Completion of King's Ransom Quest, High combat level (90+) is vital to success, but not necessary to play.
Items Needed:
Items Recommended:
Stat restore potions, Super potion sets, Food, Good Armor and Weapons (see Equipment Section).
20k experience in Attack, Defence, Hitpoints, and Strength as well as access to the Chivalry and Piety prayers.
Starting Point:
Talk to the Squire at the top of Camelot Castle.

Note: This is a safe mini-game and you will not lose your items when you die.

*Prayer, Range, And Magic are not allowed to be used while playing, and stats get drained every time you get hit.*

Recommended Equipment

Equipment Screen

Armor: Full Guthans, Torags,Full Dragon, or Full Rune
Weapon: Guthans Warspear, DDS (in inventory), or Whip
Shield: Crystal Shield, Rune kite (if not using full guthans), or Rune defender
Boots: Dragon boots, Rune boots, Climbing Boots
Gloves: Gauntlets (Family Crest), Klanks Gauntlets, Barrows Gloves
Ring: Berserker or Warrior Ring, Rings of recoil
Inventory: Sharks, 4 Stat Restore Potions, 1 Super Attack Potion, 1 Super Strength Potion, 1 Super Defence Potion

After speaking to the squire at the top of Camelot castle, open the doors near him to begin playing.

The Knights

  1. Sir Bedivere

    Sir Bedivere

    Level 110
    Drains: Strength
    Weakness: Stab attacks

  2. Sir Pelleas

    Sir Pelleas

    Level 112
    Drains: Defence
    Weakness: Slash attacks

  3. Sir Tristam

    Sir Tristam

    Level 115
    Drains: Strength
    Weakness: Slash attacks

  4. Sir Palomedes

    Sir Palomedes

    Level 118
    Drains: Attack
    Weakness: Crush attacks

  5. Sir Lucan

    Sir Lucan

    Level 120
    Drains: Defence
    Weakness: Crush attacks

  6. Sir Gawain

    Sir Gawain

    Level 122
    Drains: Attack
    Weakness: Stab attacks

  7. Sir Kay

    Sir Kay

    Level 124
    Drains: Defence
    Weakness: Stab attacks

  8. Sir Lancelot

    Sir Lancelot

    Level 127
    Drains: Strength and Defence
    Weakness: Defensive/Crush attacks

The Rewards
After completing the challenge you will receive 20k experience in Attack, Defence, Hitpoints, and Strength along with access to two new prayers.

Name Stats needed to use Effect
Chivalry Requires 60 prayer and 65 Defence Increases your defence by 20%, Strength by 18%, and Attack by 15%
Piety Requires 70 Prayer and 70 Defence Increases your defence by 25%, Strength by 23%, and Attack by 20%

You will also gain the option to set your respawn point to Camelot by speaking to Merlin in his workshop.

After completion you are not allowed to reenter the training grounds.

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