Items Needed:
500,000 coins
Items Recommended:
Ring of Dueling, Camelot Teleport, Varrock Teleport, and Lumberyard Teleport
Ability to own all three steel gauntlets (Chaos gauntlets, Cooking gauntlets, and Goldsmith gauntlets) simultaneously.
Starting Point:
Talk to Dimintheis in south-east Varrock.


To begin speak to Dimintheis. Dimintheis is located inside the closed off area in south-east Varrock. You will begin by asking him if there are any further quests he needs completed. He will say that he "couldn't possibly trouble you further", and that he is content with life. Choose the option "Oh come on, however menial, I want to help"! He will state that even though he doesnt have anything else for you to do, his sons may need your assistance.


Avan can be found in the Al Kharid mine, north of Al Kharid. He can be quickly reached if you use the Ring of Dueling and then proceed north-west.

Speak to Avan. You will ask if he needs help with anything. He will say that everything is fantastic and thanks you for the perfect jewellery you obtained for him during Family Crest. Even when you offer to help again, he will still refuse you aid.


Caleb is found in Catherby just north of the bank. He to can be reached fast if the Catherby Teleport is used.

Speak to Caleb. You will tell him that you are ready to help in anything that he needs. You will slip into a daydream about what the family will reward you with. You will then ask for him to repeat his problem, as your mind was elsewhere, but this frustrates him and he asks you not to worry about it.


Johnathon is found upstairs in the Jolly Boar inn. Using the Lumberyard teleport will get you to him very quickly.

When you offer your help, he will talk of a woman he loves that is trapped in a tall tower surrounded by a flying dragon. When you ask about the location of this tower you will find out it was all a joke.


Return to Dimintheis after all your attempts to aid his sons have failed. He will be happy to hear that his sons are doing so well.

As you begin to depart Dimintheis remembers that there in fact is something that he needs your help with. 500,000 coins! When you question the need for such a large amount of money, he tell how his family only pretends to be rich.

Present Dimintheis 500,000 coins..........Complete!

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