60 Magic 37 Prayer is strongly recommended
Items Needed:
Runes for combat spells, good food, and a weapon that has a slash attack, or a knife.
Starting Point:
At the Mage Arena bank, just to the north-west of the Member Wilderness Gate in Level 55 Wilderness.

Easiest route:


Pull the lever located west of the palace in Ardougne. Go north, cut the web and go west towards the arena. Enter the building north of the arena, cut the two webs and pull the lever. You will now be in the Mage Arena.

Note: This NOT a safe mini-game. You can die in the mage arena. If you die, then you do not have to start all over again, you just restart the last monster you faced. There is little chance of being killed in the arena by another player when fighting Kolodion because it is not multi-combat. You can be attacked and killed when you return to the arena to recharge your staff or when Kolodion is changing forms and is not attacking you.

  1. You can teleport to the high level Members-only Wilderness using the teleport lever located west of the palace in Ardougne. Go north, cut the web (knife or slash weapon required) and go west towards the arena. Enter the building north of the arena, cut the two webs and pull the lever. It's a safe house down there and other players may not attack you. Down there is a Bank and a Rune Shop. The guy who sells runes is named Lundail, and the banker's name is Gundai. It is highly recommended to take:

    - Mystic Top and/or bottom OR Splitbark and/or a Farseer helm or any other mage boosting armour.
    - Air staff (Staff of air, Air battlestaff or Mystic air staff)
    - 15 lobsters
    - 100 Death runes will do
    - Weapon with Slash Attack
    - Elemental runes to cast the spell - if you take Air staff bring Fire runes, if you take Fire staff then bring Air runes
    - 1 defense potion can help, 1 prayer potion

    If you do not have Mystic, Splitbark, or a Farseer helm, the next best thing is to bring the following armour:

    - Hat (Canifis) (or Gnome hat; both have better magic stat than Wizard)
    - Blue wizard shirt (or Zamorak robe top)
    - Zamorak skirt
    - Leather gloves (or armoured gloves if you have them)
    - Leather boots (or Wizard boots if you have them)

    You are now allowed to bring any armour and weapon you want into the Arena (meaning Mystic, Splitbark, Farseer, etc.). However, you can only use magical combat inside the arena.

    Mage Bank

  2. Now talk to Kolodion, the Mage Arena guide. After a lot of talking, Kolodion will teleport you into the Mage Arena. Remember, you must have Level 60 magic or Kolodion won't talk to you.

  3. You will have to defeat Kolodion the Mage - a few Fire Blasts will do; Kolodion the giant, one Giant spider - the biggest you have seen unless you have done Underground Pass, one ghost, and one Black Demon. They are all pretty easy enemies, but each are harder than their predecessor. Protect from magic is recommended.

  4. If you are a pure or a low level, there is an easy way to defeat all the monsters without using Protect from Magic. Inside the arena, there are skeletons of....former combatants. These skeletons can be used to "block" Kolodion from you, rendering him harmless. Here is a picture of one of they skeletons to show you what is meant. You should know that this does have a chance of failing.

    Safe Spot

    Here are the monster images of Kolodion:

    Kolodion - First Form

    Kolodion - Second Form

    Kolodion - Third Form

    Kolodion - Forth Form

    Kolodion - Fifth Form

  5. Once you have defeated all of Kolodion's forms, talk to him again and step into the pool. Talk to the Staff Seller and decide what staff you want to use - do not buy it. You need to pray at the corresponding God statue first- continue through the tunnel.

    God Statues

    After you have chosen, pray at the God you want for a God Cape. It will appear on the ground beside you. Zamorak is black with red trim, Saradomin is blue with yellowish trim, and Guthix is green with blue trim. After you've gotten your cape, talk again to the Staff Seller, he will reward you with the staff of the God that matches your cape. Remember that you can use the 3 God staffs if you want, but to get another staff just buy a staff for 80k. If you want a different cape, pray at a different statue. (Note: you can only have one God cape at a time, the Runescape gods are jealous gods!) You can only use a god cape and staff with each other if they both belong to the same god (ex. you cannot use Guthix staff with Saradomin cape).

    God Capes

  6. Before quitting, ask Kolodion how you can use your staff outside the Mage Arena. Kolodion will tell you that you must cast (not necessarily hit) your God spell (the spell of the God you chose) 100 times, inside of the arena to charge the staff. Then after it's charged you can use the staff anywhere. Before going outside take some Blood runes and go inside the Arena and use it a 100 times just to learn the spell. Remember that the God you follow will not attack you inside the Arena as long as you have the staff and cape of the god equipped. The 2 others you are not following will attack you and hit damage up to 20 (depending on your stats). Also be very aware that you can be killed by other players inside the Arena while practicing your spell!

    Which staff to take:

    - Zamorak Staff: Reduces magic by 5 temporarily.
    - Guthix Staff: Reduces defense by 5 temporarily.
    - Saradomin Staff: Reduces prayer points by 10.

    Note that the effects only work on the first hit that does not "splash." So you can not reduce someone's defence, magic, or prayer to 0 simply through casting the spell several times.

    All of the staves can hit up to 20. By casting the spell Charge (level 80) you can increase their max hit to 30.

    Remember that the Void Knight Mace (can be bought for 250 commendation points from the Pest Control game) can be used to autocast Claws of Guthix. This is the only way any god spell can currently be autocasted.

    The 3 God Staves cost 80k each at the shop.
    God Staves
    Remember that this is a Members-Only "mini" quest and thus you won't receive any Quest Points for it.

Tips for charging your staff

  1. You might want to choose world with not so many people in it while doing the mini quest to avoid getting pk'ed.

  2. Doing the mini quest same time with a friend(s), or bringing a friend(s) to protect you helps a lot too (many pk'ers will not attack you if you have a friend with you).

  3. When going out to cast the 100 spell's into arena, take with you few Prayer Potions, so you can defend yourself from NPC magic with prayer. You can also take magically resistant armour in the arena, for example Dragon hide armour, since you don't need to do damage to any of the mages.

  4. If you are worried about being pk'ed, bring a smaller amount of bloods into the arena.

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