Quest Requirements:
Skill/Other Requirements:
5 Fletching
30 Cooking
30 Ranged
Quests Unlocked/Partially Unlocked by completing this Quest:
Items Needed at Quest Start:
Items Needed to Complete Quest:
Chisel, Axe (any), Knife, 100-150 Feathers, and 4-5 wolf bones (can be obtained during the quest).

Only three of the following six items: Onion, Doogle Leaf, Tomato, Cabbage, Equa leaf or a Potato. This is dependent on which three seasoning items you are assigned during the quest. The three items differ from player to player, and can easily be obtained during the quest.
Items Recommended for Quest:
Armor and a Weapon (if you are a low level).
Items Acquired During Quest:
Wolfbone arrowtips, Achey tree logs, Ogre arrow shafts, Flighted ogre arrows, Ogre arrows, Ogre bellows, Bloated toad, Ogre bow, Raw chompy, Bones, Feathers, and a Seasoned chompy.
Quest Points:
About 735 ranged xp, 262 xp fletching, 1470 xp cooking, ogre bow, and the ability to make Ogre arrows.
Start Point:
Feldip Hills area, southeast of Ogre city Gu'Tanoth, south of Yanille
To Start:
Talk to Rantz
  1. Talk to Rantz at the northeastern corner of the Feldip Hills and he will ask you to make him some "Stabbers", which are Ogre arrows. Agree to help him. To make these arrows you will need Wolfbone arrowtips, Ogre arrow shafts and Feathers.

    Note: He will not accept premade Ogre arrows, meaning that you will have to make them during the quest.

    Step 1

  2. Use Chisel on your Wolf bones to craft them into Wolfbone arrowtips (kill some of the nearby wolves if you need bones). Next, chop down a few of the nearby Achey trees to obtain Achey tree logs and fletch them into Ogre arrow shafts using a Knife. Finally, attach the Wolfbone arrowtips and Feathers to the Ogre arrow shafts. It is advised to make at least 15 to 20 arrows (Depending on your Ranged level) because Rantz will take 6 off of you and you will need the remaining for later use.

    Step 3

  3. Return to Rantz and give him the 6 Ogre arrows. He will tell about the bait and his kids playing with Swamp toads. Make sure you ask Rantz all of the possible question, otherwise you won't be able to complete the next step.

  4. Now you will need to bait the Chompy Bird, go to the cave that is a bit north of Rantz, go in and talk to the 2 ogres in there, Fycie and Bugs they are his children.

    Step 10

  5. When you finish talking to them, go search the Chest in the north west of the cave. You lose ONE strength point if you fail this.

  6. You will get an Ogre bellows, now go to the swamp just west of Rantz (lower level players should beware the Wolves). There are some bubbles coming out of the swamp, use the bellows with the bubbles to fill the bellows with gas.

    Step 11

  7. Now use the bellows with the Swamp toads around the area. The toad will fill with gas and grow big and then the toad will automatically get placed in your inventory. You will need 3 toads full of gas. (You can't get more than 3 at a time, but expert Chompy hunters say to inflate 3, then drop them and quickly inflate 3 more. However, they can't be picked back up.)

  8. When you have the fatsy toadsies, go to Rantz and he will tell you to drop the toads with gas south of him. An arrow will appear that points to the Chompy Hunting Grounds south of Rantz, drop the toads in the area where he showed you.

    Step 13

  9. When you have dropped the toads go back to Rantz and he will shoot at the bird but he won't hit it and will blame it on your arrows. Tell him you want to try it, if you ask him enough times you will get an Ogre bow.

    Step 14

  10. Now if you didn't make extra arrows above, you will need more arrows so do the steps above again to make at least 5 arrows.


  11. If you made the extra arrows ahead of time, you can skip this part and just start shooting the Chompy bird that Rantz was shooting, instead of going through all of the process of collecting toads over again. If not, after you make the arrows, get 3 more Toads per the above instructions and drop them the same place as Rantz told you before. Walk away a few feet to allow the birds to get at the toads. The Chompy will fly down near the toads you placed there; shoot it.

    Step 17

  12. When it dies, go pluck it. When you have plucked the Chompy, there will be a raw Chompy Bird on the ground with some bones and some feathers. Grab the feathers if you wish to make more arrows, and take the raw Chompy Bird to Rantz.

    Step 18

  13. Rantz will tell you that you have to cook the bird for him. He will also tell you how he wants it cooked (what he wants on the cooked Chompy bird), and tells you to go ask his sons for their food orders, too. Make a note of the food items you need. The sons are still in the cave north of Rantz. The items needed varies each time between these food items: Cabbage, Tomato, Potato (can be bought at the Yanille food store 1gp each), Onion, Equa leaves, or Doogle leaves.

  14. The food items can be found around the Ogre city area and around the area where Rantz is:
    • Equa leaves: Southeast of the above mentioned hunting grounds.
    • Onion: West of the swamp, near an everlasting fire.
    • Doogle leaves: West of the swamp, there is a group of 4 respawns.
    • Tomato: West of the swamp, on a stool.
    • Potato: Pick a Potato plant near the Equa leaves to receive a potato.
    • Cabbage: Near the Equa leaves and Tomato.
  15. When you get the required ingredients, go north of Rantz and south of the cave, there is a special Fire there with a roasting spit. Use the Raw Chompy bird on the fire and it will cook the bird with the ingredients.

    Step 21

  16. When you have cooked the bird, go to Rantz and talk to him.

Congratulations! Quest complete!.

Quest Complete

After you've completed the quest, you can hunt Chompy birds any time you like, using your Ogre bow (or Ogre composite bow from Zogre Flesh Eaters quest) and Ogre arrows. Collect swamp gas with your Ogre bellows, then inflate Swamp toads for bait.

You get a rank corresponding to the amount of Chompy birds you've killed after completing the quest. After each Chompy kill your character automatically puts a mark on your Ogre bow (Ogre composite bow will automatically have same markings). To check your number of kills and rank, right click on your Ogre bow and choose "Check Kills".

You can also get cool hats depending upon your number of kills. Talk to Rantz to receive the following hats when you reach a rank:

Rank # Picture of Hat Ranks # of Kills Needed
1 No Hat Ogre Novice 1
2 No Hat Beginner 5
3 No Hat Ogre Learner 15
4 No Hat Learner 20
5 hat pic Ogre Bowman 30
6 hat pic Bowman 40
7 hat pic Ogre Yeoman 50
8 hat pic Yeoman 70
9 hat pic Ogre Marksman 95
10 hat pic Marksman 125
11 hat pic Ogre Woodsman 170
12 hat pic Woodsman 225
13 hat pic Ogre Forester 300
14 hat pic Forester 400
15 hat pic Ogre Bowmaster 550
16 hat pic Bowmaster 700
17 hat pic Ogre Expert 1000
18 hat pic Expert 1300
19 hat pic Ogre Dragon Archer 1700
20 hat pic Dragon Archer 2250
21 hat pic Expert Ogre
Dragon Archer
22 hat pic Expert Dragon Archer 4000

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