Quest Requirements:
Skill/Other Requirements:
Ability to defeat a level 111 monster
High Farming would be an advantage.
Quests Unlocked/Partially Unlocked by completing this Quest:
Items Needed at Quest Start:
Dramen/Lunar staff, Spade, Ghostspeak amulet, Secateurs, Food, Armor, Weapon and 3 random items (see list in step 9 of the guide).
Items Needed to Complete Quest:
Items Recommended for Quest:
Amulet of Glory, Ectophial, Teleport method to Falador, Lumbridge and Varrock.
Items Acquired During Quest:
Symptoms list, Draynor skull, Magic secateurs, and Queen's secateurs.
Quest Points:
3,500 Farming XP, 2,000 Attack XP, 1,000 Magic XP, and a pair of Magic secateurs.
Start Point:
Draynor Village market.
To Start:
Talk to Martin the Master Gardener.
  1. Talk to Martin the Master Gardener in Draynor Village market and you'll learn that he has a big problem to worry about. Ask him if there is anything you can help with. He will inform you about the decreased yield on his Mister Lincoln rose bushes. Martin suspects that they are diseased and tells you that not only his crops have been affected. Almost every other gardener seems to have the same problem. When he asks you if have noticed a drop in your yield, inform him that you are having the same issues. Martin will then request that you find out what is causing the problem and to deal with it.

    Step 1

  2. Talk to 5 gardners near the patches of your choice and ask them if they are a member of the Group of Advanced Gardeners. Each one will give you a different explanation for the problem. The 5th gardner will say that it is the work of the fairies.

    Note: The five nearest gardners to Draynor Village are:

    • Frizzy Skernip - Spirit tree patch in Port Sarim
    • Elstan - South Falador allotment patch
    • Fayeth - Lumbridge tree patch
    • Dreven - Champions' Guild bush patch
    • Heskel - Falador Park tree patch
    Step 2

  3. Return to Martin and mention the theories you have heard from the gardners. He thinks that the story about the fairies is most likely to have happened and asks you to talk to a fairy. Leave Draynor Village and head into the Lumbridge Swamp. Equip the Dramen/Lunar staff and travel to the city of Zanaris by entering the shed in the center of the swamp.

    Step 3

  4. Once inside the city, walk south to the throne room. Talk to the Fairy Godfather and ask him where the Fairy Queen is. He will inform you that she, the guardian of the Fairy world, is sick. The Godfather will explain to you that she became sick during her fight with Tanglefoot. He will then direct you to Fairy Nuff, who is taking care of the Fairy Queen.

    Step 4

  5. Speak with Fairy Nuff, at her clinic north of the bank, and she will tell you the details of the queen's illness. Nuff will then give you a Symptoms list that you must take to Zandar Horfyre, a mage who has spent many years studying magical illnesses.

    Step 5

  6. Zandar is at the top of the Dark Wizard tower west of Falador. You can use the agility shortcut west of the bank to get there quickly. Give him the symptom list and he will talk about fairies and magic. After that he will send you to a person named Malignus Mortifer, a necromancer near Port Sarim who knows how to kill a Tanglefoot(Lvl 98).

    Step 6

  7. Malignus can be found northwest of Port Sarim's rune shop. He will agree to tell you how to kill a Tanglefoot if you give him a skull from a grave north of Draynor Manor.

    Step 7

  8. Travel to Draynor Manor, north of Draynor Village, and use your spade on the grave near the northern fence to obtain a Draynor skull. Give the skull to Malignius Mortifer, who in his turn will tell you that you need a pair of enchanted secateurs to defeat the Tanglefoot. To obtain one, you must give the Nature Spirit 3 random items along with a pair of Secateurs and ask him to perform the ritual of Phasma Phasmatis Natura. (NOTE: If players have food items to bring to the nature spirit, they can use a Mort'myre teleport (bought from grand exchange) to teleport beside barrows and run up to the nature spirit that way. This path does not take longer than going through the swamp and it will allow players to avoid having to interact with ghasts completely, removing the risk and removing the need to bring druid pouches.)

    Step 8

  9. When you have gathered all of the required items, head to small circular island in southwestern corner of the Mort Myre swamp. Jump across the bridge and enter the grotto. Equip the Ghostspeak amulet and ask the Nature Spirit to enchant the Secateurs. He will perform the ritual and give you the Magic secateurs.

    Step 9

    Note: The 3 required items differ from player to player (see list below for all possible items). Ghasts that reside in the swamp have the ability to rot any food that you are carrying. If one of the items is a piece of food, then it is advised to bring a Druid pouch to protect yourself against the attacks of these Ghasts.

    Clean avantoe, Baby dragon bones, Blue Dragon Scale, Charcoal, Crushed gemstone, Edible seaweed, Fat snail, Grapes, Clean irit leaf, Jangerberries, Jogre bones, King worm, Lime, Mort myre fungi, Mort Myre mushroom, Mort myre pear, Mort myre stem, Nature talisman, Potato cactus, Proboscis, Raw Cave eel, Red spiders eggs, Red vine worm, Raw Slimey Eel, Snapdragon, Snape grass, Supercompost, Uncut diamond, Uncut ruby, Unopened oyster, Valencia moss, and White berries.

  10. Head to the Cosmic Altar located south of Zanaris (Near the shady grove) and enter the shady grove to the west of it. Follow the path, ignoring the Baby tanglefeet (Level 45), until you come to a large room. Wield the Magic secateurs and attack Tanglefoot (level 111). When defeated it will drop the Queen's secateurs.

    Note: The damage dealt is based on your Farming level - The higher it is, the more damage you'll deal.

    Step 10

  11. Pick up the Queen's secateurs and take them to the Fairy Godfather.

    Congratulations! Quest Complete!

    Note: After finishing the quest, talk to Martin again and he will say he has another reward for you but you will have to wait until his crops have grown to get it.

    Quest Complete

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