Quest Requirements:
Skill/Other Requirements:
42 Agility
45 Crafting
50 Smithing
40 Ranged
Quests Unlocked/Partially Unlocked by completing this Quest:
Items Needed at Quest Start:
Items Needed to Complete Quest:
Items Recommended for Quest:
You will need 2 Ecto-tokens and Ghostspeak amulet if you have not completed Ghost's Ahoy to access Port Phasmatys, or 3500 coins to charter a ship. You should also take some food if you are a low level.
Quest Points:
7k Smithing xp, 7k Crafting xp, 7k Agility xp, a Little book of Piracy, and 10k gp if you talk to Bill Teach at the end.
Start Point:
Port Phasmatys Inn.
To Start:
Talk to Bill Teach.
  1. Talk to Bill Teach in the Port Phasmatys Inn and he will tell you that he needs a pirate to sail with him. He will ask you if you want to be a pirate. Answer yes.

    Note: You should bring Ectotokens along with a Ghostspeak amulet if you haven't completed the Ghosts Ahoy quest, or you may also charter a ship from Catherby or Port Sarim with 3500 coins (requiring no ectotokens).

    Bill Teach

  2. He will ask you if you are a man/woman of your word. Answer yes again. He will then tell you to board the Adventurous for a trip to Mos Le'Harmless. His Ship is located on the eastern most dock. Board it and speak to Bill. He will ask you if you are ready to go.

    Bill Teach

  3. You will now see a cutscene in which the ship gets attacked. The captain will tell you to ruin the other ships cannon.

    Ship Holes

  4. Go fetch a fuse from the gun locker, two ropes from the repair locker, and a tinderbox next to the plunder chest in the back of the ship.


  5. Go upstairs and climb the climbing net. Once there, attach the rope to the hoisting sail. When this is done you will automatically jump over to the other ship.

  6. Now go take some gunpowder from the barrel next to the cannon. Use the fuse with the barrel, and then light the fuse with a tinderbox or a lantern. The barrel will blow up. Next, go up this ship's climbing rope, attach the other rope to it and then jump back to your ship. Talk to Bill again once you are over.

    Powder Barrel

  7. He will tell you to fix the holes in the ship. Go downstairs and fetch some planks, tacks, a hammer, and swamp paste. First use a plank with the hole, and then some swamp paste. Repeat this on the other holes until the ship is patched up.

    Repairing the hull

  8. Now go upstairs and talk to Bill again. He will tell you to plunder the other ship. If you don't have any rope, go fetch 2-4 from the repair locker downstairs.

  9. Tie the rope to the mast again and swing over to the other ship. On the other ship, go downstairs and plunder the plunder-chest, ransack the barrel, and loot the crate. Head back up and return to your ship and put the plunder in the plunder-chest downstairs.

    Plunder Chest

  10. Now go back to the other ship and get the last plunder. You need 10 total. You couldn't get it all before since it has to respawn. Once you have the last of it, return to your ship, put the plunder in the plunder-chest, and then go talk to Bill.

  11. He will tell you to repair the cannon and then use it to fill the other ship's crew with holes. Go downstairs and fetch a cannon barrel. Go back upstairs and repair the broken cannon by simply clicking on it.

    Repairing the Cannon

  12. Talk to Bill again and he will tell you to get a cannister, a fuse, and a ramrod. Go downstairs and get those and then take some gunpowder from the keg on the deck. Put the gunpowder in the cannon and ram it down with the ramrod. Next, put in the canister and the fuse and fire the cannon when a Pirate (level 57) is within reach.

    Note: If you miss, you must repeat this step. If you do not ram down the Gunpowder or clean the cannon before firing, the cannon will blow up and you will have to repair it again.

    Firing the Cannon

  13. You must now clean the cannon with the ramrod and then talk to Bill again. He will tell you that you need to fire cannonballs at the other ship three times to sink her. Go into the hold and get 3 cannonballs and 3 fuses and on the deck get 3 lots of gunpowder.

  14. Again, put the gunpowder in the cannon and ram it down, then put in the cannonball and the fuse, and finally fire the cannon. Clean it out with the ram rod and repeat the process. If the cannon explodes, go downstairs, get a cannon barrel and repair it.

  15. When you have hit the ship three times, the ship will sail to Mos Le'Harmless where you will see a cutscene.

    Note: If you logout the number of times you have hit the other ship so far will reset.

  16. Once you arrive, you will be awarded.

    Congratulations! Quest Complete!

    Quest Complete

    Note: If you talk to Bill Teach again he will give you 10k gp for helping him with the ship.

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