Quest Requirements:
Skill/Other Requirements:
30 Defence
50 Smithing (Boostable)
40 Mining (Boostable)
Must be able to defeat a level 75 to 125 enemy.
Items Needed at Quest Start:
Items Needed to Complete Quest:
Pickaxe, Coins (about 5K would be enough), 4 Gold bars, 1 Cannonball mould, and a Hammer.
Quest Points:
A golden helmet, the ability to mine gold inside, 5k defense xp, 5k Mining xp, 5K Smithing xp, and a rune pickaxe.
Start Point:
The Keldagrim mines east of Rellekka and north of the Mountain Camp.
To Start:
Speak to Dondakan, standing by his cannon in the northwest area of the mines.
  1. Go to The Keldagrim mines, northeast of Rellekka. Enter the cave and then go through another entrance flanked by two dwarf statues to reach a small dock. Talk to the Dwarven Ferryman to take you across which will cost 2 coins or be free if you have a ring of charos (a) equipped.

    Step 1aStep 1

  2. Once on the other side, head east across a bridge and then north to another bridge. Walk across the second bridge and talk to Dondakan the Dwarf near his cannon. Ask him why he is firing a cannon at a wall and agree to help him find out what is inside the rock.

    Step 2

  3. Go back to the Dwarven Ferryman and he will take you back across for 2gp. Walk back up the path and talk to the Dwarven Boatman and have him take you to Keldagrim.

  4. Once there, cross the bridge to the western part of Keldagrim and talk to the librarian, in the building next of the bridge, about impenetrable rocks. He will direct you to the Dwarf Engineer at Wemund's Wrench Warehouse (Within the palace walls near the anvil icon on your minimap).

  5. Enter the temple, the big building in the center of the city, and talk to the Dwarf Engineer at Wemund's Wrench Warehouse. You will be told to speak with Rolad located at the Dwarven camp in the Ice Mountain.

    Step 3

  6. Travel to the dwarven base on the foot of the Ice Mountain, north of Falador, and talk to Rolad in the eastern building. He will ask you to search for three book pages that are found in the Dwarven Mines and gives you information about impenetrable rocks.

    Book page 1: Kill a Scorpion or a King scorpion - you may have to kill several to obtain it. Book page 2: Search the mining carts. Book page 3: Mine a rock of your choice except Adamant rocks - you may have to mine several to obtain it.

    Note: To get there, teleport to Falador and walk the distance.

    Step 4

  7. Once you've found all three pages, return back to Rolad and hand them over to him. He will put them together and give you the Dwarven Lore. He will then ask that you return it to him after you have read it. Reply with either "Of course" or "Of course (lie)" and read the book to find out more about the quest.

    Note: If you need a cannonball mould, get it from the western house next door to Rolad.

  8. Head back to Dondakan and inform him of what you have read. He will ask you to find a hard material that is stronger than rune and granite and can break through the rock. Show him a Gold bar and he will ask you to smith it into a Golden cannonball. Stop by a furnace and use a Gold bar on it, whilst having an Ammo mould in your inventory, to produce a Cannon ball (Golden).

    Note: The nearest furnace is located in Rellekka. However, to ability to use it requires completion of the The Fremennik Trials quest.

  9. Head back to Dondakan and give him the ball and he will fire it towards the rock. The ball will be absorbed by the rock and Dondakan will want to fire you at it too. Agree with him and he will tell you that to do so he has to modify the cannon. Dondakan will request that you recover all of the different schematics for the multicannon modifications and that you make a Gold helmet.

    There are four sets of schematics:
    • First Schematic - given to you by Dondakan.
    • Second Schematic - given to you by Dwarf Engineer at Wemund's Wrench Warehouse in Keldagrim.
    • Third Schematic - given to you by Khorvak, who can be found in the pub below the White Wolf Mountain. He will ask for a Dwarven Stout. Take one off the table, and give it to him.
    • Fourth Schematic - read the Dwarven lore book again and you will be give to option to tear out the last Schematic.
    Step 8

  10. Once you recovered all of the schematics, you must assemble them. A window will pop up in which you must most and rotate the piece into the correct position (see below).

    Cannon Schematics

    Note: If you close the schematics window, the puzzle will reset.

  11. The only thing left to do is to make a Gold helmet. Take 3 Gold bars and Hammer to an anvil. Use one of the bars on it to make a helmet. Now, withdraw a pickaxe and prepare yourself for the battle with a level 75-125 enemy. Once ready, put on the Gold helmet and head back Dondakan the Dwarf. Give him the assmebled Schematic and you will be shot into the rock.

    Note: The nearest anvil is located at Wemund's Wrench Warehouse in Keldagrim.

    Step 11

  12. When you get through, move to the center of the rock. Mine at least 6 gold ores; the more you mine, the weakest form of the spirit you're going to fight. Jump through the first set of flames to get to the center. There you will find some more flames. Talk to the flames and a spirit will attack you.

    Note: It is highly recommended that you should mine at least 15 gold ore, as this will lower the combat level of the avatar from 125 to 75. You only have 8 minutes to mine the required Gold ores and defeat the avatar. If you change your combat style, the avatar will change its attack style. If you wish to leave the area before the battle has ended or if you are about to die or do not have enough gold, simply take off the Gold helmet and you will be teleported out. Talk to Dondakan the Dwarf again when you are ready to try it again.

    Step 13

  13. Once the spirit is defeated you will be teleported out of the rock. Talk to Dondakan again to complete the quest.

    Congratulations! Quest Complete!

    Quest Complete

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