruins, leading to the cosmic altar.

    Fairy Chef

  5. Head to the Cosmic altar and read the small rune temple sign near the southern wall. The symbols on the sign, similar to those on Nuff's certificate, stand for "Cosmic Rune Altar." With this knowledge you will be able to decipher the message on the back of Nuff's certificate. The translation of the symbols reads as follows: "The godfather attacked us. We have fled to safety. If you are loyal to her majesty, find us by using coordinates 'AIR DLR DJQ AJS'."

    Rune Temple Sign

  6. After having deciphered the message, talk to the Fairy Godfather, in the throne room near the slayer master Chaeldar, and ask him where the Fairy Queen is. He will then give you the permission to use the Fairy Rings and request that you find her.

    Fairy Godfather

  7. Leave the throne room and talk to the Co-ordinator just north of it about the Fairy Rings. She will tell you how busy she is and will then tell you a short story of how the fairies came to Zanaris and how the Fairy Queen created the Fairy Rings. The Co-ordinator will then briefly explain to you how to use the rings.

  8. Equip the Dramen/Lunar staff and head to the Fairy Ring to the southwest of the wheat field.

    Note: From now on you can use the Fairy Rings without completing the quest if you don't have the requirements.

  9. Use the ring and input the coordinates "AIR". You will be transported to a small island, south of Witchaven. Use the Fairy Ring to return to Zanaris and enter the coordinates "DLR". You will appear on a small island in the middle of the Poison Waste, west of the Castle Wars arena. Return through the Fairy Ring and enter the coordinates "DJQ". This time, you will be appear only a few of feet away from the main Fairy Ring where and you make remark about the power of fairy magic. Walk back to the ring and enter the coordinates AJS. This sequence of coordinates will take you to the Fairy Queen's hideout.

    Note: You must have Nuff's certificate in your inventory when using the Fairy Rings or you will not be able to reach the hideout, but instead will appear on a small island with penguins. If you have the certificate and have entered the code correctly, but still appear on the island, make sure you have followed Step 5 correctly and have all of the requirements to complete the quest.

  10. Go to the infirmary in the northeastern corner of the hideout and talk to Fairy Nuff. During the conversation, Fairy Very Wise will join in. They will tell what is going on and will ask you to pickpocket the Queen's secateurs from the Fairy Godfather.

    Fairy Nuff

  11. Return to Zanaris through the Fairy Ring and pickpocket the Queen's secateurs from the Fairy Godfather. Make sure you do that from behind or the side, so that his henchmen are not looking directly at you. Head back to the hideout, using the sequence of coordinates you previously used to find it, and give Queen's secateurs to Fairy Nuff. She will then tell you to make a Magic essence potion and to use it on the Fairy Queen. To make a Magic essence potion, you will need a Star flower and Gorak claw powder.

    Note: If you fail to pickpocket the Fairy Godfather, you will be teleported out of Zanaris.

  12. Go back to the main Fairy Ring and enter the coordinates "CKP" to appear on the cosmic plane where Star flowers grow. Pick a Star flower and leave through the Fairy Ring.

    Star Flower

  13. Leave and then input the code "DIR" in the Fairy ring, making sure you have a weapon and armour.

  14. Prepare yourself to battle with a Gorak and enter the coordinates "DIR" in the Fairy ring. When you have teleported, kill a Gorak and it will drop Gorak claws.

    Note: Your protection prayers won't be effective against Goraks.

  15. Input the codes again to get back to the Fairy Queen's hideout. Talk to Fairy Nuff with all supplies in your inventory. Use the Star flower with the Vial of water to make a Magic essence (unf). Grind the Gorak claws with your Pestle and mortar, and add the Gorak claw powder to the Magic essence (unf) to create a Magic essence potion. Talk with Fairy Nuff again, then proceed to use the potion on the Fairy Queen.

  16. Use the potion on the Fairy Queen and then talk to her about the Godfather taking over.

    Congratulations! Quest Complete!

    Quest Complete

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