Quest Requirements:
Skill/Other Requirements:
Quests Unlocked/Partially Unlocked by completing this Quest:
Items Needed at Quest Start:
Items Needed to Complete Quest:
Asgarnian ale, 500 coins, 10 Trout (cooked), 10 Bread, Iron bar
Items Recommended for Quest:
Games necklace and Blurberry special
Items Acquired During Quest:
IOU slip and Certificate of acceptance.
Quest Points:
3k attack xp, the ability to make claws depending on your smithing level, a pair of steel claws, and membership to the Imperial Forces.
Start Point:
Imperial Guard training camp in Burthorpe, North of the Hero's Guild
To Start:
Speak to Denulth
  1. Speak to Denulth and begin the quest. He will ask you to help find another way up the Death Plateau and to find the combination the guard lost. Head to the nearby castle to the north and go upstairs.

    Step 1

  2. Talk to Eohric on the top floor of the castle and select the option "I'm looking for the guard that was on last night." He will tell you his name is Harold and he is at the Toad and Chicken Inn.

    Step 2

  3. Go back outside the castle and head south and a little east to the inn. Head upstairs and go to the west-most room and enter it. Speak to Harold about the lost combination but he will tell you he doesn't want to talk about it.

    Step 3

  4. Go back and speak to Eohric in the castle and he tells you that Harold will open up a bit if you give him a drink and that he also likes gambling. If you haven't already, go buy an Asgarnian ale at the inn and give it to Harold.

    Note: Although it's optional, if you have brought a Blurberry special with you, talk to Harold and ask whether he would like another drink. Give him the Blurberry special, allowing you to automatically win the gamble.

  5. Now gamble him 500 coins or more to get an IOU once you win the gamble. Read the IOU and find out that on the back of it is the combination. Go back to the castle and pick up the colored stone balls. Place them in the order shown below.

    Note: Do not drop the IOU, as you will need it later in the quest. Should you lose it by any chance, you can get a new IOU by talking to Harold.

    Step 5

  6. Head upstairs and speak to the archer. He will thank you for finding the right combination. Now go back and speak to Denulth. He says now you need to find the way to the plateau. Head northwest up the path towards Death Plateau, and you will see a cave. Enter it and talk to Saba.

    Step 6

  7. He tells you to find the Sherpa.

    Step 7

    How To find the Sherpa:
    • Journey up to the Death Plateau until you see a wounded soldier.
    • As soon as you see him walk west on the southern path.
    • There is a door at the end, knock on it, and Tenzing the Sherpa will let you in if you tell him that you are not the milkman.
  8. Ask him about the path leading up the plateau and he will say that there is one but he will not tell you until you run an errand for him. He will then request that you bring him 10 cooked trout and 10 bread and that you also must fix his climbing boots at the blacksmith, Dunstan.

    Step 8

  9. Head over to the blacksmith, east of the castle, and speak with Dunstan. He refuses to fix the boots since Tenzing has not yet given him the payment for the previous pair of boots. He eventually says he will fix them if you get his son into the army.

    Step 9

  10. Talk to Denulth and you will receive a certificate which will allow Dunstan's son to be in the army. Head back to Dunstan and give him the certificate. He will say that he will fix the boots if you bring him an iron bar. Give him the iron bar and the boots and he will give you the fixed boots.

  11. Go back to Tenzing with the 10 bread, 10 cooked trout, and the repaired boots. He will then give you a map which shows the secret path up the plateau. Exit the back of his house to the North and then follow the path straight.

  12. After a tedious amount of walking, you will receive a message that you have walked far enough and that you should go back to Denulth.
    Note From here, you may walk back, or use the Games Necklace teleport to Burthrope.

  13. Speak with Denulth, and give him the Secret Way Map and the combination for your reward.

    Quest Complete

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