Quest Requirements:
Skill/Other Requirements:
27 Hunter
Quests Unlocked/Partially Unlocked by completing this Quest:
Items Needed at Quest Start:
Swamp tar, Yellow dye, and 50 coins.
Items Needed to Complete Quest:
Items Recommended for Quest:
Teleport runes to Varrock and Ardougne.
Items Acquired During Quest:
Bird Book, Metal Feather, 10 Eagle Feathers, 2 Eagle Capes, 2 Fake Beaks, a Bronze Feather, Silver Feather, Gold Feather, Odd Bird Seed, and a Ferret.
Quest Points:
2,500 Hunter XP, the ability to catch ferrets and rabbits, and the ability to ride the eagles from Eagle's Peak.
Start Point:
Ardougne Zoo.
To Start:
Speak to Charlie the zookeeper.
  1. Speak to Charlie the zookeeper in Ardougne zoo. He will explain how a northern ferret managed to escape and how he sent one of his associates, a huntsman named Nickolaus, to capture another northern ferret for the zoo. Unfortunately, he has not been heard from since. Charlie will ask you to go to Eagles' Peak.

    Step 1

  2. Head over to Eagles' Peak. It is located to the west of the Tree Gnome Stronghold, northwest of your present location. To the north of Eagle's peak, you will find a campsite. Inspect the books there to find a Bird book. Read it to obtain a Metal feather.

    Step 2

  3. Now go to the top of Eagles' Peak (if you have 25 Agility, you can use the Agility shortcut to save some time). Inspect the rocky outcrop at the top and then use the Metal feather on it to open up a secret passageway.

    Step 3

  4. Enter the cave and head east at the split in the path, then walk south. A cut-scene with Nickolaus will then occur. Nickolaus will ask you to make a Eagle disguise to help him escape the eagles' nest.

    Step 4

  5. Pick up 10 Eagle feathers and then go to east Varrock to speak with the Fancy Dress Shop Owner.

    Step 5a

    Ask him about bird costumes and he will offer to make the costume for you, if you provide him with 10 Eagle feathers, 1 Yellow dye, 1 Swamp tar, and 50 gold coins. Talk to him again and give him the supplies. He will give you 2 Eagle capes and 2 Fake beaks.

    Step 5b

  6. Return to Nickolaus and speak to him. Afterwards, walk around to the south side and attempt to open the stone door. The door will be locked, and you will need a Bronze feather, Silver feather, and Golden feather to open it and enter the nest.

    Step 6

  7. Here is how to get the three feathers:


    Enter the cave to the southwest, and try to take the Bronze feather. You will trigger a trap and the feather and pedestal will become out of reach.

    Step 7 bronze a

    To lower it again, operate the four winches in the corners of the room. Once finished, take the Bronze feather and leave the room.

    Step 7 bronze b


    Enter the northwestern cave. Inspect the pedestal and follow the prints. Inspect nearby rocks to learn more about where the prints lead to.

    Step 7 silver a

    Eventually you will be near an Opening. Inspect it and a level 13 Kebbit will run out and attack you. Kill it to obtain the Silver feather, then return to the previous room.

    Step 7 silver b


    Enter the northeastern cave and grab 6 Odd bird seeds from the Birdseed holder. Here is a map to help you out with the next steps. The step numbers correspond with the map numbers.


    1. Pull down lever.
    2. Use Odd Bird Seeds on Bird Feeder.
    3. Use Odd Bird Seeds on Bird Feeder.
    4. Pull down lever.
    5. Use Odd Bird Seeds on Bird Feeder
    6. Pull down lever.
    7. Push up lever.
    8. Use Odd Bird Seeds on the Bird Feeder
    9. Pull down lever.
    10. Use Odd Bird Seeds on the Bird Feeder.
    11. Use Odd Bird Seeds on the Bird Feeder.
    12. Take the Golden feather from the pedestal.
    NOTE: If you make a mistake, you can reset the puzzle by exiting the room and pulling the reset lever.

    Step 7 gold

  8. After obtaining all three feathers, head back to the stone door and insert them in it. You will now be able to go through the stone door whenever you want.

  9. Make sure you are wearing your Fake beak and Eagle cape, then walk past the giant eagle. Now speak to Nickolaus, and agree to meet him outside at the campsite.

    Step 9

  10. Make your way to the campsite and speak to Nickolaus. A cutscene will ensue showing you how to catch a ferret.

    Step 10

  11. Finally, return to Charlie at the Ardougne Zoo with your newly captured ferret.

    Congratulations! Quest Complete!

    Quest Complete

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