Quest Requirements:
Skill/Other Requirements:
31 Herblore
47 Agility is a big advantage.
Quests Unlocked/Partially Unlocked by completing this Quest:
Items Needed at Quest Start:
Climbing Boots, 10 Grain, 5 Raw Chickens, Pineapple Chunks, Vodka, 2 Logs, Tinderbox, Water Filled Vial, Clean ranarr, and a Pestle and Mortar.
Items Needed to Complete Quest:
Items Recommended for Quest:
Ardougne teleport method, Stamina pot(s), and a Games necklace.
Items Acquired During Quest:
Alco-chunks, Drunk parrot, Dirty robes, Troll thistle, Dried thistle, Ground thistle, Troll potion, Fake man, Burnt meat, Storeroom key, and Goutweed.
Quest Points:
11,000 Herblore experience, the ability to teleport to Trollheim (level 61 Magic to use and requires 2 Law and 2 Fire Runes).
Start Point:
To Start:
Speak to Sanfew.
  1. To start the Quest, first speak to Sanfew in his house in Taverley. Ask him if he has another quest for you. He asks you to collect a herb called goutweed for him, but he doesn't know where it exactly is. He'll refer you to Mad Eadgar, who lives in a cave near the Troll Stronghold.

    Step 1

  2. Go to the Spiral Mountain near the Troll Stronghold. This is where your level 47 agility comes in handy. If you've got level 47 agility, use the shortcuts to get to Trollheim easily. Note that if you have between 41 and 47 agility, you may be able to use a few of the lower shortcuts. Try taking advantage of these too if you can. If you don't have the appropriate agility level, you'll have to go around the mountain to find the correct way. Note that if you click on the place where Eadgar lives, you'll automatically walk through the spiral maze. Watch out for the rock throwing trolls though, use protect from missiles if you've got 40 prayer.

    Step 3

  3. Go into the cave and talk to Eadgar. Ask him about goutweed. He'll tell you this is an ingredient the troll cooks often use. He'll tell you to go to a troll cook and ask him about it.

    Step 4

  4. Go inside the troll stronghold and then go south until you see some stairs going down. Go down the stairs and talk to Burntmeat, the troll cook. Ask him about the goutweed. He'll ask for some tasty human in exchange, as he's bored of goat.

    Step 5

  5. Go back to Eadgar and talk about Burntmeat's offer. Eadgar will tell you he has a plan and requires you to get a parrot from the Ardougne Zoo.

  6. Teleport (or walk) to Ardougne and go to the zoo. Talk to Parroty Pete. Ask him about their food and how long they've been here. Pete will tell you about the pineapple chunks and the vodka. Now it's time to use your vodka on the pineapple chunks. Use the alco-chunks on the Aviary Hatch and you'll catch a (drunk) parrot. You'll automatically offer to bring him to a vet.

    Step 7

  7. Go back to Eadgar and give him the parrot. He'll tell you you'll need to create a sort of 'scarecrow'. You need to make him look like a human, smell like a human, taste like a human and talk like a human.
    • Talk like a human: You need to hide him somewhere where he learns to talk like the trolls expect him to.
    • Look like a human: You'll need 10 pieces of grain and one log for his body.
    • Smell like a human: You'll need some dirty robes. Sanfew might know more.
    • Taste like a human: You'll need 5 raw chickens, because everything tastes like chicken!

  8. First, go to the Troll Stronghold and descend to the prisons (the place where you rescued Mad Eadgar). North of the cells you'll notice a searchable rack. Put the parrot in the rack so it'll learn how to talk (scream) like a human. Leave it there.

    Step 9

  9. Now go towards Taverley and go to the druid washing his robes in the river. Ask for his robes. He'll refuse to give them to you. Tell him Sanfew wouldn't be happy or threaten him. He'll give you the robes.

    Step 10

  10. Make sure you have 10 grain, 5 raw chicken, one log and the dirty robes with you. It's advised to fill up the rest with food. Now head for Eadgar's Cave. Give him the items and he'll tell you you'll need a Troll Truth Potion, as the trolls may lie about the goutweed. You'll need a dried, ground Troll Thistle, a Ranarr Weed and a water-filled vial.

  11. Go outside Eadgar's cave and search the patches of grass until you find the Troll Thistle. If you've brought logs and a tinderbox, make a fire and use the Troll Thistle on it. If you don't have those items, go down to the entrance of the Troll Stronghold and use it on the fire near the entrance. Now use your pestle and mortar with the dried thistle. Use the Ranarr Weed with the water-filled vial. Use the ground thistle with the unfinished potion. You now have successfully created a Troll Truth Potion!

    Step 12

  12. Give the potion to Eadgar. He'll tell you to fetch the parrot. Go back to the Troll Stronghold Prisons and search the rack. You'll find a parrot talking about his spleen. Apparently he has heard enough, so take him back to Eadgar. Eadgar will give you a fake man.

  13. Go back to the Troll Stronghold and give the fake man to Burntmeat. He'll reward you with the first thing he ever cooked: burnt meat. Ask him about the goutweed. He'll tell you the key is stored in the fake bottom of the kitchen drawers. Go to the kitchen drawers which are east of Burntmeat, and take the key. Now go north, down the stairs.

    Step 14

  14. Use the key on the storeroom door. Now comes the tricky part. You need to get to the other side of the Store Room without being seen/hit by trolls. A good strategy is to follow the trolls around until you see a safe place (these are easy recognizable, they're in the middle of the room.) Wait for a good moment and then continue further into the room. When you grab the goutweed, you'll be noticed and thrown out of the room.

    Step 15

  15. Return to Sanfew and collect your reward.

    Quest Complete

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